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👉Gennaro’s Mixed Grill👈 Free-range pork & fennel sausage, herby marinated skirt steak, higher-welfarechicken thigh, portobello mushrooms, slow-roasted tomatoes with smoky chilli ketchup & crispy polenta chips 。 Set along the beautiful waterfront facing Sentosa island, @jamiesitaliansg is located in Singapore’s largest shopping mall, @vivocitysingapore. You can also find them at @forumtheshoppingmall, serving classic Italian food with a @jamieoliver twist. 。 Everything on the plate was alright, nothing mind-blowingly delicious. The chicken thigh and skirt steak could have been more succulent. Priced at around $44++, I felt that it would definitely not be worth it without using the HSBC Entertainer 1-FOR-1. 。 P.S. My first time trying polenta chips and I love it 😋! Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️
Mr Digester
delish freshly made pizza love jamie italians freshly made pizza ! price is a tad expensive but worth it
Italian Steak And Fries ($34) If you’re going to name a restaurant after yourself, you damn right better make sure it’s good (or at least acceptable lah..) Unfortunately, this can’t be said for Jamie’s Italian, which is owned by the celebrity Chef Jamie Oliver. We visited the place expecting to be wowed, but were left very much underwhelmed, even dissatisfied. The steak was thin and dry ( I mean come on... look at it! there’s even a hole in the center like what the hell!!!) with a $34 price tag. At that price, I could go to jack’s place and get a decent portion of quality beef. This has no belly score. 0/5. 🙁
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Guilt-free Burgers That Still Pack A Punch! Hans Im Glück ($17) and Birkenwald ($17) Hans Im Glück: The Italians created parma ham and rocket pizza but the Germans are truly ingenious for making this into a burger!! How great it is to be able to satisfy two cravings at one go! 🥰 I really enjoyed this one-of-a-kind burger flavour for its juicy tender beef patty which went super well with the slight bitterness of the fresh rocket and saltiness of the parma ham and parmesan cheese. I like that the burgers here are not too oily and you can enjoy the bread (choice of sourdough or multigrain) au naturale - you know how burger buns are usually just a sponge to soak up all the oil?? NOT HERE! Do try the sweet potato fries too! (Similarly not too oily and jelat, fantastic with the variety of sauces to play around with)
[Not Sponsored] Tried the Frühling, Juicy Beef Burger $17++ at @hansimglueck_singapore today. Served with truffle mayo, white cabbage, green asparagus, Parma ham and Hollandaise sauce, it was a juicy mammoth for lunch! I loved how sweet the sliced tomatoes were. I’m definitely coming back to try more of their burgers. Did you know they sell waffles as well? 🤣 🍔 Thanks to @shopbacksg for 50% cashback today! Hurry and try shopback go today!
German Burgers They served so fast like a fast food chain! The burgers are decent: we ordered two sets that comes with 1 main, option to choose 1 sides: we got sweet potato fries and salad, and TWO beverages. Yes two.. one iced fruit mocktail and hot tea. What I appreciate most about Hans Im Gluck is the children activity book for my son to colour and play while we dig into our burgers. This is a really kids friendly restaurant.The decor was pretty amazing too. Resembles a picnic in blackforest.
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Arroz Negro ($26++) Mention the prospect of dining at a Spanish establishment to me and my mind would shrill with excitement as I begin to picture the myriad of tapas to be ordered. It is safe to say that with a penchant for the Spaniards and their culture, I am intrinsically drawn to the vivacious serenades, the alluring lingo and of course, the sheer vibrancy of their food. - Of all the restaurants that I have been to, Tapas Club will remain as one of my fondest dining memories, with a dim but enchanting setting that further pampers you with its amazing food, incredible customer service and of course, complimentary olives. The twelfth day of the twelfth month may very well mark the first time that I fell in love with not only this place, but also one special someone whom I had the fullest joy of bringing along. - Mawkishly sappy recounts aside, a return to this place was inevitable. Previously, I had the pleasure of trying one of their paellas for the very first time, and true enough, it is arguably the best paella at its price point. The Paella de Cerdo Ibérico ($26++) came served with strips of the Ibérico pork and lardo, boasting a robust and all too homely taste of the countryside. A simple tapas of Tartar de Salmón ($13.90++) gave a refreshing switch-up away from the generally savoury dishes served at Tapas Club, with diced salmon, julienned chillies, onions and a wonderfully bright marinade. - The second visit gave way to the discovery of a must-order dish if you happen to be a fan of mushrooms, spice and all things earthy and nice. I have one word for the Cazuela de Setas Al Ajillo ($10.90++): a-series-of-contrasting-subtleties-that-result-in-a-definitive-flavour-explosion-occurring-on-multiple-levels. You have to try this dish. Then came the paella, the Arroz Negro ($26++) was a toothsome favourite of the table with every grain of the imported Spanish Arroz Redonda short-grain rice coated in squid ink, topped with cuttlefish, clams and dressed with aioli. Their Torreznos con Trinxat ($12.90++) had a indescribable downgrade factor from the first time I tried it, which leads to me to believe consistency may be a factor in some cases. Definitely worth a visit if you love red and yellow for Spain and evermore.
[Tapas Club] - Piquillos Rellenos ($12.90). The ground beef filling is already rich with bechamel and deep frying them made them a tad too greasy. The piquillo pepper also seemed to have shriveled in the heat, when I would really love to taste its alluring smokey sweetness. The previous Serenity Spanish Bar served up a non-fried version with tuna filling which was really enjoyable but this pales in comparison even though the filling is more indulgent. . Find out more at https://www.sgfoodonfoot.com/2019/02/tapas-club-vivocity-beyond-repertoire.html . Tapas Club Vivocity 1 Harbourfront Walk #01-98/99 Singapore 098585 Tel: +65 62844680 Nearest MRT: Harbourfront (CC Line, NE Line) Opening Hours: Mon-Fri: 12pm - 10pm Sat-Sun, PH: 1130am - 1030pm
Baby Squid $9.90 Or get it as a main as part of the 3 course set lunch at $12.90. Superb value for money given its location in a mall (overlooking Sentosa no less). Best option off the set lunch with yummy baby squids in a lovely crispy batter.
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Authentic Vietnamese Cuisine I ordered the Grilled Chicken with Rice Vermicelli & Vietnamese Rolls. The chicken was crisp and had a peanut crunch to it. The rice vermicelli, was moist enough to be eaten as rice, which was surprising because the dish came with no soup. The vietnamese rolls were crispy and the sauce it came with had just the right amount of tanginess and sweetness.
A great dinner with the colleagues. The Viet White Coffee is a must! It costs $270 got 13 pax which is at a pretty high range, considering many of us didn't order for a filling dinner. Well, this is a place to go if you're considering a new cuisine! Oh, just to note, we went to the one at Harboufront Center. Do make a reservation if you're considering for a group! #burpplesg #burpple #review #food #thanksforthedinner #teambuilding
This dish fascinates me always. First, it comes with two deep-fried spring rolls despite it being a noodle dish. Even more amazing, some places pack their spring rolls with the rice noodles too and a whole melange of prawn and herbs – Thai basil and coriander, mostly. Secondly, I love how fish sauce changes the flavour profile of a dish so drastically, from zilch to fab. You get this burst of savouriness and amazing zing of umami from the drizzles of sauce you add to the dish alongside the deep-fried shallots – both out of frame. Lastly, you get an illusion of healthy eating because all you get are clean flavours as well as the generous addition of herbs and vegetables (both fresh and pickled), and lean protein from the grilled beef tenderloin which is typically studded with roasted ground nuts for texture. Ok, that's all.
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