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Make your Own Bowl ($6.90) Food was delicious. Will return. One carb (salad option available), one protein, 4 sides.
MIRIN SALMON BOWL Got the mirin salmon bowl for late lunch. Bought it around 1.30-2 pm, and was told that the only protein left for the bowl is only mirin salmon. And there's actually 5 choices to choose from originally. Even for the base, they've only left with 1 portion of pasta and 1 portion of soba noodles. No mashed sweet potatoes left. When I queried about other choice of main course like the unagi, it's not sure if it's available as well. When I'm told it's available, the waiting time was 20 mins. Quite disappointing about the choices left, though I understand that it's after lunch crowd, thus most of the items would be out of stock. The mirin salmon was pretty good though. Flavourful and tender. Couldn't say the same for the broccoli and carrots. Both tasted quite raw and bland. Wouldn't recommend. Sous vide egg goes well with the brown rice. I'll recommend it because it's value for money. $6.90 for a bowl with a lemon tea is a good deal. I'll advise to go early so you get your choice of protein and carbs. I may give it another try if I can beat the lunch crowd. :)
:Dual Had the otah toast & matcha espresso. Otah is not too spicy & sourdough is crispy on the edges & soft on the inside. Matcha espresso is literally matcha on top of a layer of espresso which is an interesting combination. Would like to applause them for their environmental efforts in using metal straws for their drinks 👍🏻 👏🏻
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Featured In 1 Guide
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Featured In 1 Guide
Dosirak shake shake tub We got the avocado sweet potato one and topped up to brown rice cos #health and added tofu for some protein!! It was really yummy and ingredients were fresh :-) “I really liked it”-jack For the other bowl, we got the beef bulgogi one! I think this one wasn’t as good since I found it quite strange for the beef bulgogi to be served as a dish that leaned more towards the cold side. However, they were still relatively generous with the beef and the texture and taste was good :-) It doesn’t really matter what sauce you pick if you dine in since they will pass it to you in the bottle. This is unlike the takeaway option whereupon will get a small tub. I still preferred my previous option of soy chicken and buckwheat noodles :-( Would still go back to that the next time. Place was clean, not too crowded and comfortable in general! Service was fast so it’s a great meal option if you are in a rush! We went for the build your own bowl option so we could choose the sides we wanted - would really recommend the kimchi !! It’s a little spicier than regular kimchi in my opinion but super yumz! We spent $11.90 in total ($9.90 for each bowl but used the 1-1 deal, +$1 for brown rice, +$1 for tofu). Do note that add-ons and top-ups aren’t eligible for the 1-1 deal. Would rate this place overall 8/10! Definitely would come back even after both the 1-1 deals are used up teehee :-) - candace ✌🏻
dosirak kimchi tofu rly nice and filling. tofu was meh. only redeeming pt was its gochugang sauce n kimchi. dont add too much hot sauce. yum: 6/10
👉Build Your Own Bibimbap Set👈 Served in fun tubs that are perfect for shaking and mixing the fresh ingredients with your desired gochujang sauces👍. While shaking up and down, you can actually smell how fragrant it is through the ingenious holes on the covers. 。 Surprisingly better than expected! I like how the sauce brought every component together in harmony. 。 P.S. You can enjoy 1-for-1 deals here using Burpple Beyond! Just sign up for a 30% off (All-Day) Premium Plan using my invite link: https://burpple.com/invite/MRNK633
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