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Shatoburian Donburi Bowl We ordered 2 donburi bowls: all in one and the Yaki niku Wagyu beef bowl It comes with perfectly sous vide onsen egg, foie gras, caviar, uni, 2 types of Wagyu beef (cubed and sliced), crispy garlic chips and sautéed onions. The other bowl had unagi instead of Wagyu beef but the same accompaniments. We were asked if we preferred fried rice or white Japanese rice for the unagi bowl however only white rice comes with the Yakiniku bowl Each ingredient was perfectly cooked and succulent; my partner claimed that the entire bowl was too rich for him and he felt “jelak” or overwhelmed halfway through the bowl. I on the other hand can take heavy flavor profiles and hence had no issue slurping up the entire bowl. Highly recommend the Wagyu beef bowl if you fancy a hearty and substantial meal. We also ordered the beef tongue for grilling and pork jowl. Beef tongue is an acquired cut of meat however my partner and I thoroughly enjoyed the slightly chewy texture. However, I would not recommend the pork jowl as it was too chewy and had not much flavor to its meat. Overall, it was an exquisite experience with great service throughout the entire dining experience.
Wagyu Yukke Wanted the carpaccio but was told it’s unavailable 😭 the staff then very kindly recommended me an alternative, which is this Wagyu Yukke (tarte). This thinly sliced wagyu beef was stacked up nicely and topped with a yolk. Mixed them all and watched the yolk nicely coat the beef before devouring it. ⁣
Shato-Sando Shato-Sando, which is essentially toast with glazed foie gras, chateaubriand wagyu beef and freshly grated truffle. It was extremely indulgent and disappeared all too soon the moment you put it in your mouth. 😭⁣
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