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Almond Brioche, Cranberry Walnut Sourdough, Rye Sourdough, Chocolate Milk Loaf (in Bag) When a deliveroo driver ringed our intercom and presented 4 loaves and 2 croissants with Nassim Hill stickers on Saturday- I was confused but later moved by a close friend’s gesture. Looks like my love for bread has been explicitly spelt out to my circle of friends. Breakfast next morning was Nassim Hill’s croissants which are good but fall short of the perfect croissants with its thick doughy layers in the center. I apologies but I’ve had a lot of croissant to be nit-picky. The almond brioche loaf was decent but slightly airy. It almost felt like too much dry ingredient, lacking the indulgent nature you’d expect of brioche. Yet strangely the butter content seeps through on a paper plate. That said, there were definitely stand outs from the lot- I loved Nassim Hill’s sourdough for its thin crust. The sourdough starter used also gave the slices a nice tang without it being sharply acrid. The milk chocolate “loaf” which was really a non-chilled cake was another delicious sweet treat I’d recommend.
Aint worth the pricetag 4 pieces of waffles with a few strips of bacon - $20. Tbh it is quite underwhelming as it was listed as a main. Wont be coming back for this, perhaps other items on the menu.
Truffle Mac And Cheese $19++ Used eatigo for this so it was super worth and and really good!! One of the better mac and cheese around! Bread crumbs together with the baked mozzarella cheese at the top layer was amazing!! Truffle taste was quite strong too. Cheese sauce was cheesy and not too creamy/jelak. Will come back to try others or even for this again 😛 The cheddar cheese bacon waffles behind was also good, if you like savory waffles! There were 4 pieces of waffles given which was quite filling and the waffles were very crispy!
i luv
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For Asian-Inspired Brunch This new hole-in-the-wall cafe in Maxwell House serves up simple brunch grub and speciality coffee brewed with beans roasted by Sarnies. Dishes to try include the Rendang on Toast - spicy beef rendang with a perfectly poached egg and crusty slice of sourdough that absorbs the oozy yolk and gravy. Want something a little safer? The Breakfast Waffle with egg and bacon is perfectly executed, and a match made in heaven. Photo by Burppler Xing Wei Chua
Rendang on Toast From The Food Peeps; a new hole-in-the-wall cafe situated in Maxwell House — a pretty small nook which serves up simple brunch items as well as specialty coffee brewed using beans roasted by Sarnies. A simple item with a local influence, the Rendang on Toast features Beef Rendang, Poached Eggs and Yoghurt on Sourdough toast. Really liked how the Beef Rendang comes all chunky here; not having any bits that are too fatty or veiny — the beef providing a good chew and a very slight gaminess amidst the spicy rendang that is all savoury and gives a good kick of spiciness that tingles the taste buds. The poached egg over the top comes with all that eggporn action worthy of the ‘gram; revealing its golden goodness as one slices through the egg, whilst everything sits atop a slice of sourdough toast that gives a slight crustiness and a good bite, absorbing the elements above it. Nothing too fancy, but incredibly satisfying with a local twist.
Xing Wei
📌The Food Peeps ・ RANCH CHICKEN & AVO SANDWICH $14 SPICY GARLIC PRAWN BURGER $15 Key Lime Pie $5 Rich Chocolate Fudge $5 ・ インスタでこのエビアボカドバーガーを見つけて一目惚れ。 調べたら今ならisland-wideでデリバリーしてるというので早速オーダー。 大きめのプリップリのエビとアボカドがゴロゴロ入っているのに、サワークリームとレモンジュースでさっぱり。ほんのり甘いブリオッシュバターバンズもふわふわさくさくでよく合う! ケーキはウェブサイトのメニューには載っていませんが、毎日日替わりで焼いているそうで、今回はその中からキーライムパイとチョコレートファッジを。 チョコレートファッジはファッジというよりチョコレートが濃厚なブラウニーという感じで、しっとりずっしり、見るからに美味しい。 キーライムパイはキーライムという普通のライムより小さく酸味と風味の強いライムが使われていて、キーライムの酸味とコンデンスミルクの甘味とザクザククラストの相性が抜群。酸味も甘味も強めなのThe Americanな感じなので、好き嫌い分かれそうですが、わたしは大好き。 オーダーは、お近く(タンパガ周辺)にお住まいの方はGran foodかdeliverooで$20以上のオーダーで無料で配達してくれます。 エリア外の方は直接お店に電話しまたはWhatsAppでオーダーできます。 サーキットブレーカー発動のちょっと前にオープンしたらしいこちらのカフェ。 美味しいのはもちろん、最初から最後まで丁寧に対応してくださいました。 オープン早々、通常営業ができなくなる自体になってしまって、本当に苦労してると思うけど、これからも応援したい、そう思える素敵なカフェでした。 詳細は今夜ブログに更新予定です。 #thefoodpeeps @thefoodpeepssg #keylimepie #chocolatefudgecake #briochebun #おうち時間を楽しむ #飲食店を応援しよう #stayhome #sgcafe #cafesingapore #sgcafehopping #sgcoffee #singaporecoffee #singaporetrip #travelsingapore #singaporeinsiders #singaporediaries #singapolife #싱가포르카페 #싱가포르생활 #กาแฟสด #สิงคโปร์ #シンガポール #シンガポールカフェ #シンガポールおすすめ #シンガポール生活 #シンガポールカフェ巡り #シンガポール暮らし #burpple
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Bread Platter With Kaya kind of rly sad eating at firebake.. disappointing meal after disappointing meal :-/ $10 for a plate of lukewarm bread (bordering on cold..) butter and olive oil. +$1 for a measly portion of kaya that’s like 1 tbsp worth.. :-/ what the heck am I putting in my body I just feel so sad for it.. service was mediocre/ subpar/ i dun rly know it was just a super unwhelming experience. also this is my second time here n for both times I was filled w regret 😔 posting this to let u other katongKidz to avoid this baity place. maybe their mains r nice maybe they aren’t I’m not going back to try any
Do you remember during your childhood years that you were fed with Vegemite in your porridge? This savoury yeast extract spread has truly transcended all age groups and cuisine as you can get it on toasts and even in pastas. At Firebake, you can certainly get a bake with Vegemite in the form of the Cheesymites, which are only available during the weekends. Each Cheesymite is made from a sourdough base that is layered with cheese and Vegemite before going into the woodfire. If you wish to get your hands on them, do pre-order beforehand on the weekdays and get them on one of the weekends as it is very limited in stock. To enquiry or order the bakes and other menu items, do WhatsApp the restaurant at 9784 2950 and enjoy free islandwide delivery if you order more than $80. There will be a delivery fee of $10 for orders below $80. •••••••••••••••••••• 📍Firebake - Woodfired Bakehouse & Restaurant 237 East Coast Road, Singapore 428930
Tea time snack of sourdough hot cross buns from Firebake today in celebrate of Easter Sunday. Thanks @where.is.karl for sharing these limited edition bakes and brighten up everybody’s mood in times like these. These buns smell amazing and taste even better with each bite, especially when you give it a generous spread of the butter. Filled generously with raisins, these are the perfect sweet treats with a cup of tea. •••••••••••••••••••• 📍 Firebake - Woodfired Bakehouse & Restaurant 237 East Coast Road, Singapore 428930
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For a Nutritious Aussie-inspired Brunch Complete with a trampoline and extensive food options for both adults and kids, this quaint spot is ideal for a lazy weekend brunch with the fam. Go straight for their flavourful Smashed Avo ($18) with dukkah, a crowd favourite. Otherwise, the Meredith Goat's Cheese with Thyme Roasted Mushrooms ($18) is a killer alternative with goat's cheese, roasted portobello chunks and sprouts on sourdough. Wash it down with a Flat White ($6) and you're golden. Photo by Burppler Victoria Cheung
Smashed Avo Super colourful, loved the addition of the dukkah which provides a unique taste to the smashed avo. Presentation skills 100/100 and the smashed avo was rly flavourful w the furikake too. Added pomegranates for extra colour, juiciness n a burst of sweet
After a long day at work, I want to takeaway my food so I can rush home to indulge in my Korean dramas or variety shows. With the newly added feature on @foodpandasg, I can easily switch from Delivery to Pick-Up, thereby skipping the queues to pick up my order directly from the restaurant. And guess what - This helps to save around 100 hours a year! Plus there’s no minimum order value & no delivery fees~ To celebrate the launch of the new feature, you get to stand a chance to win up to $1,000. Just simply submit your answer to the question: What would YOU do with 100 hours? and submit it via foodpanda's website (link) before 30 November! The lucky winner will be announced on their social media channels - May the most creative, wacky answer win! #foodpandasg
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Breakfast Club Bagel $14 Cooked ham, cheddar cheese, egg, gruyere peppercorn sauce, mesclun mix on sesame bagel. The ingredients are simple but the combination works. The gruyere sauce brings everything together and the peppercorn adds a hint of heat to counterbalance the creaminess. The bagel itself is chewy and fluffy - I actually prefer their bagel (the bread itself) to TMBH’s. TMBH has more flavours but the quality is inconsistent and their bagel is stodgier. I have tried this and the smoked chicken bagel. I enjoyed both and I intend to work my way through the other bagel sandwiches.
Edens' ($12) Apple Specaloos Ice-cream with streusel etc. and a shot of espresso at the side. The coffee went straight down to the sponge cake at the bottom so I didn't taste the coffee till the very end...it was vvveerrryyy strong. The ice-cream is rather light-tasting though, so it does balance out the strong coffee-soaked sponge cake. The streusel bits and other ancillary crumbs added to the overall texture, making it very fun to eat.
Carrot Cake Ice Cream Open from early 8am all the way to 11pm at night, you could always find a reason to be here in every hour. Being the first affogato bar in Asia, this is where you could enjoy the ice cream together with shot of espresso. Of course you probably don’t want to stay awake at night but you still can go for some ice cream after dinner here. Carrot cake taste like the western carrot cake with lots of raisin bites on the sweet side. A perfect dessert to have after your dinner.
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Cauliflower Gatau with Spicy Mayo Finally had my first cafe meal since the start of Circuit Breaker 3 months ago, and surprisingly it is a rather healthy treat from Gather The Misfits😇! Cauliflower Gatau with Spicy Mayo ($9) comes with a thick omelette packed with cauliflower that is served on top of home-baked Brioche bread. The omelette is quite light and clean tasting and personally, I wished the flavours are a little more intense. The home-baked Brioche bread, however, is excellent - it is thick, soft and fluffy. I’m not exactly the most health-conscious person out there, but right now I wouldn’t mind a decent-tasting healthy snack to compensate for the extra pounds gained during CB period😅
Ice Cream & Waffles Stumbled upon a quirky and cosy cafe at Rangoon Road called Gather The Misfits. We ordered Ice Cream & Waffles ($13 for waffles with 2 scoops) to share and I really like the waffle that is slightly chewy on the inside and crisp on the outside. It’s a perfect match with Roasted Banana and Earl Grey ice cream, which are creamy and flavourful but not too sweet. The Flat White is smooth and not very acidic, which is my kind of coffee. There are also complementary boardgames and books to choose from, as well as a little shop inside the cafe. Lovely!
Prosciutto with Black Garlic Mayo Opened recently at where now-defunct C Plus Cafe is right opposite where Non Entrée Desserts is at the same row of shophouses where Mrs Pho House is located, Gather The Misfits is a new cafe that serves up toasties and waffles with ice-cream in the day with specialty coffee brewed using a blend of beans roasted by Prodigal Cafe amongst other beverages available. A rather simple affair, the Prosciutto with Black Garlic Mayo is something that suits those who like heavier flavours — the Prosciutto carried a savoury note; saltish flavours typical of cured meat, while the black garlic mayo helps to bind the meats and the toasts with its garlicky creaminess. The toast was also equally satisfying; crisp on the exterior without being overly dense, while the garden salad at the side comes tossed with Goma dressing for a roasty, nutty hint of flavours. A pretty cosy spot for a quiet cuppa and something light away from the crowds.
Xing Wei
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