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My Noodle with Double Roast The amount of roasted meats was a lot for me. Actually I prefer to have more noodles. But the roasted meats was good and delicious m, but just too much for me. $12.90
My Double Roast Noodles Springy noodles with great char siew. However, might be a little overpriced if you are ordering the BCM. Nonetheless, great place if you wish to satisfy your noodles craving.
My Duck Fried Noodle ($15.90) An Asian duck confit seasoned with special herbs and served with fresh egg noodles. The egg noodles here are all handmade fresh daily, and they do make some damn good noodles. The noodles are so QQ and springy, plus they are firm and never get soggy even after sitting in fragrant chilli and sesame oil. I enjoyed the duck confit, but it did taste a little bland on its own. Thankfully there鈥檚 some chilli paste provided with the duck platter. The tender duck meat is delicious when eaten with the flavourful noodles, and biting into the crispy skin on a spoonful of noodles and meat is amazing. I really enjoyed the deep fried vegetable-stuffed tau pok as well. The batter is done really well, not too thick, and fried to a perfect crispness. The vegetable stuffing completely fell out of one half of my tau pok, but it was still yummy to eat the battered tau pok! Also, the clear radish soup served with every bowl of noodles is worth a mention! The radish makes the soup very sweet, and it鈥檚 a great way to end off a hearty meal. The soy egg in the bowl was an add-on, and unlike the noodles, it was a let down. The soy sauce flavouring wasn鈥檛 thick enough, so the egg just tasted unseasoned despite its brown appearance. The egg was soft on the inside, like a hanjuku egg, but the yolk was too overcooked to retain any runniness.
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Pork Chop Curry Rice Looking for some premium Chinese food for lunch with affordable price? Mister Wu offers their set lunch for not more than $20 that comes with main dish, dim sum and their signature tea. This was out from the menu but definitely worth trying. Consider big portion with lots of curry gravy on top, and also the pork chop, potato and fried egg! You couldn鈥檛 ask more than this when you get to choose a dim sum and signature to compete your meal.
Mister Wu 21/06/19 Met up with a friend for a buffet dinner at Mister Wu. Buffet details: 1) $29 per pax (Min 2 pax) > $19.14 nett per pax (After 40% Chope discount) 2) Limited to first 20 pax 3) Weekdays: 1830H - 2130H Saturdays: 1130H - 1430H & 1830H - 2130H Overall, the buffet had many notable dishes including the truffled carrot cake (Strong truffle aroma and flavour), XO sauce cheong fan (Could not exactly taste the XO sauce but loved the texture of the rice roll), truffle shroom la mian (Really strong truffle flavour and sweet sauce coating the noodles), braised pork rice (Thick layers of pork) and the hibiki seafood la mian (Broth was strong and had a slight 'burn' when going down your throat; perhaps due to the Hibiki whiskey?). The desserts were also a highlight of this buffet, their red bean rice cake, sakura and melon crystal balls all being really good to pair with some warm tea. I do not mind going back to the buffet though certainly ordering a lot less in future. It is extremely value-for-money for the quality and variety of dishes and tea offered. Would recommend for family gatherings and get-togethers with friends! Tips: 1) Do not be stupid and eat some cookie dough before going for a buffet like I did 2) Order only 1 piece of each dim sum first! 3) La mian / rice dishes are NORMAL SIZE SERVINGS, do NOT over order 4) Save space for the desserts and variety of tea! Price: 9/10 Taste: 9/10 Overall: 9/10 See more at: Thankgodjournals.blogspot.com
Premium dim sum buffet at pocket friendly prices with Abalone Siew Mai, Prawn Dumpling 馃構, Truffle Carrot Cake and even Hibiki Seafood La Mian!! . . Dim sum buffet at S$29 per pax. . *t&c applies, check @misterwutea for more details. . Where to dine? Mister Wu 3 Pickering Street, Nankin Row, 01-44/45, Singapore 048660
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Arguably The Best In The West Really well-calibrated to the local taste! Fragrant but not very numbing 楹. Good range of ingredients with decent prices, I usually spend about $9 to 12 per pax here depending on who I'm eating with. Alot of people have different requirements for mala. Based on the opinions I've heard, this ticks the most boxes 馃構馃構 Full Vlog and how-to-cook: https://youtu.be/XOngOSwxYuY
灏忚荆 (Small Spicy) 11.2nett For This Bowl For Reference To each his own but I found the "mild spicy" hot enough lol. Any spicier and I would have had to drink water. Honestly the metal bowl is deceptively small. Order just enough so that you won't starve then when the price comes out it should be enough. The minimum order of 6$ is also some mind trick lol cos you're afraid it won't be enough then u order more and the bill comes up to double that Order at most one big veg(bok choy or cabbage etc) cos it really takes up a lot of volume. Napa cabbage is a bad choice imo because it's juicy and watery texture really affects the intensity of the spices. Cabbage though is just as bad because it's so thin it doesn't absorb the spices well. Didn't really like the garlic in here even though I'm a garlic lover since the garlic had a pungency that really overwhelms the other mala spices. Pork belly was ok and as usual, avoid chicken. Beef was chewy but had incredible beefiness. Worth a try, do get a few slices Their peanuts are also really well fried, just like how my grandfather used to do it. Very smokey but ofc comes with some peanuts slightly blackened, that's the price to pay for overall smokiness lol
For Affordable Mala in the West Here's a joint in JEM worth journeying to the west for. Come for the medium-spiced Ma La Xiang Guo ($11.40 for two), which offers manageable (but still sweat-inducing) heat and addictively delicious flavour that will keep you coming back for more. Be warned that the dishes here can come across saltier than usual, but we're happy to put up with that setback when paying less than $10 for a sufficiently tasty ma la fix! Photo by Burppler Ying Ying
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