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Perfectly done soufflé pancakes at $4/$5, freshly made from scratch upon order. Such pricing only feasible only at a hawker centre stall; yet the quality of these pancakes were as good, if not better than some offered at restaurants at 3-4 times the price. The topping and presentation were rather no-frill. Ours had simple caramel sauce and a scoop of ice cream for flavouring. No complaint though, for the low price and how the pancakes were just on point.
I makan
Souffle Pancakes ($4) Fav - Souffle Pancakes,$4 + $1 ice cream, chocolate Meh - Lemon Cheesecake, $3.80 - Chocolate Pudding, $2
I’m Totally Not Baked, Officer! After realizing I had to wait more than half an hour for SweeT.Rex’s soufflé pancakes, I wisely decided to go with their instant gratification option instead. Their no bake cheesecake is $4.80 for a slice with ice cream, and while it does look a little on the small side, the price of admission is still reasonable enough. The slightly gelatinous cheesecake component as surprisingly light in texture and not overbearingly rich as I would’ve expected from a cheesecake. Instead, it was slightly heavier than a Japanese cheesecake while retaining a measure of the creaminess of a traditional cheesecake. The base is certainly the most addictive part of an already charming cheesecake. Oreos are always good, especially when it’s crushed and pressed and serves as the base of a decent cheesecake. The ice cream, however, completely stole the show from the cheesecake. I don’t know who made the chocolate ice cream, but damn it was downright delicious. The dollop of sweet frozen dairy is fortified with bits of nuts and little chunks of chocolate, and the texture is akin to that of a rocky road ice cream sans marshmallows. Grab one of these little slices of sugary bliss after pounding down some bak kut teh from Leon Kee and thank me later.
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Kiroi Freshly Baked Cheese Cake 04/07/19 Original flavour ($8) Incredibly light, soft and spongy cheesecake that is not excessively sweet. A good dessert or mid-afternoon snack if you are looking for something light. Will try their other flavours if in the area but do note that flavours available for walk-in are limited. It is better to pre-order to have access to all flavours available. Best consumed on the day itself or within 3 days if refrigerated. Taste: 9/10 (Worth trying if in the area) When I was there at around 1400H, there were only original and original with raisins available. Note: They currently have a loyalty stamp card whereby buying 10 cheese cakes (Expires Dec next year) entitles you to 1 free cheese cake. However, if paying using FavePay (5% Cashback), you are not entitled to the stamp.
Mocha Cheesecake frm KIROI @ Alexander Veri nice lite Mocha cheesecake..heartland hidden gem. Original was not ready..mocha also nice. $8 for whole cake which is the price of 1 slice at cafes!
Original Cheese Cake Used to be situated in Bukit Merah Central and Chong Pang (the Chong Pang outlet got replaced by another brand with a similar concept), it's surprising to find them yet again this time at Alexandra Village. Nothing has changed to the cake; this was absolutely pillowy and fluffy, soufflé-like with a light whiff of cheese. Best to have it warm because it's when it tastes best; moist and rich and totally hard to resist after one slice.
Xing Wei
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Review on Soon Kueh (Turnip Filling aka Mang Guang; $1.20 ea) & (Mini) Ang Ku Kueh Date visited: 12/5/2018 (Sat, 12.45pm) I managed to buy the last box of soon kueh (only 3 left in box). Soon kueh was very delicious. Skin was really soft, not too thick, and slightly chewy - not the translucent/ slightly transparent Hakka-type of skin that I don't like. Turnip filling (aka mang guang filling) was fantastic; fragrant and flavourful. Really love their soon kueh! It is something I will buy again. Wish there's more filling though. But at $1.20 per handmade soon kueh, I'm not complaining. The box of mini ang ku kueh was ok. Skin was soft with a good QQ consistency. Out of the assortment of flavours I got, I actually prefer the coconut filling one; more flavourful than the rest. Sweet mung bean was normal, but then again, sweet mung bean filling was never my favourite. I usually love anything yam-related though(anything with Orh Nee). But the yam one was like the sweet mung bean one; it was actually difficult to tell the filling apart from the skin. Maybe I should have gotten the normal-sized ones. The kuehs are good to keep for 2 days. If you can't finish them on the day you bought them, in the evening, keep them in the fridge and you can still enjoy them the following day (the last day you should eat them).
Rare Find Soon Kueh (S$1.20) which stuffed with bamboo shoots Ku Chai Kueh (Steamed Chive Dumplings) 蒸韭菜果 which stuffed with chives Available at @Kuehs_And_Snacks Preferred the Soon Kueh more as it was rare to find it these days and tasted less raw than the other one. . Kuehs and Snacks 老婶阿嬤潮州果 Address 🏠 : Blk 125 Bukit Merah Lane 1, # 01-164, Singapore 🇸🇬 150 125 Open 💈 : Tue - Sun : 8am - 7pm Tel ☎️ : 6273 5875 Website 🌐 : MRT 🚇 : Redhill (EW18) Note 📝 : Take bus 🚌 service 33, 120 across the MRT
Soon Kueh + Ang Ku Kueh (bean, yam) Got these from a super traditional-looking store, manned by the cutest old uncles and aunties (who btw are pretty good salesmen; just imagine how your grandma will coerce you into eating more, but instead these oldies are making you buy more goodies). Didn’t get to try them cos I got them for my family, but my mother said it’s 软到离谱 (so soft it’s a crime).
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