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Grilled Cheese ($12) Another new bakery!? Be greeted by an array of fresh handcrafted bakes @bakersbenchbakery. From scones to loaves and sandwiches served from 11am. The Grilled Cheese isn’t quite what I envisioned. Crusty sourdough layered with tomato chutney, smoked cheddar, gruyere, mozzarella, before it’s crowned with parmesan. Don’t expect a pocket of cheese inside though.
Cheeky Chicken Two slices of toasted sourdough sandwiched Koji-brined chicken thigh, purple cabbage slaw, kombucha vinaigrette and furikake. ($14) Its not the most delicious sandwich in the world, but I can see its a labor of love. I like the tanginess of the vinaigrette paired with the creamy slaw and the tenderness of the chicken. I wish there was a tad bit more of it for the price point. The sourdough...hmm. Not sure how I feel about that. I suppose I just wish it was more dense and more thickly sliced? But maybe that's just a personal preference. 6.5/10
Sticky Bun Oh hello there!! I basically screamed and made a beeline for this like the excited little girl I am. 🤣 It comes on a big tray with all the buns stuck together and just dripping with caramel. This bun is super fluffy, chewy and just covered with glossy caramel and topped with pecans. It's reminiscent of those soft breads you get in at the neighborhood bakery except it's majestically sized. It tears open like a cinnamon roll (and indeed, the dough is flavored with cinnamon) with just the perfect crumb. I don't think there's anything mindblowing about it, it's just so aesthetically appealing and you can't go wrong with syrup slathered on fluffy bread. And that crunch from the pecan...totally awesome. 7/10
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Waffles With Ice Cream Pistachio ice cream with waffles I read so much about denzy’s pistachio ice cream and waffles - I couldn’t resist so what better day to come than after a meeting at Bishan 😛 I love denzy’s crisp and clean tasting waffles - crispy on the outside and moist on the inside . It’s also very light and easy to eat so even after a full meal , this wouldn’t stuff you up - so don’t worry 😉. The pistachio ice cream was also nutty in flavour and not too sweet . The houjicha was more outstanding but it was too late in the night for caffeine 🥳 9 dollars is by no means cheap for a a neighbourhood ice cream place bit worth a try still :)
Waffles and Ice-cream Soft and fluffy waffles! Must TRY the skinny chocolate and orange kombucha! Cozy place for a catch-up with your bff or other half :)
Hojicha and Peanut Butter & Banana And now back to our regular programming; Denzy Gelato’s Hojicha and Peanut Butter & Banana were soo good. Opted with their light and crispy waffle ($5), well-made with a fragrant airy batter; both flavours ($6.40/ double scoop, $3.60/ single scoop) were pretty intense yet well-balanced in terms of the sweetness level. The roasted green tea was pleasantly earthy, not overly milky and incredibly smooth. Similarly, the premium Peanut Butter & Banana (+$1) was creamy and decadent where you could get the distinct taste of the two ingredients blended perfectly together. To top it all off, Burpple Beyond's 1-for-1 deal made the treat even better!
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Brunch All Day - Beyond Breko Café at Holland V serves brunch all day and serves drinks as well. We went there for dinner and ordered Chickenology ($16.50), shown above, and Salmon Mac & Cheese ($17), below. Chickenology was really delicious and addictive, a medley of textures - crispy fried chicken, mashy mashed potato, gooey poached egg and a very flavourful concoction of mushroom sauce with truffle oil! We really recommend this dish! However, the Salmon Mac & Cheese was a horrible disaster - more like Penne and Cheese. There were only 5 small pieces of baked (and tough) salmon. The Penne and Cheese was not cheesy at all, and it was like forcing 2 incompatible people together - distasteful experience. Overall, it felt like a budget meal that a novice could have whipped up in less than 15 minutes (or less) as a quick midweek meal. We do not recommend the Salmon Mac & Cheese at all!!! Try their other dishes, which look pretty good! However, the place was well designed and it gave off a cosy atmosphere. We will revisit to try their other dishes!
Salmon $17.50 Burpple 1-for-1 Love how flavourful the baked vegetables were. The potatoes were nice and soft.
Chilli Crab Pasta ($18) The soft shell crabs were the first thing that caught my attention. They were deep fried and extremely crunchy. It’s pretty well battered and tasty. My only gripe was that it’ll get soggy after getting soaked with the sauce! So tips to chomp these babies down first while it’s still hot and crispy! The sauce was legit. Perhaps the cafe skeptic in me had low expectations of an Asian twist on pasta, but this chilli crab sauce satisfied my Asian taste bud. Eggy, spicy, and tangy from the lime — it was just the right balance. Especially appreciated the generous lather of eggs. Wished I had some mantous to go along with this sauce (this view was echoed by several of my friends) Pasta was average, al-dente. Would recommend if you’re into chilli crab and spice!
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