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Taro Milk Tea Ordered with 25% sugar level as I was told that the taro paste itself contain natural sugar. Not too sweet, though I would have the taro flavors to be slightly richer and prominent.
Four Season Cheese Tea ($4.50) Unlike most tea shops, customizations of sweetness and ice is unavailable here. Ordered the four season cheese tea. Tea tasted similar to those chinese tea served at chinese restaurant but sweetened just to my liking. Cheese foam on the other hand was....... not within my expectation. Honestly it tasted like sweetened dough mixture, without a hint of any cheese taste. (Imagine the taste of flour, water and sugar mix together and drinking it. Really bad.) My friend totally agreed with me. Drinking the tea on it's own was fine but when mixed together it just tasted like drinking sweetened raw dough mixture. Truly not to my liking and also a waste of my money as I only drank a few sip. Luckily I used the burpple 1-for-1 so the damage wasn't that bad. Also staff should be more knowledgeable about the drinks offered. Here's a small dialogue of what happened. Me: Erm, what is this four season tea? Employee: It's a type of tea. Me: .......(Anything else that I don't know?) Luckily another employee replied that it was a type of green tea. Anyway I ordered it as it was an item recommended on the menu. Afterwards..... regrets T.T Maybe next time I'll stick to normal milk tea? IF there's a next time for here. Overall take my advice and skip the cheese tea.
🎶And can you feel the LOVE tonight~🎶. CNY is coming up & so is Valentine’s Day! 💕 I say these pineapple tarts are also perfect for Vday gifting, what do you think? 🤔 . Up your Instagram game with these adorable pineapple tarts from Gravitea! 😍😍😍 I have previously featured their drinks & now here’s something different! If u’re troubled over what gift set to get for your family or friends, here’s something you can consider! 😎 . These handmade cute pineapple tarts are going at $8.80 for a box of 4! 🐷 Your loved ones are bound to go “awwwwww” when they see these cuz that was exactly my reaction when I first saw them! 🤩 . Choose from 5 exquisite designs to customise your box but trust me, all of them are equally appealing! 👍🏻 Not only are they aesthetically-pleasing, the filling carries a slight tangy note which I adore as I do not like my pineapple tarts too sweet. 😋 . A dual-purpose presentable gift set - sounds like a good deal ya? ✌🏻 Boyfriends/boyfriend-wannabes, perhaps it’s time to drop by @graviteabarsg! Available till 10 Feb only so act fast! 😉
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