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Just thinking about this Pintxo Igeldo (confit tomato, tuna, anchovies, piparra) that I had una noches ago at TXA Pintxo Bar, a new concept at the iconic Alkaff Mansion specialising in pintxos from the Basque Country (@txa.pintxobar). The Tudor-style hilltop space (itself an institution and conservation building) plays it all cosy late-night house-party convivial, with the menu offering hot and cold pintxos (small snacks) alongside a range of wine-based cocktails and Spanish beers, wines and ciders.
Our new favourite destination dining in Singapore! Concluded our meal with Spanish churros at the one month old @TXA.PintxoBar housed within the restored @TheAlkaffMansion, one of the three dining concepts in addition to @Una.Singapore and @WildseedSG cafe. TXA Pintxo Bar itself is a pretty interesting concept as it specialises in pintxo from the Basque Country in Spain. This churros dip even has hints of chilli oil!
One of my favourite things at TXA, located at the new Alkaff Mansion is the Black Rabas "A Fuego Negro" (5 for $22), or the Squid Ink Donuts. It starts with a aromatic mixture of sautéed onion carrots and bell peppers being mixed with squid and squid ink. Its reduced and moulded into round shapes before being frozen. The frozen rings are subsequently deep fried to golden brown leading to a intense unmade flavours with unbelievable melt-in-the-mouth texture. While it gets a bit rich and jelak after a while, this remains a must order for me, especially if you’re sharing.
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Ondeh Ondeh Waffles Gula Melaka Gelato, Homemade Pandan Sauce, Dessicated Coconut. From Olla Coffee, which had recently found its new home being a hole-in-the-wall cafe in the Sunset Way neighbourhood having operated as a mobile coffee cart previously. Serving up light bites and specialty coffee, the Ondeh Ondeh Waffles is one of their signature waffle offerings; the waffle came all crisp on the exterior, while plush within with an alluring buttermilk aroma, whilst topped off with a Gula Melaka Gelato that is not overly sweet and a fragrant Pandan sauce drenched over it. For those who likes their desserts to be on the sweeter side, a serving of Gula Melaka is served on the side; patrons can pour to their own discretion — the rich sauce providing sweetness to the waffles. Simple as it sounds, but one of the better waffles we have had in a while.
Xing Wei
New Coffee Place At Sunset Way Small tiny coffee place with homemade waffles in the quiet estate of sunset way
Hee Wei
Ondeh Ondeh Waffle @ Olla Specialty Coffee, Blk 109 Clementi Street 11 #01-03. It may sounds weird to visit Olla, twice in a week when I’m not even a coffee person (‘cause caffeine keeps me wide awake at night 🙄). But I really cannot resist their mouthwatering ondeh ondeh signature waffle — served with a crispy outer layer and fluffiness within; coupled with an enticing buttermilk aroma. Even better, a generous scoop of gula melaka gelato sits right on top of the waffle drizzled with homemade pandan sauce, grated coconut sprinkles and paired with gula melaka syrup on the side. 🤤 #burpple #burpplesg #stfoodtrending #sgfood #sgeats #foodsg #wheretoeatsg #whattoeatsg #ollaspecialtycoffee #ollacoffee
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Caramel Peach Souffle Pancake From Tamago-EN; a new dining establishment by the folks behind En Sakaba and Aburi-EN which takes over the former premises of the now-defunct Pablo Cheese Tarts at NEX, serving up various renditions of Japanese egg-based dishes. Offering a small variety of souffle pancakes as a dessert option, the Caramel Peach Souffle Pancake is one of the better variants of soufflé pancakes that we have had around. The soufflé pancakes are pretty light and airy; jiggly and fluffy with a cloud-like texture without being too dense — carried an eggy flavour without any funky bitterness from being burnt nor from having too much baking soda. While a jug of maple syrup comes alongside the soufflé pancakes, we found the item to come with a pretty comfortable level of sweetness by default, and already pretty sweet enough as-is. Coming with Whipped cream on the side, the whipped cream provides a neutral flavour that binds the soufflé pancakes to the chunks of peach, cancelling out part of the tartness that the peaches carry. Quite a good rendition of the Japanese soufflé pancakes here; a place that would probably see the queue lines form up pretty soon considering the type of fare that they serve.
Xing Wei
New Shop At Nex Food was ok but they weirdly take a very long time to prepare this considering there wasnt a need to cook anything. Waited about 30mins for food to come. Otherwise egg is as fresh as they claimed it to be. But this small bowl of rice with a few pieces of salmon for $8.80++ is rather ex. Wished it was $2 cheaper.
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