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Yuzu Shabu Looking for something refreshing with natural sweetness in a hotpot? Time to visit @yuzuteisg for their yuzu hotpot filled with fresh and quality ingredients. When ordering the Yuzu Shabu set, you may opt for Japan Shirobuta Pork set ($26 per pax) which comprises of pork collar and top grade pork belly from Kyushu or Kaisen set ($32.50 per pax) for the seafood lover which comprises of mussel, seabass, prawns, squid ring & etc! On top of that each set also comprises of assorted vegetables, japanese fish cane, handmade prawn and shiitake mushroom paste, japan mizuna vegetable, japanese fish cake and not forgetting the signature yuzu soup base. As I am someone who loves fish, I have decided to add on seabass ($6) to my shabu set. Personally, I feel that yuzu fans would love the hotpot as it is something refreshing yet you are able to taste the natural sweetness from the other ingredients. My personal take is that it would have been better if you get to enjoy a pot on your own, instead of sharing the pot with your friends/ family, especially for individuals who might have allergic reaction to seafood. Yuzutei is located at Interlocal Centre level 1 around Pasir panjang area and around 12 mins walk from Pasar Panjang MRT station. Right now as I am writing the post, I am already missing the Yuzu Hotpot😢, will definitely revisit the restaurant again some time soon probably to try the other items from the menu. Thank you @hojiakstory for the recommendation & jioing to visit the restaurant together! 🙆🏻‍♀️
Healthy Steamboat The food is really fresh and good and ofcourse the special yuzu soup ! Slightly expensive as the portion is not a lot. Skip this place if you are looking for strong flavouring kind of soup base. However I will be back !
Nice And Value For Money! Ordered the A5 Hokkaido wagyu beef shabu set and pork shabu set, was really worth it. The beef was really good! Also tried the yuzu gyoza and yuzu ice cream with mochi waffle. Ice cream is really worth a try. Spent 100 in total but was a very satisfying meal. I will be back!!
Jia Ying
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Buffet Lunch What’s for lunch at @jushinjungwest ? Unlimited Barbecue buffet at S$32++/ adult + S$1++/pax for water and wet towel. There’s Wusamgyub (Sliced Beef Belly), Bulgogi (Seasoned Slice Beef), Samgyub (Pork Belly), Moksal (Pork Collar), Daeji (Marinated Pork), Dak (Marinated Chicken), and Saewoo (Prawn) With a choice of main dish per person which I selected Galbitang (Clear Beef Rib Soup) Accompanied with lots of Ban Chan (side dishes). Plus fruit and Apple Cider after the meal.. . Ju Shin Jung Korean Charcoal BBQ Address 🏡 : 27 West Coast Highway # 01-18/19 Westway IF Singapore 🇸🇬 117 867 Tel ☎️ : 6464 087 Open ⏰ : 12pm - 3pm, 6pm - 11pm Website 🌐 : MRT 🚇 : Haw Par Villa (CC25)
Banchan Paradise Meats were not phenomenal but the side dishes made up for it. Maybe get a la carte instead of buffet.
Set B ($175) Birthday Feast! Didn’t expect that the table will be soon groaning under the weight of all the food when we ordered. At lost on what to order, we went for the recommended Set B which comes with - Heuk Moksal aka Premium Black Pork Collar - Hujae Samgyub aka Smoke Pork Belly - Hangjeong aka Pork Jowl - Mushroom platter - One choice of soup - One choice of pancake (chives, seafood or kimchi) - Makgeolli aka Korean Rice Wine - Oreo Bingsu And as we felt it might not be enough, we still add on Ginseng Chicken and Marinated Chicken. OPPSIE! Luckily there was a staff helping us to barbecue the food so it was pretty hassle free for us. A variety of side dishes and well cooked meat, all we need to do is to polish off the food!
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Terrible Place. Questionable If Is “freshly Cooked” Horrible experience. Listen to me. 1) we preordered 2 large crabs as we had guests. Turns out, our guests was unavailable. So we wanted to cancel a crab. They said they have prepared the crab and we’re UNABLE TO CANCEL. No worries, we will take the 2 crabs. (This is an important information for later.) -> they did not give us the opportunity to choose the crabs, which is very uncommon in restaurants in Singapore. 2) we ordered our crab and other dishes. The dish arrived with the rice. Then it took 30 MIN AND CONSTANT CHASING to get the crabs that was apparently prepared before our arrival. 3) the service was horrible. They were keen on serving others (bigger table with more orders) than us, a smaller table. 4) the crab finally arrived after 30+min. And guess what! It was not hot, just warm! And When the crab arrived, it was clearly left out in the cold and reheated again. (Proof in picture) The solidification of the oil became a layer on top of the gravy of the crab, implying that the crab was out in the cold for a bit. The gravy was warm and not hot, suggesting it was reheated, perhaps with a microwave or something. In conclusion: terrible service, poorly cooked food. Maybe even a possibility of food that is not freshly cooked. DO NOT RECOMMEND. Go somewhere else!
[Diamond Kitchen] - Crispy Fried Potato Slices with Salted Egg Yolk ($12). Tossed in the restaurant's signature homemade salted egg sauce, each deep-fried potato slice was evenly coated with flavours that set your tongue tingling. A dish for both young and the old, this will definitely whet your appetite for what's about to come. . Find out more at . Diamond Kitchen (钻石小厨) Science Park 1 Oasis 87 Science Park Drive #01-01 Singapore 118260 Tel: +65 64640410 Nearest MRT: Kent Ridge (CC Line) Opening Hours: Daily: 11am - 230pm, 530pm - 1030pm
[Diamond Kitchen] - These Homemade Yam Balls with Otah ($16) is an interesting take on familiar flavours. It's like your traditional yam ring but broken up and fried in individual portion and at the core of each yam ball is a slab of house-made otah, made with a combination of mackerel, spice blend and the restaurant's proprietary 'Gan Xiang' blend. If you are a fan of yam ring, this is even more moreish with all sides crisp golden brown. I would have liked it, even more, should the otah be less mellow, as the heat from the spices tends to overwhelm the delicate yam flavour. . Find out more at . Diamond Kitchen (钻石小厨) Science Park 1 Oasis 87 Science Park Drive #01-01 Singapore 118260 Tel: +65 64640410 Nearest MRT: Kent Ridge (CC Line) Opening Hours: Daily: 11am - 230pm, 530pm - 1030pm
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