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Truffle Dry Ramen- Must Try! The truffle smells great and was very satisfying! No photos cos everyone dug in immediately and we were surprised by how good it was. Definitely can compete with other ramen chains which charge more than double its price. A rare find of good food at good price. Had the tonkatsu original ramen and it was 👍 too, but the truffle ramen was the star! 🌟 Would definitely go back again!
Yummy & Affordable Tonkotsu Ramen🍜 Original non-spicy tonkotsu ramen ($7.90) *price excludes GST - Tonkotsu broth, noodles, chasu, egg, seaweed, black fungus, spring onion - This is their best-seller and indeed, it live up to that label - it’s nice!👍 The broth is very smooth and creamy, might be a liiiiiitttttlee salty but it’s still delicious! The noodle was NOT too soft and had a good bite to it🍜😋 - The charsu is not those melt in the kind ones but its soft and has a light flavour, I don’t normally like chasu in ramen but this one is nice for me!😊 Also the seaweed is NOT crispy. - To be honest, I would’ve been satisfied even if they only served the noodle and the broth without all the other ingredients haha. I tried my friend’s gyokai ramen (mixture of fish and pork broth) and it’s surprisingly nice too! Its has a unique taste I never tasted in other ramen houses. - Verdict: affordable, delicious and reasonable portion, confirm will come back laa!🙆🏻‍♀️ Yall must go and try! - Recommendations: 1️⃣Tonkotsu Gyokai (For those who like rich flavour) 2️⃣Original Tonkotsu (For those who like lighter flavour) 3️⃣Dry Truffle (interesting try! $6.90++ gets abit jelak after awhile but still good)
Ordered this for $13.55 Cheap and good. My son says this better than the Kanshoku Ramen next door. Dry truffle ramen with karage n green tea set, topped up with ajitama.
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Newly Launched: IPPUDO D.I.Y. Meal Kits To Enjoy At Home M E D I A D R O P Just when I was feeling like having soup noodles (blame it on the rainy weather), IPPUDO’s brand new D.I.Y. Meal Kit got teleported to me (ok, it actually arrived the conventional way 😆). Didn’t waste any time preparing both the Hakata-style Shiromaru Motoaji ($15.30 a pack) and Akamaru Shinaji ($16.35 a pack) Ramen for lunch. Definitely not to be mistaken as instant noodles, these have the signature creamy-rich, full-bodied tonkotsu broth arriving in frozen form. After following the clear, simple instructions to simmer it for about 15 minutes, the concentrated block, the result of an 18-hour cooking process prior, became exactly like the broth one would taste if dining at an Ippudo restaurant. When the lusciously smooth umami pork-based liquid met the al dente ramen (these noodles are meant to be cooked for only 30secs in boiling water), the combination went beyond my expectations. It was enhanced by the slices of pork belly chashu and marinated black fungus that were also packed in the D.I.Y. Meal Kit. I might try my hand next time at making Onsen Tamago eggs and chopping spring onions to pimp up the ramen and take it to another level. But for today, it already qualified as a happy meal.
Bonito Tonkotsu Special ($24++) I first tried Ippudo when its popularity blew up several years ago and it changed my perspective on the traditional Takata-style ramen. Expect innovative flavours such as this Bonito Tonkotsu, a full-bodied fish and pork broth blend exclusive to Singapore. The icon of this dish, Japanese citrus pepper paste, is stuck on the rim of the bowl and enhances the broth with a zest of mild heat when mixed in. Noodles are springy with customisable hardness and the key favourites, pork belly chashu and soft boiled egg, melt in the mouth with amazing flavour. Bamboo shoots, while uncommon in the mix, had a crunchiness that brought textural variety to the bowl.
📍ippudo; singapore📍akamaru shinaji, karaka-men • my fave ramen chain 💕💕💕 am always amazed with the broth for akamaru shinaji. the smell of garlic oil was really fragrant and it made the soup so so rich!! karaka-men always had a soft spot in my heart even though it isn’t spicy enough. loved the slight hint of spiciness in the ramen which deviates from the usual miso based tonkotsu ramen which we were used to. noodles were well-cooked as usual & the best thing was probs the fact that the broth wasn’t overly salty and we can finish half the soup without feeling sick of it. the only thing we didn’t like was probs the pork. pork in japanese ramen always had a tendency to have a strong smell and this was no exception (albeit better than the rest). but nonetheless, still a shop we’ll go back to all the time! & isn’t it perfect for the rainy weather these days
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