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High Tea Set ($18.80++) The high tea platter consists of prawn and crab sliders, sweet potato with quino salad, strawberry éclair, gentlemen designed red velvet cake and assorted scones. It comes with a pot of tea of your choice. Personally, I enjoyed the scones the most. Scones was served warm and moist with chocolates bit and raisins. Nice! The rest are pretty average.
seasonal lamb chop w mint jus ~~~ the miso mash potatoes were creamy and savoury which were delightful. the lamb was a tad too fatty for my liking but it was well seasoned and prepared so it wasn’t too gamey which i appreciated. decent but not one of their best dishes
Calida Aurelia Soh
Cheese Baked Lobster And Scallop Rice Was torn between ordering this load of cheesy goodness versus a ‘healthier’ option of aglio olio. It seems pretty interesting to me that TCC has designated sections of the menu which are listed as healthier alternatives and provide caloric counts for those foods - would be great if they could expand that to the whole menu but that’s a pipe dream since they’re not a health food restaurant. This dish comes with brown rice, which I absolutely love. There’s more bite in brown rice and it holds its firmness more than white rice, but it’s usually harder to achieve a nice consistency as it takes longer to cook. Thankfully the brown rice was not undercooked, and each mouthful provided a slight nutty texture that paired well with the cheese. The curry sauce was quite watery, and a little dismal because the flavours didn’t come through much. I think they were going more for a Japanese curry taste but I couldn’t taste it at all in the midst of the cheese and the sauce just served to ‘wet’ my rice 😂 TCC didn’t stinge on the cheese, and it formed a thick layer on my baked rice. Interspersed in this cheesy layer were pieces of lobster and scallops. Not too sure if they’re really lobsters as the pieces were so tiny they looked and tasted more like hei bi but maybe they’re bits of slipper lobsters or something. The scallops were decent sized. Overall there was quite a lot of seafood within the cheese layer and I think it’s quite worth the amount paid, however, the sauce needs a bit of working on.
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Chilli Crab Tart & More Buttery pastry, chilli crab sauce and a small bit of meat. I like it, quite a nice twist to your usual mantou and chilli crab sauce! Try the XO sauce carrot cake and custard bun, these are good. Skip the chee cheong fun, skin is too thick and not much taste.
Signature Flowy Custard Bun 招牌流沙包 ($6.50/3 Pieces) You should never ever miss this liu sha bao! Over the years from Bosses Restaurant to now Black Society, the standard of their custard bun has been so consistent and impressive that I am still keeping it as my top favourite amongst all the custard buns I have ever tried locally. Each bun is rather petite, and you could actually just pop the entire bun in (of course, not really recommended because the lava content is scalding!). But the bun skin is so fluffy soft, such that it might just burst even when you are holding it, so gotta be cautious there. The waitress told us to take a bite off the bottom and start sucking the flowing custard because that’s where the bun’s opening supposedly was. It was heavenly as I bit away a portion of the skin and the molten custard started oozing. There’s a layer of oil floating on top, but when you eat it, it’s not as oily as it seemed. In fact, it’s a little buttery, milky, and extremely flavorful. Love their impeccable consistency and I could have 3 to myself at one go!
Miss Ha
BLACK SOCIETY, CHILLI CRAB TART Formerly known as Bosses Restaurant, Black Society has added new items on the menu such as this Chilli Crab Tart, which is seldom seen in Singapore. The Chiilli Crab Sauce is suprisingly well balanced, neither too sweet nor spicy, pairing well with the crumbly tart base. The only flaw of this dish is the extremely tiny piece of crab claw that has barely any meat. Do keep a lookout for other uncommon items such as yam lava bun, a change from our usual salted egg bun, as well as the Deep Fried Savory Dumpling(Ham Sui Gok) which is shaped like a carrot.
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