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For 1-for-1 Pasta/Grain Bowl & Drink Weekday Set (save ~$23) Find this delightful cafe located along Bukit Timah Road for delicious pasta and grain bowls. Spice lovers, dig into the al dente Asian-Spiced Seafood Pasta ($19) with just the right amount of heat and fresh seafood like prawns and squid. Also good is the Pork Belly Miso ($16) – picure tender braised pork belly with a well-balanced fat-to-meat ratio alongside crunchy dry ramen crisps, miso cream, nori and an onsen egg. Photo by Burppler SG Food On Foot
S’mores Sensation 💸: $12.50+ 📈: 7.5/10 💬: First off, let me just say, their dark chocolate froyo is to die for. Loved this dessert, but it is definitely one for sharing. The dark choco froyo definitely lives up to its name of being dark choc and has a rich chocolate taste and isn’t too sweet, which was perfect when paired with the s’mores. Wish the chocolate was more like a chocolate puddle instead of choc chips form, but overall still a great dessert for the sweet tooths. Full review on my Instagram @euniceeatseverything
Asian-Spiced Seafood Pasta 💸: $19+ 📈: 8/10 💬: Loved this bowl of pasta!! There’s a spicy kick to the sauce, as suggested in its name, and the seafood wasn’t overcooked. Pasta was also cooked al dente and had a bite to it. Portion was slightly small for the price, but definitely worth ordering! Full review on my Instagram @euniceeatseverything
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Salted Peanut Butter Crunch Some food you don’t even need to taste it to know you’ll like it. Such is the name of this bun at Bread & Hearth. We were so keen to try the various offerings at the bakery including its signature croissant, quiche, scone, super soft ciabatta sandwich. I had to wait till my second visit before trying this awesome bun! Be warned, It’s loaded with peanut butter.
Bread & Hearth 26/07/19 Cinnamon Bun ($2.90) - Fluffy and moist bun - Not overly sweet but would have preferred more cinnamon glaze and cream cheese frosting on top - Tangy cream cheese frosting, complementing the sweet cinnamon filling - Layers of cinnamon filling within the bun's interior Overall, huge comforting cinnamon bun that is not cloyingly sweet. Price: 8.5/10 (For the portion size, this is actually quite value-for-money) Taste: 9/10 Overall: 9/10 (Must-try over here) Currant Cream Scone ($3.40) - 'With rum soaked raisin' Crunchy and sweet exterior, but this scone was even denser and drier than the one at Bake Of. The saving grace would be its sweet cinnamon sugar crust. Price: 6/10 Taste: 5.5/10 Overall: 5.5/10 (There's definitely better things to try here) Almond Chocolate ($3.80) - Very crunchy and strong notes of almond in the almond cream crust - Loads of semi-sweet chocolate filling within - Buttery, moist and fluffy puff pastry Overall, a very rich and hearty pastry; Very guilty to eat but very satisfying Price: 7/10 (Average price) Taste: 9/10 Overall: 8/10 More pictures at:
Pecan Cranberry Bread And Flat White A little disappointed with the weak flat white. Diluted and thin . Pecan and cranberry bread was ordinary although cited as the shop’s signature bread . Go for their pastries like the croissant 🥐 instead and skip the coffee .
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Origin + Bloom is the newest European-inspired patisserie from @marinabaysands , located at Lobby tower 3. Origin + Bloom serves handcrafted pastries,chocolates,cakes,gelato,sandwiches, drip coffee and teas. Feature : 💕 Mango. a mousse layered with passionfruit-lychee jelly in shapes of mango. 💰$10. 💕 The whole 9 yards. A hearty sandwich featuring layers of thinly cut gourmet hams and cured sausages, including mortadella, chorizo, Jésus du Pays basque (dry-aged pork sausage), chambost saucisson (cured pork sausage), and gammon ham, with pickled vegetables and arugula. 💰$16 onwards. 📍Origin + Bloom. Lobby of Tower 3 Marina Bay Sands
Origin + Bloom is the newest European-inspired patisserie from @marinabaysands , located at Lobby tower 3. Origin + Bloom serves handcrafted pastries,chocolates,cakes,gelato,sandwiches, drip coffee and teas. Feature : 💕 Black Symphony. A layer of salted caramel mousse between two pure dark chocolate pecan brownies, with a crumble base and topped with a delicate white chocolate feather. 💰$10. 💕Origin + Bloom mazagran. cold drip coffee with lemon juice served on ice. 💰$6 📍Origin + Bloom. Lobby of Tower 3 Marina Bay Sands
Origin+Bloom , a brand new concept by @marinabaysands officially open for public today , at 11 am. . Origin+Bloom offers gourmet sandwiches, original dessert by Executive Chef Pastry Antonio Benites , gelato and cold drip coffee and tea. . Location: Origin+Bloom, Marina Bay Sands Hotel Lobby tower 3, Singapore . #originandbloom #marinabaysands #burpple #burpplesg
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Iced Lemon Honey Tea ($7) They used English breakfast tea mixed with honey and lemon juice for this drink. Very pleasant to drink. Sweet sour ratio was perfect. Too much ice thou. Had to drink quickly or the ice will make it tasteless. I expected less ice for the price. They actually forgot my order too, until I went to ask for it. Not sure of the washable metal straw thou. I kept wondering how they wash the inside of this narrow straw. In the end I removed it and drank straight from the glass. Small little cafe with very limited seats located in a clothing store. Had to consult directory to find it after endless rounds of searching.
Strawberry Custard Tart ($7) Came for their cup cakes. All sold out on a fri at 4.30pm! And they just took delivery of their second batch of cupcakes some more 😤 Sthg to do with Chope promotion. Only 2 deliveries a day. Got this last dessert available to comfort myself. It was really very sweet. Mainly bcos of the creme brûlée crust on top. I expected the strawberries inside to curb the sweetness, but the fruit was sweet as well. Tart shell was really buttery thou. Far too sweet for me overall. My companion, who has a sweet tooth, adored it.
Bake Haul Weekends💖 PV cupcakes and bakes always make me happy; esp loved this mth’s special cupcake *Lychee strawberry* which had a lychee whipped-cream filling and strawberry lychee Swiss meringue frosting perfect for those who’d prefer a lighter, less rich cupcake. Their *lemon pound* too which ain’t too sour but just the right amounts of tartness :) Takeaway: Lychee strawberry cupcake ($4.80), carrot cupcake ($4.30), oatmeal raisin cookie ($3.50), lemon pound slice ($5.20)!
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Mocha ($5.70) First time visiting this place because of its ample seating space on a very crowded Friday. There’s three storeys! It was okay but way too sweet at the bottom.
“テロアヤで見つけたマフィン屋さん” 最近どんどん加速しているマフィン熱。 こちらもまだまだ続いているテロアヤ朝活の帰り際に。 事前に調べていたイメージとは何故か全然違う店構えで、地図で見てもそこにあるはずのマフィン屋さんがなく、行ったり来たりしてしまった。 別に奥まった場所にある訳でもなく、通りに面して普通にオープンしてるのに、なかなかわかりずらいです(笑) 夜はバーになるのね。 で、昼間はマフィン売ってるのね。 マフィン屋さんという概念を捨てて、バーをイメージして探せばすぐ見つかるかも。 店内は薄暗くて、ショーケース内のマフィンも2列目以降まったく写らない(笑) お店の人は明るく気さくでフレンドリー。 マフィンは1つ$3.3〜$3.5。 この日は4種類置いてありました。 マフィン6つ+クッキーのセットが$18でお得です。 セットで買うと可愛いショップバッグに入れてくれます。 クッキーは新作だというアップル&ピーチをチョイス。 マフィンは小ぶりのしっとりめで子供に好評でした。 子供はしっとりマフィンが好きなのね。 #themuffinry @themuffinry #マフィン持って走る人 #見かけたらそれ私です #シンガポールグルメ#シンガポール生活 #シンガポールライフ #シンガポール #シンガポール在住 #シンガポール旅行 #lovesg #singapura #singaporelife #シンガポールで子育て #instasingapore #singaporeinsta #sgig #igsg #singaporecafe#sgcafe#sweettooth#sgcafehopping#hungrygowhere#eatoutsg#nomnom#eeeeats#foodpics#burpple#みど朝活隊
Blueberry muffin! . . . . . . . . . . . #foodshare #fooddiary #foodstagram #foodpic #foodpost #instafood #foodgram #colorful #foodlover #foodoftheday #delish #eat #foodie #foodstyling #foodheaven #foodisfuel #nomnom #kuliner #instagood #healthy #foodporn #foodlove #sugar #snacks #singaporefoodie #feedfeed #sgfood #burpple #muffin #foodphotography
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