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| 🍲 Clear Fish Soup with a Savoury touch 。... ~ · Seafood Soup - $4 · As always, I request for no prawns. Thick slices of fish paired with super savoury meat balls. The handmade meatballs are really a gem. It was a delightful bowl of soup, flavourful, comes with slices of ginger and bittergourd, which you might wanna request to remove if you don’t like. The soup is boiled with the fried flat fish blended to bites, which gives that sweet yet savoury taste. The rice cost an additional $0.50. I definitely wanna upsize to the $6 bowl the next time to indulge in additional goodies · Zhong Crayfish Seafood Soup Broadway Food Court Ch5 Buzzing Hawker
Crayfish Seafood Soup I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that this Crayfish Seafood Soup, which was featured in Mediacorp Channel 5’s Buzzing Hawkers, served their “Must Try” dish at only S$6.00, which was quite a steal in comparison with the other featured stalls. They really made the stock so rich and tasty, that the leftover soup (if any) could be poured over a bowl of rice to be eaten like Teochew Porridge (P.S.: Even their rice was so well-cooked!) So other than giving one full crayfish, the seafood soup also contained a few slices of fish, some minced meatballs, cut tomatoes and a piece of Tau Kee. If crayfish is not your kind of thing, their Seafood Soup (S$4.00) had a substitute with prawns, but I personally felt that I enjoyed the richness of the Crayfish Seafood Soup more than the non-crayfish variant.
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Crab Hotpot Served With Prawn Noodles On The Side The owner was proudly sharing his soup recipe to the diners seated beside us as we were having our meal. His secret? Quality ingredients. Our hotpot was served with pieces of pork rib and pig tail, lean pork slices, some innards, white clams, huge prawns, crab and white cabbage. Taste: 7/10 Price: 6/10 (We paid a total of $50 for a huge pot full of quality ingredients and 2 bowls of refillable prawn noodles.. It was definitely not an expensive meal, but considering the soup base was the prawn noodle broth and each bowl of prawn mee goes for $10, I’m not too sure if I would return for this hotpot..)
Crab Steamboat Crab Steamboat ($55) . After facing rejection countless times due to the need to brave the heat eating at a hawker centre, I finally managed to grab a companion to join me at Wen Wen Pork Rib Prawn Noodle to try their Crab Steamboat on a rainy evening. According to the stall, it is best that this steamboat be had after 6pm as that’s when the stock has developed enough flavour after simmering for the entire day. He was right! Most prawn mee stock I’ve had is usually murky from all the pork being cooked. Instead, Wen Wen’s was a clear broth that packed mainly the sweet umami goodness of all the seafood. So for the price, we get pork ribs, pig’s tail, pig intestines, big prawns, clams, and the crab full of roe. With so much seafood simmering over a slow fire during the meal, the prize really is the taste of the soup towards the end of our meal. Do note that you are also allowed to bring your own ingredients to add to the steamboat and I would strongly recommend bring more vegetables as it’ll cost $5/bowl from the stall.
Wen Wen Hotpot ($55~$80) Wen Wen Big Prawn Mee is now back at the newly renovated Geylang Bahru Market & Food Centre! All I can is that soup is just as shiok, uncle Richard is just as friendly and the experience just as fun as before (sadly, no more lala). He even has his own add-ons now like veg and fresh pork shabu shabu so you don’t have to bring your own (though you still can).
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