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Purple Sweet Potato Mee Hoon Kuey ($7.12) from @idealitesingapore - love the extra chewy texture of this hand-torn noodles & thumbs up to the mock ikan bilis! Though overall I’d personally prefer a soup base made with more mushrooms than baby spinach but it works out okay anyway! 2019’s resolution going well by going meatless/plant-based protein at least once a week (will improve from here)! ☘️ . Psst! They have a pumpkin version too.
Five Spiced Lor Rice Set In need for a quick injection of phytonutrients for this seasonal flu 😷 and cough season ( thankfully - I am well amidst the coughing and sneezing 🤧 crowd) , what more comforting than a well balanced rice set with choice of your main course , drink and a fresh salad. The pumpkin barley was served hot and was so soothing for the throat and the spleen. I wished the flavour of the five spiced gravy would have been more pronounced but the variety of this set makes up for everything . Food that’s prepared with love and care really works wonders - one of the few establishments that makes me feel like I am dining at home .
Signature yong tau foo [$7.90] . . With your choice of dry or soup, each Yong Tau Foo comes with 6 pieces of ingredients, on a bed of yellow noodles. I opted for the dry version and mine came with a small pot of corn soup, as well as condiments such as sweet sauce, chilli sauce and sambal chilli paste. Not a fan of yellow noodles (in fact I loathe it) but with the addition of the chilli sauce, my initial fear and dread was overcome with the tangy, flavourful note of the sauce arriving to the rescue 😅. The sambal chilli was also fragrant and aromatic, with a tinge of spice that could have been more intense. Nevertheless, it served as a great accompaniment to the deep fried components, which were all done to an ideal crisp exterior ✨. Note that this place is vegetarian and hence all the components present are meatless, though looks might be deceiving 🤭. Ranging from eggplant, fried tofu, fried wanton, which is your favorite ingredient? 😉 . . . . #burpple #idealitesingapore #GrabFoodie
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Thunder Tea Rice One of the better ( or “ Gao” lei Cha soups I have tried .. with a very thick like consistency - not sure if starch or glutinous rice was added to blend the soup . The grounded sesame flavour shone brightly and was delightful . The vegetables were also crisp and green and not greasy. Ask for their homemade chilli because that is a star on its own as well . For lei Cha enthusiasts , before you get disappointed , this dish is only available on Wednesdays . My only issue is the vibes of fortune centre - you won’t go there for no reason .
Thunder Tea Rice Rare as it is , i jump for joy when I find Hakka thunder tea rice in singapore. However, most stalls operated by Food courts do not meet the cut because of the generous amounts of oil incorporated into the vegetables ( to cook them fast ) by you know who. Instead of having a healthy meal , it may turn out disastrous. So this thunder tea rice at fortune centre is my personal Favourite. The vegetables are prepared with very little and almost no trace of oil and the amounts of vegetables are generous. What's most worthy to mention is the huge comforting bowl of basil and mint soup that accompanies the rice and yes - it is served pipping hot. Note that thunder tea rice is served only every Tuesday. Don't forget to ask for a portion of their home made vegetarian sambal - it adds a nice dimension to the vegetables and rice. The best thunder tea rice in Singapore in terms of value ( SGD6.50), health consideration and comfort ( air con seating ). Ordinarily I wouldn't venture to fortune centre ( because there is no reason to ) but for food this good and comforting , I am most willing :)
So I tried the #vegetarian version of #bakkutteh with noodles ($6.50, only available on Thursdays) recently during lunch at work. Was served a generous serving of vegetables and a few pieces of mock meat in a tasty soup base - surprisingly better than I expected! Heh, but I still prefer my usual order of organic soba from the store though! 🙊 Btw, blog updated with a movie review on the Korean comedy, Fashion King: www.mitsueki.wordpress.com
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