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Do you like buffet😍? Astons have side buffet at The Centrepoint and Marina Square outlet during weekday lunch 😆 Starting from $14.90 nett you can enjoy their side buffet including drinks and yogurt ice cream 😍super worth sia 😋
Ribeye Extra Cut $34.90 Baked potato was nice, main course comes with free flow salad bar, desert and drinks. Steak was cooked to medium rare as ordered but the meat has a lot of sinews which makes for a good jaw exercise. Will not order this again.
Weng Kong
Weekday 60 Min Express Lunch ($13.90-$18.90 NETT) Although supposedly the main, chargrilled chicken was sadly outshadowed by the AMAZING SALAD BAR!! 🥗🥦🍅🥑🌽🥙🥩🥖 Don’t be intimidated by the term salad, there’s a wide variety of usual healthy vegetables, beans (in every single colour - you name it, they probably have it), seasoned salads (sautéed mushrooms, Thai papaya salad, coleslaw, apple salad, pasta salad, watermelon salad), fried food (onion rings, potato wedges, potato croquette, garlic bread), guacamole dip with nachos, soups (not that great tho) and fruits. Add all these together with the main, plus vanilla soft serve topped with chopped peanuts, chocolate/colorful palates, or even affogato (since they have a coffee machine with cappuccino, latte, hot milk etc), and at such an affordable price, leaves us all belly belly happy 🤤🤤 PS. Even though it’s supposedly 60 min, if they aren’t crowded they probably won’t chase you out!
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English Cut 200g | $95 Three thin slices of rare tender beef with yorkshire pudding and US iddaho mashed potatoes. Recommended.
Eat Pray Love
Best Prime Rib Lawry's The Prime Rib has a reputation that precedes them. They serve one of, if not the best prime ribs in Singapore. They are located in a quiet corner, in Level 4 Mandarin Gallery. The restaurant is of a cozy American setting and the staff are welcoming and cheerful. Arriving for my reservation at 6.45pm, I had a window seat at the restaurant where I had my meal as the sky transitioned from sunset to dusk. The ambience and service was wonderful. I ordered the Lawry's Cut 285g - Lawry's traditional and most popular cut [$120] with the sides of Creamed Corn [$12], Creamed Spinach [$12] and Equil Sparkling Water [$8.50].⁣ ⁣ Complimentary: "The Famous Original Spinning Bowl Salad"⁣ Our server mixed the salad on a bowl spun on a bed of ice that made for good theatrics enhancing my experience at Lawry's. This was a salad starter with good acidity served with a chilled fork that made me hungrier for the meal to come.⁣ ⁣ "Lawry's Cut 285g - Lawry's traditional and most popular cut" [$120]⁣ Not for the faint hearted, this giant piece of meat was served from a silver wagon where the chef cut it from different prime ribs of different "doneness". I ordered mine to be "medium-rare" and sure enough, the eye of the prime rib was red and cooked to absolute precision. The flavour of the prime rib together with the meat jus it was soaking in was outstanding.⁣ ⁣ Sides:⁣ Complimentary: "US Idaho Mashed Potato"⁣ Smooth and buttery. A classic pairing to prime ribs.⁣ ⁣ "Creamed Corn" [$12]⁣ Creamy, sweet and but not overpowering with the flavours of corn. This was the best side that most wonderfully complemented my prime rib. I very much enjoyed it and will definitely order it when I come back again.⁣ ⁣ "Creamed Spinach" [$12]⁣ I am not the biggest fan of creamed spinach but I could tell that they had perfected the recipe. It was creamy and had a subtle taste of spinach within each bite. Tasty but still, it was not the dish for me and I will not order it again although it was done perfect.⁣ ⁣ Overall, my experience at Lawry's The Prime Rib had been nothing short of extraordinary. I definitely broke the bank but I will go back...Just not so soon. -Foodier✌🏻
Our prime rib lunch includes the famous spinning bowl salad with Lawry’s vintage dressing, Idaho mashed potatoes and Yorkshire pudding. Every rib roast is aged for at least 21 days and slowly roasted for natural tenderness. Even though Lawry’s Cut and English Cut came from the same roast, we preferred the English Cut which came in three slices as it was easier to cut and eat. ~ Discounts with @chopesg • Lawry’s Cut 285g SGD120.00 English Cut 200g SGD95.00
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