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Hot 100 2019
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Dessert+Drink Both the iced cappuccino and iced latte were fantastic, but the tiramisu was quite disappointing for its price, being too mild in taste. The other lychee cake was decent, although the base layer was a tad bit too hard, taking quite some effort to break apart with the spoon.
Nesuto⁣⁣ Patisserie 8 Feb’19, Fri⛅️⁣⁣ 📍Nesuto⁣⁣ Patisserie - C3 Cheesecake🧀⁣⁣ - Le’ Chocolat🍫⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Becos got Burpple Beyond one-for-one, just eat only!😋⁣⁣ Probably the pâtisserie which I frequent the most...😜⁣⁣ First time trying these 2 cakes and they are just so good~ Like the base of the cheesecake, making the cheesecake a little different from the norm, like Oreo or something, the cheesecake portion is not too jelak, I can finish it on my own I guess~ As for the chocolate cake, the mousse inside is nicely filled, eating it with the base, delish~ and what not, the appearance is so “shiny”, instagram-worthy okay~ So far for the cakes I’ve tried here, find that they are all nice leh~ except for the one with cherry and liquor which I find it too “adult taste” to my likings... Damage: $9.90 (Burpple Beyond one-for-one)
Le Omm, Raspberry Yuzu ($9++ Per Slice); On Burpplebeyond with Drinks One foot in the glass doors of this beautifully furnished dessert boutique cafe and I knew the longing to visit this place with mum, after a friend introduced their sliced cakes to me at a dinner gathering (at that point in a takeaway box), was not unfounded. The dainty cakes here goes into my category of “nice to admire and nice to fork on”; I personally favoured the Raspberry Yuzu flavor over the Le Omm (Matcha). The refreshingly citrusy moist sponge of the former outshone the pale tasting latter.
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Oh dear, the weekend is gonna fly PASTA again! ✈✈✈ Gotta treasure my Sunday! ❤ I am usually not a fan of cream-based PASTAs as they can get really heavy & surfeiting. 🤣 However, this Fettucine with shrimp in lemon cream sauce ($22++) at @pizza_logic_sg eased my worries! ✌🏻 . The tangy lemon zest 🍋 was pretty refreshing, making the cream sauce lighter on the palate. ✔ Coating every strand of pasta, the luscious sauce rendered an extremely creamy mouthfeel. Topped with springy prawns 🦐 & caviar for that luxurious touch, this was a winner! 💯 . Fans of tomato-based pastas 🍅 can try their Paccheri with Neapolitan meat sauce ($22++), which comes with a generous amount of meatballs & spare ribs! 🍝 The paccheri in tube shape was pretty new to me - reminded me of mee hoon kueh but thinner & smoother! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 Albeit not fall-off-the-bone tender, the spare ribs were extremely flavourful & sufficiently succulent. 😋 . For meat-lovers or those on Keto, you can go for their Thin sliced Italian steak Tagliata ($32++), which features a slab of steak 🥩 topped with crisp Arugula & cherry tomatoes 🍅, drizzled with olive oil & balsamic vinegar. 👌🏻
For Wood-Fire Baked Pizzas Award-winning pizzaiolo, Junichi Shoji, brings his popular authentic Naples-style Italian pizzas to our sunny shores. Start with their simple yet delicious Pizza Margherita D.O.C ($26) that sees buffalo mozzarella, cherry tomatoes and fresh basil on a thin-crust pizza base. Otherwise, the spicy yet tropical Pizza Leone ($22) is an excellent choice — think pineapples, jalapenos on a tomato-based pizza topped with ricotta cheese and ham. Photo by Burppler serene goh
🎶It’s a quarter after one, I’m all alone and I KNEAD you now~🎶 Fancy some wood-fire baked pizzas? 🍕🍕🍕 @pizza_logic_sg is here to satisfy your cravings! Best-known for its Naples-style cuisine, Trattoria Pizzeria Logic, a popular authentic Italian restaurant chain in Japan, has made its debut in Singapore on 4 Oct! 🎉 Helmed by award-winning Pizzaiolo Junichi Shoji, they are committed to using fresh ingredients (e.g. Caputo flour imported from Naples Italy). 💯 . Can’t go wrong with their classic Pizza Margherita D.O.C ($26++)! Baking it in the wood-fire oven 🔥 certainly imparted an irresistible aroma to this thin-crust pizza! 🤤🤤🤤 Topped with buffalo mozzarella 🧀, cherry tomatoes 🍅 & fresh basil, this was simply & good! 📢PROMO📢 For the opening month of Oct, get this at just $9.90++! ✌🏻 . In celebration of the brand’s 2nd overseas outlet (1 in Ho Chi Minh), the chefs have created Pizza Leone ($22++), which translates to ‘Lion’ (cuz Singapore is the Lion City! 🇸🇬🇸🇬🇸🇬) Using pineapples 🍍 to represent the tropical weather & adding jalapenos for a hint of spice 🌶 as Singaporeans generally love spicy food, this tomato-based pizza topped with ricotta cheese 🧀 & ham was certainly a crowd-pleaser! 💕
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