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Garden Fine Dining Experience Part of the previous Corner House degustation, landes white asparagus is one of the most intriguing courses for me. Icy yuzu sorbet that pairs with marine lobster and kristal caviar that brings out the freshness of the seafood. Simultaneously, these are enhanced by the mild spiciness from green cocnut laksa gravy. It was a dish that is beautifully decorated to showcase the botanica theme.
The “Cevenne Onion” that changed Chef Jason’s life. This was the highlight of our 7-course (that totalled up to countless items) dinner at @cornerhousesg that wow-ed us item after item. The complete 4-part to “The Onion Revealed” comprised the baked onion cup, onion tart, onion chip and an onion tea. This onion cup in its most natural form, was baked and filled with onion purée and confit, with a sous-vide egg and shaved black truffles. The result was a comforting taste of satisfaction to the senses. The tart and chips topped up the experience with different tastes and textures; before a cup of onion tea. Simple as it looked, but the small tea-cup held an emulsion of onion and cream, made from 3kg of onions and 2days’ work to produce a mere 200ml. We felt delighted and proud as we savoured this exquisite creation and many of Chef Jason’s other amazing dishes during our memorable dinner in the most beautiful restaurant with the best services.
I makan
Fish Cracker With Tobiko We started off with the amuse bouche, this was one of them. Flavours was pretty expected, fish cracker was made well. Nothing amazing, just a good start to the meal 🙂
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Grilled Iberico Pork Chop ($26++) This is one of Vineyard’s signature mains. Pork is very tender despite the size. Sauce (winner of the dish) is on the herby side which I like a lot - could be a bit salty but manageable. It’s served with roasted potato and veggies. Place is secluded and good for quiet dates with a nature view :)
Aileen Marie
Grilled Iberico Pork Chop ($26) 250g Bone in Pork Chop, Cajun Roasted Potatoes, Roasted Vegetables, Mustard Brown Sauce. Pork chop was nicely seasoned and well cooked. Every bite of the meat was flavourful and not too tough. Potatoes was mildly flavoured. Roasted vegetables consisted of carrots and zucchini. Carrots were crunchy and the zucchini was tender. Mustard Brown sauce tasted similar to black pepper sauce. Overall really like this dish and would recommend it. I also ordered the Crispy Battered Mushroom ($10) served with Garlic Aioli and Truffle Mushroom Alfedo Pasta ($20). The batter of the mushroom were crispy throughout and didn't turn soggy. Mushrooms were unseasoned, only giving off its natural umaminess. The aioli somehow tasted more like mayonnaise to me. Overall found this dish so-so. Pasta was Linguine Pasta cooked in Truffle Mushroom Cream Sauce with Medley Mushroom, Onsen Egg, Shaved Parmesan. Pasta was slightly on the harder side which I prefer. Mushroom was ok. Truffle was detectable. The dish gave me a home-y feel because of the rich, warm creamy sauce. However it became a little overwhelming at the end because of the creaminess. Overall I think it would be better to share this dish.
Grilled Iberico Pork Chop One of their signature main course, serving with 250g bone in pork chop, cajun roasted potato, roasted vegetable and mustard brown sauce.
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This is a Sunday brunch with a difference – no conventional buffet lines, pick-and-choose what you enjoy. Here’s how it works at Racines: Diners can mix and match from various food and beverage packages, with greater flexibility in pricing while reducing food wastage. The Racines’ Lifestyle Brunch begins with a core buffet selection with the Salad & Dessert Ateliers. Whet your appetites with a selection of up to 15 varieties of French cheeses alongside an assortment of homemade viennoiseries. Exclusive HSBC Credit Cards Promotion: 1-for-1 on Lifestyle Brunch, Valid only for base adult brunch package at $68++ . #DFDSP
This is a Sunday brunch with a difference – no conventional buffet lines, pick-and-choose what you enjoy. Here’s how it works at Racines: Diners can mix and match from various food and beverage packages, with greater flexibility in pricing while reducing food wastage. The Racines’ Lifestyle Brunch begins with a core buffet selection at $68++ with the Salad & Dessert Ateliers. Now at 1-for-1 with HSBC Credit Cards. #DFDSP #HSBCDining
A sublime duality of authentic French and traditional Chinese cuisines. Interesting to see what Executive Chef Jean-Charles Dubois and Executive Chinese Chef Andrew Chong served using the same selection of ingredients. Just look at the mains, Scallops ($42++). Slurping capellini which was a perfect cradle for coconut broth in Singaporean Seafood Laksa. Generously topped with Hokkaido scallops, fried rock lobster and onsen tamago. Or be delighted by the Pan-Seared Atlantic Scallops accompanied by a delicious array of salt-baked red beetroot, baby radishes, crispy capers, and glazed Iranian black lemon beurre blanc. P.S: indulge in their 2 or 3 Course Set Lunch Menu (updated on a monthly basis) that is available on Mon to Sat at $30++/$38++ respectively. Comes along with a choice of Nespresso Coffee or TWG Tea. Racines Address: 9 Wallich Street, Level 5, Sofitel Singapore City Centre, Singapore 078885 #rootforracines #sofitelsingaporecitycentre
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Bar-A-Thym Luncheon $38++ Starter: Grilled Cauliflower Velouté, Croutons, Chorizo Chips, Squid Ink Main: Big Ravioles filled with Homemade Ricotta, fresh herbs emulsion and Lemon confit Hazelnuts Dessert: Manjari Petit Pot, Café Anglaise, Cocoa Crumble Add on: “Les Frères Marchands” Cheese Selection ($12) This is one of the best luncheon I ever had in the CBD, especially the raviloes was made to perfection. And the intense flavour of the chocolate pot was to die for! We were super stuffed with satisfaction.
Business Set Lunch 4 Course $45++ Chose the lamb rump for my main course and even though the meat looks raw due to its pinkish colour, it didn't taste anything like that when eaten. The meat was tender and easy to eat as it is boneless. The dish is complete with a bed of mashed potato, roasted cauliflower, long beans, sweet potato and garlic pieces. The garlic can be a bit salty and pungent when eaten alone, it's best to eat it with the meat. Set lunch menu changes occasionally so you may not see the same item on the menu the next time you are here.
The Paris Brest (a Dessert Option in the $38++ Set Lunch Menu) Made in-house, the Paris Brest at Bar-A-Thym is the best I've ever had. While its icing sugar-dusted pastry was all about lightness and a lovely, almond-topped chewy crunch, its filling was luxuriously voluptuous and insanely rich with hazelnut flavour. Granted I may not have consumed that great a number of Paris Brests in my life but it doesn't detract from the sweet pleasure I derived from eating this. So glad I picked it from the four dessert options in the $38++ set lunch menu.
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