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Lunch Deal ($11.90++) Kumamoto Ramen Adapted from http://www.japan-tour.jp/en/kumamoto-ramen/kyushu/kumamoto/ramen/8025 and tasteatlas.com/kumamoto-ramen respectively, 1) Kumamoto ramen is a dish that consists of thick, strong noodles served inside a rich soup made with pork bones. Garlic is a key feature, with garlic chips, as well as garlic oil used in the recipe. 2) The broth is not as oily as the one found in Hakata ramen, making it suitable to those who aren't used to strong-tasting broths. This ramen is also known for the inclusion of fried garlic chips and sesame oil. As usual, I tried the broth first and surprisingly, this broth had barely any flavour compared to the ramen I had at Volcano Kazan. It was less rich with no garlic chips and I am sure, no garlic oil present in the ramen. If there was any garlic used in making this dish I truly could not identify it. The noodles were similarly firm and slightly more springy which I prefer while the egg was slightly more runny and custard-like. However, it was similarly flavourless. My next surprise came when I was trying their char shu (2 slices). It was even tougher than the previous ramen hence I'm quite thankful that it was cut into bite-sized portions. The best item here would be their kakuni (braised pork belly) which had a good ratio of meat to fat, was tender and had a strong, robust flavour. Unfortunately, as the broth was utterly disappointing, I found this to be even less satisfying than the previous ramen. Taste: 5/10 Chijimi (6pcs) 'Korean-style scallion pancakes' All I can say is I think I've had enough surprises from here...It had absolutely no flavour. Felt as though I was eating starch mixed with oil and the occasional hint of vegetable. Strongly do not recommend, you'll probably need all their vinegar to finish this. Taste: 2/10 More pictures at: https://www.instagram.com/p/B4y8MjrHgOm/?igshid=1qnis5mgz0mwk
Nonkotsu Ramen from Ajisen Ramen - everyone slams the ramen there but I kinda like it 🤣 aside from the MSG flavours . . . #throwback #throw🔙 #ajisenramen #ajisenramensg #ramen #拉面 #日本拉面 #bpp #bukitpanjang #bukitpanjangplaza #japanesefood #food #foodstagram #foodies #foodpics #foodporn #foodgasm #foodspotting #instafood #instagood #instagramers #yummy #igdaily #sgeats #sgfood #sgfoodies #eatoutsg #burpple #싱가폴 #新加坡
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Lunch Deal ($12.90++) Karamiso (Spicy miso) Ramen When my bowl arrived, I was really excited as the dish, together with the rest of the restaurant looked very authentic. It even came with the special ramen soup spoon like my previous experience in Ramen Nagi Singapore. Unfortunately, the broth was was not the richest, though relative to the next restaurant I tried was much more flavourful and creamy. The noodles were firm and al dente but would have preferred it to be more springy. I would have preferred my ramen gg (Ajitsuke Tamago) just a tad bit more creamy. Flavourwise, both restaurants I tried failed to deliver as there was hardly any taste in the egg. The sliced char shu here was very lean, but slightly tough. While it was definitely more flavourful than the egg with a hint of sweetness, its flavour was somehow masked by the broth it was in. Also, I felt that more slices could have been given though the single slice (and a half) I had was thicker than usual. My favourite element here would have to be the reddish ball of spicy miso minced meat right at the centre of the bowl. After thoroughly mixing it into the broth though, the spice and meat was diluted to the point that the dish was no longer spicy and lacking in much flavour. Overall, I've tried much better ramen than this and I doubt 'll be coming back for this. Taste: 5.5/10 Cha Shu Salad Their salad came with sliced cabbage, 1 slice of cucumber, bits of corn and of course sliced char shu resting on top 1 cabbage leaf before being topped off with a generous drizzle of goma/roasted sesame dressing. It's kind of like an elevated version of the unlimited helpings of salad offered at a Tonkatsu restaurant. Simple but satisfying, especially if you are a fan of the goma dressing. Taste: 7/10 More pictures at: https://www.instagram.com/p/B4y61glnIqm/?igshid=1ij4jzxbf1k84
A satisfying bowl of ramen, done sukiyaki style I kept craving this sukiyaki ramen ($15++) after the first time I tried it. No, it's not the best ramen I've had but there's just something about it that makes me want to to back and eat it again. Which I'm planning to do again soon, given that it's a limited time offering. What's sukiyaki ramen? It's simply sliced pork (instead of the usual chashu) with an raw egg that you mix in - kind of like how you would eat sukiyaki. The pork is pretty tender, and I love the little slices of slightly caramelised onion in my ramen - eaten together, it kind of reminds me of the pork and ginger dish the Japanese do so well. I can't get enough of the rich and flavourful tonkotsu soup either - it's full of umami goodness without being too 'porky'. Coupled with thin ramen noodles that are smooth yet firm, this really makes for a satisfying bowl of ramen. While this ramen isn't a candidate for my top 5 ramen, it's probably in the top 10 list and pretty good for what I can get near work! I'm already plotting to see when I can get my next dose of sukiyaki ramen.
Kazan Curry 18 dollar for kazan curry here. Its a mixture of rice and noodles. Portion is good enough for 2 people. Pork is chewy and marbled. However the space here is quite crammed.
Jun Wen
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a good bowl of ramen $10.90 for a bowl of Spicy Tonkotsu w/ Tamago. The egg texture and the softness of the Cha Shu just melts in your mouth. SO Ramen is alSO very genrous with the amount of meat.
Grand Tonkotsu Ramen ($13.90++) What is jealousy? Some might simply say that it is an emotion. Others might think it is an uncontrollable philosophy. When one perceives a feeling or a thought that appears to threaten the very fabric of their reality, often times jealousy would come to precede agitation. And that ladies and gentlemen, is how I feel towards my second favourite ramen restaurant only being available in the East and North while my waking desire for a warm bowl of ramen brews with envy for days on end. Sō Ramen prides itself on its affordable bowls of hot piping ramen served with simplicity in mind. Walking in to the restaurant alone presents you with an air of refinement and aptitude while still maintaining a depth of homeliness. From watching the chefs tirelessly cooking up a pot of broth that will then go on to serve hundreds of customers a day, one could truly experience their ramen first-hand from the very beginning. Their Grand Tonkotsu Ramen ($13.90++) is truly a remarkable bowl of ramen, hailing from a pristine silver place in my heart. The tonkotsu broth fused beautifully with their aromatic black garlic sauce, achieving a refined and effervescent soup that is both flavourful and light all at once. What’s even more incredible has to be the generous trifecta of luscious melt in your mouth various pork cuts. The holy trinity features a sublime Toroniku (braised pork cheek), Cha Shu (braised pork belly in cha shu) and my personal favourite, a thick and hearty slab of Buta Kakuni (braised pork belly in special sauce). Don’t even think about leaving the establishment without trying their Mustard Chicken ($3.80), a serving of golden-brown fried chicken drizzled with a playfully tangy vinaigrette and mustard seeds for a mild acidity that helps to cut through any greasy goodness from the chicken.
SO RAMEN The more the merrier!! I believe this is the concept behind the creation of this master piece. There's not 1, not 2 but 3 kinds of truffle in this! There's the puree, oil and slice~ ⚫🍄 The truffle aroma was so strong I could smell it when they serve this. The earthy, fragrant tones of truffle permeate through the rich porky broth. Most of us know and love tonkotsu ramen, and you wont be able to resist the addition of TRUFFLE! Topped with Cha Shu, crunchy cabbage, half a braised egg, and garnished with chilli threads and sliced truffles! The truffle ramen set comes with a Super Yuzu drink which was delicious as well! This promo ends on 30th April!
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Corn Fried Rice 😤Corn fried rice (S$7.90) for dinner at Ramen Kiou. Tasty but kinda salty, i think its fried with soya sauce. There's chopped pieces of chashu in the fried rice. Chashu was salty. At least theres some sweetness from the corn. Also order the gyoza (6pcs S$5.90), it was also salty and it came with soya sauce dip (salty again...). Wont order this again.
“This matcha is made from powder” ・ 📌LiHO & JOY ・ ジュロンポイントの食通天にLiHOとJOYのコラボ店が。 Taste of Autumn $4.9 隣のJapanese Sweet Potato Dreamにしようとしたけど、あるあるのタピオカ切れ😅 抹茶はパウダーからその場で立ててくれてびっくり。 焼き芋はなんと隣の焼き芋屋さんから調達したものをほぐして入れてました。 抹茶は濃い目で焼き芋は素材そのものだから当然お芋本来の自然な甘さ。 手でほぐしてたので形が統一じゃなくて、ストローに入ってこないのもあって最後残っちゃうけど、蓋を開けてストローで掻き出して食べました(笑) 日本の焼き芋はやっぱり美味しい。 他の味も気になるな〜。 #lihosg #liho @lihosg #lihotea #jurongpoint @jurongpoint #boonlay #japanesematcha #japanesesweetpotato #シンガポールグルメ #シンガポール生活 #シンガポール #シンガポール在住 #シンガポール旅行 #シンガポールライフ #シンガポール観光 #singapura #singaporelife #singaporeinsta #igsg #singaporedrink #singaporeinsiders #burpple
🥩: Roast Beef Jyu ($15.90) — After a few months of closure, the Japanese Street at @jurongpoint is back in full force w @njoydininghall helming it all! 🎈 Being a ardent fan of beef, @roman.tei caught my attention amidst a pizza establishment 🍕, a ramen restaurant🍜 and a shop selling healthy bentos specialising in fish 🐠 — 👅 Opted for the roast beef don w no regrets!! Although thin, they were pretty generous w the amount of beef slices and the best part of it all? How tender the slices were. The icing on top of the cake would be the special sauce that is lightly slathered over the slices 🤤🤤 For its price, it came w a small side of chopped-up vegetables, fried garlic, wasabi and miso soup 🥣. — #burpple #instafood #foodstagram #sgfoodie #sgfoodies #sgeats #sgfood #eatmoresg #8dayseat #whati8today #tslmakan #jurongpoint #jurongpointfood #njoydininghall #singaporeinsiders #njoylife #foodkinggood #melmeleatsboonlay
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Spicy Grilled Chicken Rice Bowl😍😋 . Fruitful Saturday morning with NTUSD IM happening. Enjoyed spending time, learning together with fellow dolphins 🐬 /隨筆等下路上有時間再補上喔😉/
Hui Min
Decent & Affordable Ramen Item ordered: seven wonders ramen ($7.90) Food: 4/5 - for people who like light tasting ramen, you’ll enjoy this! Also free flow of taugey! Ambiance: 4/5 Service: 5/5 - friendly staff with quick service :) Overall experience: 4/5 - will visit again!
It's Friyay!! 😍 Wishing all a great weekend ahead! (然而我下週還要繼續考試🤗) . 今早考了第二张期末卷子,考的是語言學。有可能是被某位大一教語言學的先生誤導過,覺得這門課的老司好佛心,授課清楚明瞭,上課內容挺有趣的。而且出的試題也沒有我預期的難。但是靠背的肯定不過關,因為她考的是應用能力。考完之后某位合作過的同學看著我笑了笑,我就隨口說了句「老師挺佛心的耶」。結果她一臉不可思議,我就知道不妙。尷尬地笑了一下就走出考場拿包包。結果她和另一個男生討論起卷子很難,差點寫不完亂寫之類的。他們一致認為這卷子很難,還說了一句「如果大家都覺得很難那就好了。最怕是大家覺得很容易自己覺得很難」。聽到這,我腳步自然加速,溜走了😂 不管怎樣啦,盡力了。考完了就過去嘍。還是很自豪自己把500多張PPTslides 濃縮成7面A4的精華。(考完也必須珍藏😉) #泡在方塊裡的小確幸
Hui Min
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For Affordable Quality Ramen Westies, look out for this hawker ramen joint on Toh Guan Road. Be sure to try their Bonito Chasiew Ramen ($4.50) that sees two big pieces of cha siew stewing in an umami-licious yet clean-tasting and light broth. Also good is the En Signature Kara Miso Ramen ($6) that's generous in portion and rich in flavour. Complete the meal with an egg add-on for fifty cents. Photo by Burppler Xing Wei Chua
Bonito Chashu Ramen (with additional egg) Pretty much a hidden gem within the West; located deep within Jurong East at Toh Guan Food & Drinks Centre along Toh Guan Road at Blk 282A; a short distance away from IMM mall, En Ramen serves up different styles of ramen at pretty affordable prices — all well below $10. While the more popular options would probably be their ramen offerings featuring Miso and Tonkotsu Shoyu broths, the Bonito broth offerings are a pretty option considering how they are not common finds especially at a stall in a coffeeshop. Really enjoyed the umami broth here; clean tasting and light, the broth is rather appetising without the richness of a typical Miso or Tonkotsu broth. Coming with ramen noodles that carries a bite, the ramen also comes with Cha Shu that carries a good meaty bite without the porky stench; pretty delicious and generously sliced. Adding the egg for an extra 50 cents, the egg comes with a molten yolk; no doubt falling a bit short of the more flavourful marinated eggs that some joints serve up, but still pretty on point considering the type of place it is. Given how the entire deal was, En Ramen is a spot we would certainly not mind having in our own neighbourhoods; good quality and wallet-friendly ramen — so much so that it's actually a good eat to have any day (this item is just $4.50 by default without the egg) — certainly somewhere which we would most likely return to especially if in the area.
Xing Wei
Bonito Chashiu Ramen I love their spicy ramen, but don't sleep on their bonito broth! Super affordable at $4.50 with two big pieces of Chashiu, what more could you ask for? Tastes better than some of those ramen chains out there.
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