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Kurobuta Bone-In Pork Chop (SGD $29) @ Rookery. . Served with fresh crunchy mesclun salad (spinach, red radish, cherry tomatoes), and crisp potato curly fries. . The large pork chop has a tender juicy texture, with good smoky savoury salty flavour. . Rather thin though, would have liked a thick cut for a more satisfying bite. . Invited tasting. . . . Rookery More details in profile & blog
Smashed Avocado Toast (SGD $15) @ Rookery. . New brunch item!. . This was better than we expected. . The difference here is they've mixed the mashed avocado with corn kernels, creating a creamy grainy guacamole. . Served over crisp toasted sourdough bread, with bright cherry tomatoes, soft avocado slices, nicely poached eggs, crisp red radish, and sprinkled with crunchy furikake bits. . Has lovely vegetal eggy sweet bready sour flavours. Would order again. . Drop by if you're in the CBD! They also have a good range of drinks for an evening tipple. . Invited tasting courtesy of @rookerysg, @jeremeliang, @msginginly. . . . Rookery More details in profile & blog
Chocolate Lava Cake (SGD $14) @ Rookery. . Served with a rich creamy scoop of French vanilla bean gelato, plated with a mixed berry compote (strawberry and blueberry), and grainy almond crumble. . The dark chocolate lava cake has a moist, warm, soft spongy texture, with bold chocolatey bitter sweet flavour. . However, the filling of chocolate sauce could be more generous, as it barely flows out when cut. Still, a tasty dessert. . Invited tasting. . . . Rookery More details in profile & blog
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Son-in-law Eggs ($7/4 Pieces). •HOSTED TASTING• According to chef, this is one popular dish that people return for. When asked about the reason for the name of this appetizer, chef shared that it’s actually a popular Thai street food and the story goes as a mother served deep-fried eggs to her son-in-law as a reminder/warning to treat her daughter well, or his valuable bits would be in danger. Hard boiled eggs are first cooked with a precise timing such that the yolks are still runny like the ones in soft boiled eggs, and subsequently deep fried till the exterior crisp up, just like those of fried fish balls. Served with Mama’s signature chili jam, star of the dish. Processed over 8 hours, the chili jam is a creation based on sambal, less spicy but sweeter as palm sugar is used, and has a jammy texture. Caters well to those who can’t take spicy stuff, but I would have preferred the actual sambal. Thank you @burpple for the invitation and @mamasoisg for the hosting!
Miss Ha
Grilled BBQ Pork And Pan Seared Fillet Of Fish Pork has a unique taste with their sauce. Fish was good as it is not too dry. Overall is good.
Pork Lovers ($19) •HOSTED TASTING• Are you team sio bak or team lor bak? Get the best of both worlds in this pork belly platter! Deemed as Chef’s personal favourite, savour the Guangzhou style roasted pork belly that has its crispy skin rubbed with Sichuan pepper or the Taiwanese style braised pork belly that’s marinated with coca cola and soy sauce for its sweet caramelic savoriness. Seated near the kitchen, we could already smell the fragrant aroma of the roasted pork belly before it was served. Would have even been better if the pork bellies, both cooking methods, were cooked till tender and not as tough. Served with herb cucumber and greens. Dip in the in-house chili sauce for a complete experience. Thank you @burpple for the invitation and @mamasoisg for the hosting!
Miss Ha
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Love the Tacos Here!!! All the tacos were outstanding. Favourites were the pork belly and fish tacos. Come here at least once to experience mind blowing fusion food :) the drinks were great, very big portion so order wisely
Let's Taco 'Bout It! Chilli Lime Prawn Tacos ($13 for 2) Baja Fish Tacos ($12 for 2) Get 3 for 2 on Tacos Tuesday! Soft tortillas were used for the tacos instead of the hard crunchy tortillas which I prefer. The prawns in the tacos were flash fried and topped with Asian slaw. Though light with good texture, it was lacking in flavour. On the other hand, the fish tacos were a hit favourite. The fish were beer-battered and fried to a crisp brown. Topped with fruit coleslaw and creamy chipotle mayo, it was refreshing with every bite. Extras: Missing in the photo is the Galbi Short Rib tacos ($14 for 2) that tasted like mini-wraps filled with Korean grilled meat and Asian slaw. Small but packed with real flavour.
Korean Pork Belly Urban Tacos Possibly one of the best Burpple Beyond deals around that paired the Korean-inspired Mexican street food with alcoholic beverages, this combo was actually a perfect deal for my own Happy Hour. The Korean Pork Belly (S$17.00 for 3 Tacos) was juicy and complemented with Korean soy paste, ssamjang aioli and two styles of onion — pickled and original. I enjoyed having the pickled onions to give a little sourish touch to the tacos, but because the tortilla were homemade, they turned out to be a little limp, thus unable to hold all the fillings in place especially after a bite of it. Get your plates ready to rescue whichever pork belly that was accidentally ejected. And perhaps I was spoiled by fresh fruit blended Frozen Margaritas from elsewhere, this one here at S$23.00 tasted underwhelming because of the somewhat artificial sweetness, so perhaps not a Margarita next time if I would come back again. #BurppleBeyond
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