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For 1-for-1 Main & Drink (save ~$25) For all things beef, look no further than this hole-in-the-wall in Sunshine Plaza! You're bound to curb your meaty cravings with the wide offerings here – from the umami, perfectly roasted Roast Beef Don ($24 for 150g), to the flavourful Beef Demi Glacé Omurice ($15), featuring tomato fried rice under a silky omelette blanket and tender beef slices with a savoury demi glacé sauce on the side. Photo by Burppler Jonathan Lim Jia Jun
For Good Quality Japanese Food at Sunshine Plaza with 1-for-1 Deal Deli’s Kitchen is a hidden gem located at Sunshine Plaza serving good quality Japanese food. With over 70 items in their menu, we were spoiled for choice! Here's what we tried: Roast Beef Don: Japanese rice topped with layers of thinly sliced beef and garnished with an onsen egg. The beef was roasted to perfection; with every bite I could taste the tenderness. The simple mix of egg and rice enabled the flavours of the beef to shine through (150g - $24++). Beef Demi Glacé Omurice: Fragrant tomato fried rice under a silky omelette blanket and tender beef slices with demi glacé sauce on the side. The dish was bursting with flavourful delight! Everything on the plate was so tasty but the demi glacé sauce was definitely the star for me ($15++). I'd definitely be back to try their other dishes with Burpple Beyond's 1-for-1 deals.
Yummy Skirt Steak Reasonably priced, delicious. Beef was done just nice and flavourful, the gravy went very well with the rice. Salad provided a refreshing contrast and tasted good too. Would come back again for sure. #burpplebeyond
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Featured In 2 Guides
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Salted Egg Fish And Chips ($22). While the salted egg trend is still going strong, the pairing of salted egg with fish (meat, not skin) is not as commonly seen as compared to say, chicken. Hence, since it’s the first dish in Yummo Chow’s salted egg series, I thought it was a good idea to try. A 200g deep fried Dory fish fillet in a house made batter, served with house salad and regular fries. Dipping tartar sauce by the side, while the salted egg sauce poured over the fish fillet. I liked the balance of the salted egg sauce; in terms of spices with evident curry leaved and red chili, creaminess, sweetness, mouthfeel. However, it appeared that the taste of a frozen fish fillet was too strong that it masked the salted egg taste subsequently. Possibly also caused by the inadequate amount of sauce. You can now enjoy 1-for-1 mains at Yummo Chow on #burpplebeyond!
Miss Ha
Chilli Crab Pasta Was worth it with the one for one (otherwise, a bit too expensive). Sauce for the pasta (salmon cream and chilli crab) was not bad. However, the spaghetti were not al dente, a bit too soft for my liking. Overall, still not bad! The cheese fries were good! Very crispy and generous with the cheese. Will recommend to get the fries :)
Chicken Chop ($18, +$3 To Change To Cheese fries) THIS IS CHEESE OVERLOAD BUT I LOVE IT okay la but it gets slightly jerlat after while so maybe if y’all order 2 mains, can just upgrade one to cheese fries and then share the cheese !! Portion of the chicken was slightly small but was executed perfectly. Skin was thin and crispy while the meat was quite tender. Use eatigo at this place !!
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$8++ Truffles fries The worst truffle fries I have ever had. Not sure if they used the same oil for other deep fried foods. It taste a bit weird but I cannot tell what’s wrong with it. Unable to finish this dish as we really cannot stand the taste at all.
Burpple Beyond 1 for 1 at Mr Punch The food quality was horrible. We had to ask them to recook the aglio olio because it was undercooked, the noodles felt too hard to chew. Mushroom Risotto was just some wet japanese rice and nothing else. Truffle fries were cold when served. Reception was horrible, phone can't load, wifi service is only valid for their own staff. Will never go back anymore. #Burpple
Meh at the Discrepancies The good & the bad; Truffle Fries ($8++) were marginally addictive, Chicken Chunks ($10++) were abysmal. I have a HUGE issue with food being served & not matching what's on the menu. These are not shoestring fries. My accompanying mayonnaise with the chicken chunks never appeared (at least the nacho cheese did). & I have doubts on whether tempura flour was actually used for the chicken chunks. I don't eat fried food - the only exception being French Fries & actual tempura battered things. Needless to say I was pretty disappointed on the whole. 💳 Accepts credit cards 🌬 Indoor seats but it's really warm as the ground floor museum door is left open 🖥 Accepts reservations - I used Chope 🍽 Burpple Beyond partner - but only for mains/pasta 🚫 No free WiFi 💦 Water is not chargeable
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For 1-for-1 Main Dish (save ~$15) This bar along Prinsep Street opens till 3 am – perfect for midnight supper runs if you're hanging out late around Dhoby Ghaut! Take Burppler Ade Tan's lead and order up the crispy and generously coated Salted Egg Popcorn Chicken ($12), alongside the sinfully delicious Mentaiko Fries ($10). Photo by Burppler Ade Tan
Salted Egg Popcorn Chicken ($12), Mentaiko Fries ($10), Truffle Fries ($10), Spam Fries ($8) Yum yum yum! 😋😋 Listed in descending order of derived enjoyment, the salted egg popcorn chicken was so so good?? Crispy bite-sized chicken chunks that were generously coated with salted egg, and can I just say their salted egg is so legit it comes with the leaf and the flavour is just so on point 🤤🤤 Mentaiko Fries was also a sinful beauty, with thin cut fries doused in mentaiko sauce, one plate simply wasn’t enough! Spam fries and truffle fries (or more like fries with chili sauce) were alright and decent to fight off those midnight hunger pangs. Get $5 off if you order through eatsy with a minimum spend of $50 (suggest you order double mentaiko instead of double truffle), and also 1-for-1 drinks with entertainer or 1-for-1 main dish with Burpple! 😋😋
You Have Been Warned During a Saturday dinner time, I went to Smoobar and told them that I was going to use the Burpple Beyond app. Their staff mentioned that I could use it on their mains and we proceeded to sit at the outdoor seats although we requested for indoors, as they mentioned that the indoor seats are meant for table for 4 (we only had 2 people). After we sat down, they immediately ask us to redeem from the app, although we have yet to order our food. I then proceeded to redeem immediately as requested, but they took my phone into the shop as they wanted to register the code and mentioned that it will be quick. I was uncomfortable having my phone taken away from me as there are private and personal information stored in it. When they return with my phone, they informed me that pancakes and waffles was unavailable, and that I could only order the pizzas and pastas. The only thing I wanted to eat was pancakes and waffles but now I had to settle for pizza and pastas. Why did they only mention this when the deal was redeemed? With little choice since I had already redeemed the deal, I had to settle with the little variety of pizzas and pastas they had. When I was ready to order, they told me that I had to order through another app called Eatsy, and there will be no service charge. To confirm, I asked them ‘oh, so if I order through Eatsy there will be no service charge? But if I order through you, there will be service charge?’ They then told me that if I order through Eatsy, there will be the service charge of 10%, but if I order through them, there will be DOUBLE service charge. ??????????? In the end, they didn’t charge me double service charge although I did order through them and told them that I was using burpple. PS: The bakwa carbonara has no bakwa. It is just ham carbonara. Ham and bakwa are 2 different things. PSS: Had they told me that waffles and pancakes were not available, I would not have sat down. PSSS: The food and service is actually passable, just that things should not unfold in this manner. You have been warn. Ask the right questions before you redeem.
I Tell The Truth
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