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Belly Roll Mee Siam ($15 +10% Svc) I don't normally go for pork belly (I like fats in my meat to be more evenly spread out), but this is an interesting take on it, with mee siam in the middle and mee siam gravy. Pork was fork tender and skin was perfect and crackling. You can easily scrape off the layer of fat if it gets too jelak. The accompanying kimchi was quite tasteless tho, would have preferred something more tangy, perhaps achar or pickles. You get 1-for-1 on this with #burpplebeyond, and you can even top up $3 for a drink and a small side. . 💡 : babasan has taken over the old boat q Fu Lin YTF location
Glad It’s Back! We ordered two appetisers and four main dishes for dinner as a family of five. All the dishes were very unique, boasting savoury flavours that are manifested from a creative choice and fusion of ingredients. We really the Macbabasan and Yuzu Ochazuke 😍 Their conner’s stout and Kronenbourg Blanc beer was very enjoyable too. The beer had a fruity and sweet smell and taste with a mild beer aftertaste, while the stout had a very strong malt fragrance. Will definitely be back for more! 🤗
Yuzu Ochazuke ($24) This rice in soup dish is the first one I’ve had in this style and boy did it impress! Perfect harmonious blend of flavours and fresh (and generous) serving of ingredients. Yuzu wasn’t too overpowering. Thumbs up. Babasan is a place that’s great for groups and they also have really good prices/deals on alcohol. Highly recommend checking it out!
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Featured In 1 Guide
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