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Healthy Warm Salad Bowls At Affordable Pricing I ordered 2 servings of honey soy, 1 serving of aglio olio fusilli, 2 servings of mushrooms, 1 serving of brussel sprouts, 1 serving of honey almonds and 1 pistachio delight as my sauce. This was all done using their online portal and I paid $4.90 after their 15% discount for online orders. I really liked the pistachio sauce as it had a nutty fragrance along with a strong garlicky punch to it. The amount was just nice too as I had a late breakfast and I couldn't eat too much for lunch. A standard warm salad bowl would've been too much for me to finish. Would definitely recommend!
Excellent Value For Money In CBD Away with standardised salad/grain bowls in CBD area. YOBO offers pay per portion concept, with bonus add on macros nutrition information. Excellent for girls as there won’t be food wastage due to those standard sized salad/grain bowls. You can have a bowl of 400 kcal (recommended kcal for me) for approximately $7! All items, including sauces are made in house! Would recommend: broccoli purée!
For Delicious Build-Your-Own-Bowls in the CBD Make note of this spot on Cecil Street for quick, customisable lunches. Their Small bowls ($8.90, or 1-for-1 with #BurppleBeyond) includes a base, protein, three sides, one topping and sauce of your choice. Keep it healthy with Japanese brown rice as your base, and tender chicken breast for protein. Burppler Zac Lee recommends adding on their creamy and smooth broccoli purée for an extra fifty cents, while Burppler Gan Zhang Xun suggests topping it off with their kale chips for an earthy bitterness. Photo by Burppler Gan Zhang Xun
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Featured In 1 Guide
Box Of 6 Macarons ($20) The macarons here are of unique flavours and aren’t too sweet too. They’re always good to have when needing a sweet treat after a long day 😌 I got salted egg with curry, Thai tea, dark chocolate, pistachio, white chocolate lychee and salted caramel.
My secret indulgent food is dessert. Well, maybe not really a secret since half the time I’m posting about sweets. Arrays of these beautiful macarons that are just begging to eat, greet us when we push open the door to @the_m_plot. But big macarons caught our attention with flavours like Raspberry Lychee Rose & Chocolate Hazelnut Praline. The light floral fragrance from rose and lychee infused ganache complements the tangy raspberries! Raspberry Lychee Rose was a harmonious marriage of decadent flavour but Chocolate Hazelnut Praline was pretty well-balanced too. P.S: we managed to save with #burpplebeyond. Two big macarons along with two pot of hot tea at $13.50, it’s a super great deal! Check out my previous post to join in the giveaway for Burpple Beyond annual membership~ The M Plot Address: 9 King Albert Park, Unit 01-05 KAP, Singapore 598332 #Th_M_Plot #bigmacaron
Huge Macarons And Tea (1 For 1) Used the beyond deal for these macarons. A little too sweet but I guess that's how macarons are supposed to be. Ordered the raspberry lychee rose and chocolate pralines. Cost about $8.50 each. The raspberry macaron is more pleasing to me with a balance from the sweetness of raspberry and fragrance of lychee. Nice ambience to spend your weekends at.
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SUPER! SALTY! FUDZ! No doubt the food here looks really healthy and aesthetic, but that’s also how it threw me off guard when I had my first bite. I don’t exactly understand the dynamics of the ingredients here. For my dish, the soba and avocado wasn’t seasoned at all but the sautéed mushrooms and grilled pumpkin were extremely salty! Maybe they’re trying to balance out the flavours? I’m not sure. The pineapple salsa prawns were pretty salty but not as bad as the mushrooms!! I honestly think they sprinkled salt on the mushrooms before serving. The dory fish was the SALTIEST among them all! It left us feeling extremely thirsty after finishing the meal. Also, it took them about half an hour to serve our food so be prepared to wait for a while after you place your order! Overall a less-than-ideal experience but they recently just opened their doors and I believe they have a lot of potential and room for improvement! Taste: 4/10 Presentation: 7.5/10 Ambience: 7.5/10
Herb Crusted Dory SGD10.90 Love the crusty and crispy bits that covered the dory. Serving was generous. The tinge of garlic seasoning on the potato wedges was a pleasant surprise. Recommended.
Smoked Salmon Bowl $12.90 Good Bites which is just opened recently, serve delicious food 🤤, very healthy and yummy, even kids also can eat and it's a good place to chill for a good weekend brunch. 🤗⠀ ⠀ If you love cafe hopping, keto diet (the in thing now), kids friendly meal places without hurting your pocket, 𝒀𝑶𝑼 𝑺𝑯𝑶𝑼𝑳𝑫 check this out. Read for more review and pricing! Honestly there are so many yummy dishes to try, and with my limited space tummy for my growing baby girl, I could only try a few. So sad.. . 🙁 Check out my blog missyqiqi(dot)com, and see what I ate! ⠀ ⠀
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