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Box Of 6 Macarons ($20) The macarons here are of unique flavours and aren鈥檛 too sweet too. They鈥檙e always good to have when needing a sweet treat after a long day 馃槍 I got salted egg with curry, Thai tea, dark chocolate, pistachio, white chocolate lychee and salted caramel.
My secret indulgent food is dessert. Well, maybe not really a secret since half the time I鈥檓 posting about sweets. Arrays of these beautiful macarons that are just begging to eat, greet us when we push open the door to @the_m_plot. But big macarons caught our attention with flavours like Raspberry Lychee Rose & Chocolate Hazelnut Praline. The light floral fragrance from rose and lychee infused ganache complements the tangy raspberries! Raspberry Lychee Rose was a harmonious marriage of decadent flavour but Chocolate Hazelnut Praline was pretty well-balanced too. P.S: we managed to save with #burpplebeyond. Two big macarons along with two pot of hot tea at $13.50, it鈥檚 a super great deal! Check out my previous post to join in the giveaway for Burpple Beyond annual membership~ The M Plot Address: 9 King Albert Park, Unit 01-05 KAP, Singapore 598332 #Th_M_Plot #bigmacaron
Huge Macarons And Tea (1 For 1) Used the beyond deal for these macarons. A little too sweet but I guess that's how macarons are supposed to be. Ordered the raspberry lychee rose and chocolate pralines. Cost about $8.50 each. The raspberry macaron is more pleasing to me with a balance from the sweetness of raspberry and fragrance of lychee. Nice ambience to spend your weekends at.
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Seafood Roll 1 For 1 The seafood roll costs $23/roll. Add $2 for mentaiko topping. Can add $6 for a set meal which includes a seafood soup and their signature garlic Parmesan fries (which was very salty..) I honestly think the food was not bad, and the portions were fair, you could taste chunks of lobster. The buns were very well buttered, and crispy - which was great.. Very expensive even with burpple 1 for 1. Food: 3/5 Price: 2+/5 Ambience: 3/5 Not worth a visit.
We'd Be Back! Such a good deal! Ordered the seafood roll with chilli crab sauce for one and mentaiko sauce for the other. The bread was well toaster and though we only reached home close to an hour later, the bread didnt turn soggy from the chilli crab sauce. My husband personally preferred the mentaiko sauce. I love both!!
Seafood Roll It鈥檚 not often that I come across a lobster roll that is good and affordable. Lobsters and Ice Cream is such a place, especially with Burpple Beyond鈥檚 one-for-one deal:) We ordered Seafood Roll ($23), which is half crab and half lobster. There are many flavours to choose from and we settled for Maine-Style (butter, lemon, mayo) and SG Chilli Crab Sauce. The toasted buns are the softest golden pillows ever and the crab and the lobster filling is quite substantial and chunky. I like that the maine sauce is not overpowered by the mayo and remain light and tasty. The chilli crab sauce is not too sweet as well. Special mention to the fries ($5) which we ordered on the side to share - not only is it refillable, it actually comes with 3 different sauces and the cream of mushroom sauce is good! I wasn鈥檛 expecting such quality for a lobster roll this affordable and I鈥檓 very pleased with what they delivered:)!
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