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French waffles with double scoops ($13.60). 1-for-1 with #burpplebeyond! Each visit to @tomspalettesg reminds me of the university days when @ntudac occasionally hang out at the cozy shop and I enjoyed myself each time with their quirky ice cream flavours. There’s probably no other ice cream parlour as bold in flavour creation as them. Apple pie and rum and raisin have always been my comfort flavours. Though I stuck to rum and raisin which was still as consistent over the years, I decided to give their pistachio a try. Not overly nutty, but lusciously rich and creamy. The boy had hazelnut latte and peanut butter brownie. Coffee lovers would surely be delighted by the hazelnut latte. The intense roasted note well complemented by the hint of nuttiness, as if sipping from a cup of hazelnut latte itself. We didn’t quite like the peanut butter brownie on the other hand, somehow tasted like a moon cake with egg yolk. Each set comes with 2 slices of waffles, a small jar of honey and strawberry sauce. Thanks to #burpplebeyond, 2 sets of waffles with double scoops only at the price of 1! Join me by signing up for a 20% off all-day Burpple Beyond membership and access 1-for-1 deals at over 400 curated restaurants! Simply use my invite link: https://burpple.com/invite/MISS580
Miss Ha
For 1-for-1 4oz Cup (save ~$5) Trust this 15-year Shaw Tower resident for some of the tastiest gelato around. You're in for a treat with the wacky and unapologetic flavours here, like the White Chocolate Nori ($3.60) – think nori (Japanese seaweed) infused into a creamy milk based ice cream with white chocolate-coated almond chunks tossed in. The Parmesan Cheese ($3.60), made with parmigiano reggiano and cream crackers, is another fun flavour to try. Photo by Burppler D & N
New Diary Free Flavor - Pulut Hitam with Mango (a coconut and black glutinous rice base swirled with mango sauce) & White Chocolate Nori (all time Fav!!!) 😋 Surprised to really enjoy the Pulut hitam as I initially thought the combination was really weird. The mango blends in well with the thick texture and richness of the black glutinous. Typically love all the diary flavors they come up with like Kinako, Soy bean etc and this is no exception!! Ceylon tea (also diary free) is good too! Quite saddened to hear that the building will be torn down mid of next year and there are no plans yet to relocate at the moment. Devastating news in fact. Tom’s palette has been around for 15 years, taking us on so many innovative and adventurous ice cream journeys one can only dream of. Where will you ever find bold ice cream flavors like Pi Pa Gao, Rojak, Lei ca (Thunder tea rice), Tau Cheong Rocky Road, Chee Cheong Fun 😢
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Inside Scoop
Hojicha Soft Serve Went to grab a dessert with some friends during the eve of Mother’s Day and unfortunately, Burpple Beyond cannot be used on Mother’s Day as it is considered a PH!? So do take note of special occassion like this. Despite that, each of us ordered some drinks: Cafe Latte ($5), Affogato ($5.90), Nutella Latte ($6). Affogato is really good but dun order the nutella latte as you cannot really taste the nutella. The cafe does offer free water but we just need our daily dose of caffeine. Hojicha Soft Serve ($9.50): not too sweet and tatse of hojicha is defined which is what we like. Order this if you are a fan of Hojicha👌🏼. Food: 6.5/10 Ambience: 7/10 Total Damage: $10/pax
Yuan Yang w/ Double Scoops Ice Cream Ice cream chosen: Sea Salt Caramel & Earl Grey Not sure why the earl grey ice cream melted so fast compared to sea salt caramel. It was already melting when served. Overall, tastes decent! Waffle: Yuan Yang A combination of original and charcoal. The waffle has crispy edges and doesn’t have alkaline aftertaste. Customize: Yuan Yang Waffle (S$8) Normal Ice Cream (S$3.50/scoop) Total: S$15
Yan Fang
Charcoal Waffle w/ Double Scoops Ice Cream Ice cream chosen: Sea Salt Caramel & Korean Strawberry Both tastes good, but personally prefer the Korean Strawberry which is refreshing to the tastebuds. Waffle: Charcoal Waffle with crispy edges, not much of alkaline aftertaste. Customize: Charcoal Waffle (S$8) Normal Ice Cream (S$3.50/scoop) Total: S$15
Yan Fang
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Just thinking about the Popping Root Beer Float ice cream that I had five locks ago at Creamier (@creamier_sg). The flavour - comprising root beer sorbet, French cream and popping candy - was created in tribute and farewell to Creamier's iconic Toa Payoh outlet, which closes its doors for good on 30 June 2019.
Great Burpple Beyond Deal One of my fav deals on Burpple Beyond is with Creamier $10 for two waffles set?! And the waffles are as good as always
Our third visit to creamier at gillman barracks! It was also the first time I have had such a MESSY experience eating ice cream. Firstly, the queue at gillman barracks was soooo long on a sat aftn, so we didn't dare to take too long trying the flavours. I went with my top favourites pistachio and summer berry (I tried the white rabbit and sea salt Gula melaka too but didn't quite like it coz too milky for the first one and too strong for the second), while he went with his rum&raisin and acai banana sorbet. The moment the ice cream were served, the ice cream already gave its first sign of melting (while still in the airconditioned room), the moment we stepped out into the hot sun, the ice cream started melting EVERYWHERE within like 30 secs (this photo was snapped in less than 5 secs)! And I mean everywhere - all over the cone to the paper holder, to the paper towels, to my fingers (all 10 of them), to the table, and to my leg and the floor (through the gaps in the table). I felt as though we were having a speed-eating ice crram competition 😂 and we couldn't help each other because both of our cones were melting at an equally fast speed. Plus... My 2 ice cream scoops toppled!!! 😅 (I always had the fear that ice cream will topple for double scoops.. and yes, it does happen!) Thank goodness my other palm caught them in time - lol and that explains why 10 of my fingers were all dirtied. The next time we eat, we shall get the waffle! An observation of ppl around us, everyone was either having cup or waffle. Only us two funny ppl were eating and having trouble with our cones 🙈 yay to one for one with burpplebeyond (pay $6.80+ $1 for each premium flavour! Pay 2 premium flavours and get 2 premium flavours free! The most worth it one, because other places u will need to pay for 4 premium flavours even with the one for one) #burpple #burpplesg #burpplebeyondsg #burpplebeyond #creamier
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