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For 1-for-1 Buffet (save ~$30) Your next weekend fam lunch should look a lot like this: Value-for-money Korean-fusion BBQ with over 50 items, including 13 (!) different flavours of pork belly. Photo by Burppler Jean W
For a Korean BBQ Buffet Lunch with the Fam Located along Dunlop Street, this cosy, value-for-money Korean-fusion joint makes a great spot for lunch with the fam. Young and old are bound to appreciate the BBQ Buffet ($30 per pax), which features over 50 items from tteokpokki (rice cakes) to meats. Take Burppler Ivan Teh's lead and go for the 13 different types of marinated pork belly, his favourites being the refreshing Herb and the locally-flavoured Lychee. Don't miss out on the fluffy made-to-order waffles as well! Photo by Burppler Iris Lim
Reserved Thoughts On Korea BBQ A Local Taste Was finding a Korean bbq place for a family treat and found this hyper bbq hideout on the web that was popular among singaporean but also recommended by various food blogs ( media interview) and also sold out reservations in most of the weekends. The review and its facebook page share of its famous variety of flavoured pork ;beef and chicken with pork having the largest selection of flavours ranging from lychee to curry taste. Despite the word 鈥渇usion鈥 is used in this bbq place which also serve steamboat at its ground floor situated in 2 storey shophouse where bbq is on 2nd floor. The food in my opinion has failed to meet a minimal satisfaction in term even the prices are the same as those major Korean bbq food franchises. The store has a 4 yrs history. In summary here are the honest info in my opinion for foodies as references : Pros: 1. There is no time limit for the bbq meaning you can eat from lunch to dinner but if you intend to do so then you have to be prepared to pay for dinner price then. We book at 3 pm but finished at 5pm. 2. The staffs are attentive enough to address to our needs and even help us to change table and provide us fresh utensils when they want us to move to give up table for larger crowd. 3. Waffles are something new which the staff will make as first order for you which took 10 minutes. 4. So far meat marinating has no msg especially gong pao chicken which proofs that. So is the pork collar meat which was the only better choice of variety for the meat. 5. They used Teflon sheet on hot plate which I think is good and innovative as it doesn鈥檛 burn the food that easily and is easy to replace rather than constant changing of the hot plate and is speedy. Cons: 1. Most marinating of meat are either bland or overpowering like lychee pork belly which simply taste like sugar syrup and wonder why most food blog stated it has strong lychee taste. Turn out another table guest actually asked for waiter for the same enquiry and it was answered as lychee is sweet that鈥檚 all - u to decide. 2. Houseflies - despite within an aircon room ; our food was constantly visited by houseflies and since the food station is also open concept thus it becomes a concern. 3. Lack of varieties as it deem as fusion ; is more like given same common cut but marinated in different sauces and lack what Korean bbq should have in term of meat cut like beef short ribs. 4.Seafood disappointment on the bamboo clams are huge discount despite I think good intention for owner to supply high end seafood but it failed badly simply the bamboo clams are filled with sand when chew on ; we have to discard whole lot. 5. The air vent to suck in all oily fumes produced by bbq are almost powerless and despite we asked if it can turned up ; we will instead told is due to aircon facing us; after moving to next table ; the fumes suction didn鈥檛 seems to improve and we ended overwhelmed from head to our bags with bbq Smokey and oily smell. Additionally no storage of bags to avoid that smell neither. 6. The topping up may seem slow which was assume that is cross over from lunch to dinner as a few items we have requested was not ready except when we are done and dinner time started. 7. Parking is inconvenient since is situated along Dunlop Street but is near to Jalan Besar mrt if you want to come visit.鈥 Overall ; suitable for those who wants cheap and endless fill of meats without breaking your bank and no time limit and hope the owner can improve on those above mentioned points after seeing my post which I believe will make this bbq place a worthy place again for Long lasting returning customers-every customers walked out seems unsatisfactory and were commenting or complaining in someway since we sat near the cashiers. Prices and time are available at their fb page.
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MUST READ - Great Food But Very Schemy Went because of Burpple, 1 for 1 and because we live Wagyu so we went for the premium On their website the price of their buffet ranges from 40+ with premium at 64.9++ but as soon as they found out we ereee using burple they wouldn't allow the price that everyone else pays normally, instead it was $180 per person after ++ so we ended up paying 90 per person WHICH IS A TOTAL SCAM because it would have been cheaper without Burpple which was 64++ without the Burpple. Food was great but trust me if you read enough reviews you'll realise they are very dodgy and scammy. Another example is the premium was so much more expensive because it's more variety of wagyu AND you get free flow Ben and Jerry's ice cream which is not obvious and I looked everywhere on their menu and couldn't find it. I only knew because I read a review online, otherwise they would have gotten away with us having no free flow ice cream because they never told us, they purposely hide that info from you. Just because they're unethical and dishonest I wouldn't come back here again. Disappointed that you pay for burpple for such a terrible deal. Shame on burpple for allowing this also
A5 Wagyu Yummy affordable high grade wagyu. Would have been better if it was charcoal grill
Good Food But.... Made a reservation via Chope and visited the restaurant on a Sat evening. Had decided on this restaurant as they had a promo on Burpple Beyond. Upon informing that we are going to use Burpple Beyond at the counter, the manager quoted us the price for premium buffet straight (which is more expensive with wagyu beef) which was $170-180. If I had not done some research beforehand and know that there is also a deluxe buffet (which is cheaper with no wagyu beef), I may be 鈥榝orced鈥 to choose the more expensive option since I wasn鈥檛 informed of the cheaper option? Only when clarifying further on their buffet options (deluxe/premium), (the manager seems reluntant to share on the deluxe buffet) did the manager then informed bluntly that the deluxe buffet doesn鈥檛 come with wagyu beef. (My Friend and I do not take beef so the premium buffet is not worth it for us too) I thought the food is not bad (my Friend did not like the food here though) and would appreciate if the staff can inform customers of all their available options and not just push the more expensive option in their restaurant. We ended up paying around $90 for 2.
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Beef and Uni ($25 each). This more than just Blackmore striploin crowned with creamy bafun uni. Hidden within is shiso leaf, which in my opinion is the most clever ingredient in this dish that gave a herbaceous dimension to this indulgent dish of beef fats and rich uni cream. 馃敻 And @hotarulily cracked the code - she paired this with the cocktail "The Fringe". I'll have to do this again, thanks to @jillyeats for arranging this meal and @l_e_o_n_a__ for the treat 馃構 馃敻馃敻馃敻 #foodphotography #burntends #fujixh1 #exploresingapore #burpple #singaporeinsiders #foodiegram #sgfood #foodsg #instasg #foodstagram #instafood #instafood_sg #hungrygowhere #cafesg #foodgasm #sgfoodblogger #vscofood #sgig #cafehoppingsg #stfoodtrending #worlds50best #jiaklocal #tapas #barfood #sgclub #blackmore #uni #銇嗐伀 #bafununi
Steak Frites One star Michelin restaurant has lived up to its expectations. With each of their staff taking pride in what they are serving and chefs dedicating their passion to perfecting each dishes. The Steak Frites had a nice golden crisp to it contrasting with the fresh beef tartare atop it. While their Blackmore鈥檚 Cube Roll beef was well marbled and well seasoned on the exterior while retaining the original flavors of the beef on the interior. On a surprising note, their Burnt Ends Sanger was praise worthy too for the chunky pulled pork and well blended flavors of the coleslaw that was refreshing with a piquant note to it.
Steak Frites ($35 each). This restaurant ranked Number 10 on Asia's Best 50 surely didn't disappoint. $35 of this off-menu item gets you an osgamic mouthful of raw steak tartare, crispy fried potatoes, and sufficient caviar. 馃敻 But being one of Singapore's best restaurants also mean that there are many other items on this menu that were really good, and it's difficult to go wrong regardless of what you order. So unless you've already tried everything else on the menu, or if you really have lots of stomach space, go for other dishes that are much cheaper than this as they're equally good as well. 馃敻馃敻 #foodphotography #burntends #fujixt3 #exploresingapore #burpple #singaporeinsiders #eatoutsg #foodiegram #sgfood #foodsg #instasg #foodstagram #instafood #instafood_sg #hungrygowhere #cafesg #foodgasm #sgfoodblogger #vscofood #sgig #cafehoppingsg #stfoodtrending #worlds50best #jiaklocal #caviar #tapas #steaktartare #barfood #sgclub #frites
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Chicken Chop With Garlic Chilli Sauce Ever-reliable stall by ex-Shangri-La chef. Still not very busy despite being better than many ah beng Western hawkers and hipster Western hawkers. Chicken is big and juicy while sauce is interesting. I still prefer their previous type of fries but their corn is excellently buttered. I'll take Western food stalls that decide my sides over those that make me choose any day.
Thiam Peng
Mouth watering steaks @$16.90 each with 8 types of sauces to choose from! We went for Rib Eye (200gm) with Mushroom sauce & Rib Eye (200gm) with Garlic Merlot Butter 馃構 Steak was juicy & the mushroom sauce was rich 馃槝 Garlic Merlot sauce was fragrant & I really enjoyed the super buttery feel but wished the presence of merlot was stronger 馃槢 The curly fries was very good & crispy 馃憤馃徎 Overall a western stall in neighborhood coffeeshop that offers a super variety of choices! 馃嵈 #burpple
Ribeye Steak with Garlic Merlot Butter Saw a few posting this online and after seeing the words "butter" and "garlic" I knew I had to make a visit 鈥 after all, which coffeeshop stall serves their steak with a knob of butter like them? The cut of the ribeye steak wasn't the best, but it's notable how they have done it to medium-rare as specified with a pinkish interior and maintained juiciness with the meat. The sides don't look like much, but they were pretty decent overall; fries were crisp and the nibs of corn were actually subtly sweet and the coleslaw was alright 鈥 no choices of sides here for the sides are already preset. The Garlic Merlot Butter was indeed da bomb here tho 鈥 sinfully buttery yet carrying a pungent garlicky flavour for there were chunks of garlic within (which I love!); slather the butter above the various parts of the meat or just simply wait for it to melted enjoy with the steak to get the full-on flavour 鈥 kinda artery-clogging but totally worth it.
Xing Wei
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Grilled Chicken ($19) Served with mashed potatoes, cuts of yellow melon/cucumber cubes and broccoli, topped with a tomato, the chicken thigh was well-marinated and glazed with vinaigrette-based sauce. The chicken thigh was slightly dry and less fresh; it tasted like breast meat somehow, probably overcooked. Good ambience with nice background music but not good food. ):
BBQ Buffet ($68) As night falls, enjoy a feast of barbeque buffet under the starry starry sky with highlights such as Australian Lamb Rack and NZ Angus Steak from the meat section, Cajun-spiced Prawns, Tumeric-laced Squid and Grilled Mackerel in Banana Leaf from the seafood section. There is also a salad section for you to create your bowl of greens and you can pimp your salad with the bbq meat and seafood! And finish your hot sizzling meal with endless supply of mini Magnums. 馃槏 FYI: The barbecue buffet dinner is on Friday & Saturday from 6:30 PM to 10:30 PM at $68++ per adult and $34++ per child.
Love barbecued food but hate the preparation/grilling like me? - Cocobolo Poolside Bar + Grill at Park Hotel Clarke Quay might just be the best, fuss-free option to satisfy your BBQ cravings. - Indulge in a sumptuous BBQ buffet featuring premium meats like Australian Rack of Lamb (pictured above), N.Z. Angus Steak and U.S. Baby Back Ribs, alongside grilled seafood, array of appetizers and sweet treats. - My favourites gotta be the lamb rack, baby back ribs, tiger prawns, squid and grilled pineapple! I like how the meats/seafood are grilled a la minute and that you can actually request your meats to be grilled to your preferred level of doneness. And those sexy grill lines on the meats make them look exceptionally inviting. Haha! - What's more, dining by the pool means there might be bikini babes/hunks with chiseled abs to look at! Feast for the eyes (and tummy)! hahaha. In case you are wondering, nope, we didn't get to see any eye candy that day. Boo. Then again, who knows you might be lucky? - Cocobolo Poolside Bar+Grill Weekend BBQ Buffet Dinner Every Friday to Sunday 6:30PM to 10:30PM $57++ per adult* $28.50++ per child (6-12 years old) *Price includes a glass of draft beer
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Newly opened at Tanjong Pagar Road, there鈥檚 a fuss free wagyu yakiniku restaurant that imports their own white charcoal and cattle to give a special flavour to their wagyu. We have had 4 selections of A4 wagyu cuts and we absolutely fall in love with the prime short rib that had even marbling of fats. 30 seconds of cooking on each side was enough to let the juices flow with every bite. If you鈥檙e on a budget, you could opt for A4 wagyu sukiyaki that was also very juicy. It鈥檚 best dipped in the sukiyaki and lava egg sauce for the silky bliss in the mouth. ~ Thanks Ting Feng for hosting and @lkzx for inviting! 鈥 Wagyu Moriawase (160 grams, 4 kinds of A4 wagyu) SGD38.00 Wagyu Sukiyaki (6 slices) SGD20.00 Hokkaido Buta Moro (200 grams) SGD24.00
Wagyu Sukiyaki done Yakiniku style? We are usually used to having sukiyaki in a hotpot, so this Wagyu Sukiyaki from the one month old @WagyuExpress.SG is quite different in the sense the Hokkaido Wagyu Beef is first lightly grilled, before we dipped it into the usual egg sauce. Love the flavourful and tender beef slices here, at fairly reasonable prices in a fuss-free dining setting. The restaurant is managed by the same team behind Aburiya and is located along the buzzing Tanjong Pagar Road.
@wagyuexpress.sg ,a Budget Yakiniku restaurant located at Tanjong Pagar, served special Wagyu that grilled on bincho (white charcoal) to give a smoky flavour to the meat. . Feature Wagyu Sukiyaki. 6 Thin Sliced A4 Wagyu Top Side with original spicy Sukiyaki sauce and Lava egg. 馃挵$20. 馃搷Wagyu Express Singapore. 108 Tanjong Pagar Road.
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Crab Kimchi Mungbean Pancake $15 Was thinking more of a hearty greasy korean pancake when we placed the order, but turned out to be a few confusing cardboard pieces made stranger with balsamic vinegarish sauce heh. Whatever crab on top was yummy though.
Crouching Tiger Roll $22 Prawn tempura maki with mentai mayonnaise. And fluffed up with cookied prawns, caviar-lookalike, tempura batter bits and some other yummy unidentifable stuff. A feast for the eyes as well as the tastebuds, if you'd ignore that hefty pricetag. Definitely my favourite dish of the day.
Salmon Belly Sushi. What you'll see on Chi Kinjo's menu is only the tip of the ice burg. Chef Lamley and Chef Ace have been experimenting several new items daily, and I've the good fortune to try some of their off-menu specials that showcased their skills and creativity. 馃敻 Chi Kinjo is the first outlet under Coterie Concepts group that has food as its focus, although the group has been famous for their bars 鈥 Sum Yi Tai, Mona Lounge, and Eliza Cocktail Bar. 馃敻 Pictured is salmon belly sushi with crispy salmon skin, nori cheese, and mustard frilld. Maybe we will see it on the menu soon? 馃敻 Taken during R&D #chikinjo #foodphotography #fujifilm #burpple #steaksg #sgfoodies #sgfood #foodsg #instasg #foodstagram #instafood #instafood_sg #f52grams #hungrygowhere #cafesg #sgfoodblogger #vscofood #sgig #cafehoppingsg #eeeeeats #burpplesg #jerusalemartichoke #worldgourmetsummit #鍜岀墰 #steak #wagyu #cbdeats #sglunch #garlicchives
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