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Beef Short Rib (Twice Cooked) ($29) •HOSTED TASTING• On first look when it was served, I thought the beef short rib looked like a block of steamed fish with shredded ginger. Apparently, preparing this dish is no easy feat. The New Zealand short rib is first marinated in coconut milk and kecap manis for 2 days before slow cooking it for 12 hours. This results in its tenderness such that the meat can be pulled off easily, except that it was rather gamey. Finishing off the dish with a som tam, shaved papaya herb salad, and Thai basil. However, the green papaya seemed to be overcooked, lacking crunchiness and freshness. Thank you @burpple for the invitation and @mamasoisg for the hosting!
Miss Ha
Wok Fried Salt Pepper Squid ($19). •HOSTED TASTING• The salt and pepper feels like a typical Taiwanese street snack combination, but addition of sliced chili and squid ink gives the dish a different fusion identity instead of just value-adding aesthetically. Coated in a crispy tapioca flour batter and tossed lightly in salt and pepper are reasons for addiction to squid chewing. Perfect to pair with a mug of 🍺. Thanks @burpple for inviting and @mamasoisg for hosting!
Miss Ha
Pork Lovers The pork lovers ($19) is a mixture of braised and crispy pork. The braised pork belly is Taiwanese style marinated with Coca Cola for a slight sweetness. The crispy pork belly was cooked Guangzhou style. They were both tender and flavourful. I would think they’re good but they don’t exactly stand out.
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