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Single Scoop ($5) Two scoops of ice cream for merely $5 to enjoy with water provided in a cosy little place! Definitely do try out the flavours before committing your scoop cause some are pretty hit and miss?? Their #1 bestseller salted butterscotch was a little icy, but thank goodness we settled for Varlhona Chocolate and Lavender Choco Tea, which were rich and creamy and very very satisfying 🤤🤤 Ice cream took really long to melt too, which always correlated to creamier thicker richer goodness! 💕💕
Hojicha And Hokkaido Fresh Milk Ice Cream Merely ice cream has a good mix of regular, normal flavours like vanilla and chocolate, and more premium ones like hojicha, matcha (made with matcha powder from Matchaya) and Hokkaido fresh milk. The ice cream tasted a bit icy when we tried it though, so it’s quite a pity. Of the two flavours, I enjoyed the hojicha one more. It’s milkier than I would have liked, but you could still taste the roasted flavour and there were specks of tea leaves inside too. The Hokkaido fresh milk tasted milder in comparison and more icy than creamy, so it wasn’t that nice. Service here was also quite nonchalant, so I would probably only come again if I passed by. 💸 Feel free to use my code ELIZ093 for 20% off the all day Burpple Beyond annual plan for a 1 for 1 discount at this place!
Instant Mood Lifter This is one of my favourite go-to places whenever I need ice cream. Love most of the flavours they have: salted butterscotch, pistachio, oreo milk, horlicks, peanut butter etc. Super value-for-$$ with #burpplebeyond too!
Yee Wen
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Oriental-Spiced Chicken ($14) One of the two weekly specials is the oriental sliced chicken which consists of Spiced chicken thigh with Greek yogurt slaw on a homemade brioche bun. Lowe had me at Greek yogurt. I jumped at this weekly special, and it delivered. The slightly tangy creamy purple cabbage slaw paired really well with the soft chicken thigh that was marinated with a sort of peanut satay sauce. This, atop Lowef’s fluffy and buttery brioche bun was a match made in heaven. I recommend ditching the utensils and just getting your hands dirty or else the chicken and slaw’s going to start falling out all over the place. There’s a choice of salad or corn chips on the side. If you like salads, Lowef’s is fantastic. Super crisp greens with a lightly tangy olive oil dressing. I wish they’d make this a regular item rather than a weekly special cos it’s so good!
Fudge Drop Cookies (2 Pcs For $1) These small chocolatey treats are the very opposite of dry, crunchy cookies. They’re soft and fudgey, it’s almost akin to biting into a brownie. Very yummy, affordable, and the portion isn’t too big for a little indulgence too.
The Best Brioche...Ever A signage at the entrance promoted this dish: Eggstastic Brioche - Home made brioche and creamy scrambled egg. Our expectations were raised, we ordered, and we were not disappointed. In fact, we were mind blown, how can such a simple dish taste so good! Served warm and lightly toasted, the brioche was fluffy soft and it is so buttery! The free range organic eggs were also soft, light and fluffy and it goes so well with the broiche. Feel free to add on other ingredients such as bacon and cheese. Price: $6 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
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