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Hot 100 2019
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Pandan Burnt Cheesecake The only other place I’ve tried Burnt Cheesecake is at the kins’, but based on my experiences there, the version at Keong Saik Bakery seemed underwhelming. KSB’s version lacked the gooeyness I’d learnt to associate with this trending dessert, and while the middle was slightly softer than the edges, it still wasn’t anywhere near melty texture. Maybe it’s just much harder to be consistent between batches, as I realised that the two separate times I had burnt cheesecake at the kins’ were quite different experiences too. Pandan is a creative flavour, but didn’t hit it off so well with most of my colleagues. I think that the classic cheesecake flavour would have been better received, but they come out in batches and this was the only one available early in the morning.
Original Burnt Cheesecake I didn’t really get what the fuss was all about initially now i think i do. My first ever taste of the much-talked-about burnt cheesecake, Keong Saik Bakery’s rendition really set the bar. With a firm yet creamy texture, the Original Burnt Cheesecake ($7.50) came with the iconic caramelised burnt top and a somewhat lemony-citrus note. Made with 4 types of cheese, it does get a little jelat towards the end but the zing I detected was a really nice touch and helped to cut the heaviness for me. The cheese flavour was prominent yet well-balanced, and texture wise it was not overly dense too.
Pandan Burnt Cheesecake Prepared with pandan leaves and coconut cream, their Pandan Burnt Cheesecake ($8) was such a hit. Love that my slice was a little more oozy in the center so it had that nice textural contrast. The flavour of the pandan was pretty strong and the cake was surprisingly savoury. The saltiness was matched harmoniously with the heady fragrance of the leaves. The addition of the coconut cream to the cheeses used also amped up the richness; making it both decadent and satisfying for a coconut lover like myself!
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scrambled eggs Everyone was telling me to go to this small breakfast/lunch spot as it is known for its amazing food. I went there for breakfast and it certainly didn't disappoint. It was pretty busy and after I ordered it was hard to find a table (but luckily one opened up!). Due to the corona virus some places were blocked for people to sit on, they also changed their utensils and plates to throw away ones as it would be more hygienic. They did choose utensils that were sourced sustainably which I thought was nice as they did not forget about the environment. The service was good and the food was just amazing. Would recommend the pink lemonade for a nice refresher. I am excited to go back!
Grilled Cheese Microbakery is a great place for breakfast or lunch. You need to order at the counter, the coffees and food will be brought to your table. We ordered the cheese melt and scrambled eggs. Both were very good. They make their own bread, and it is great. I loved the cheese melt. Lots of cheese and qaulity bread. We can also recommend the pink lemongrass lemonade. Although I think they should serve in a larger cup. Friendly service and a real relaxed atmosphere. We can highly recommend. Usually busy, line starts forming before opening at 8:30am, but service is quick.
House Ricotta Tartine & Grilled Cheese I’ve heard rather good reviews of this place that took over the space previously occupied by woodlands sourdough. I went with the House Ricotta Tartine ($12) even though I must admit I am not a huge fan of tomatoes. They served a generous amount of ricotta and tomatoes on the toast and everything went really well together. My friend got the Grilled Cheese toast ($12) and we loved the melted cheese. I was never a fan of alfresco seating in SG (the weather!!) but it was surprisingly cooling here. Overall, a nice place for brunch albeit the prices being a tad steep.
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Free Filling Pita Bread Nice, kinda filling filled with meatballs, vegetables and sauces. The meatballs are salty and the vegetables and sauces give a refreshing and sour taste to it. The bread itself has no taste and together w the ingredients, they complement each other. Do bring your own water though, we were really thirsty after eating it.
Fill Free ($9) A falafel pita which brought me straight back to Israel. They really nailed it with the tahini and amba sauces, but it was the falafel that was outstanding - perhaps even better than the ones I have had in Israel! You may be skeptical, doubting if 3 falafel balls and 1 pita bread would be filling enough. Let me assure you that it is - there is nothing more I could've asked for...except maybe some hummus. What could've been better? For one, the Israeli hospitality would have made my experience more enjoyable. When I found out that Pita Bakery was opened by an Israeli, I was excited to check it out not just for the food, but also for the banter and chit-chat with the chefs/ storeowners that I had become used to in Israel. Maybe the owner was out at the time I visited, and while his staff were helpful, I didn't get /that/ level of hospitality. Second, I would have liked the option of getting a small portion of hummus to eat with my pita! Currently, if you dine-in, there is only a $4 portion of hummus available to order. Given that the pita itself is pretty filling, I would have liked the option to get a smaller serving of hummus just to complete the meal but not fill me up too much.
Best Falafels And Fluffiest Pita Breads In Singapore I find falafels at other places in Singapore really dry, but these were perfect and tasty! And the pita breads were like clouds.
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Fantastic coffee creations, and I second everyone’s love for their cereal milk latte. We got the Iced Cereal Milk Latte and The Dirty ($7.50 each), and thoroughly enjoyed both. While I can’t say that I tasted the cornflakes-soaked nuttiness, I have to admit that the mildly sweet and exceedingly creamy cereal milk latte was 200% addictive. Especially when you’ve got that complementing a robust, bold, and chocolatey espresso — literally couldn’t put the glass down after my first sip! The Dirty was described to us as a “cold brew with oat milk and some spices”, but after a sip I’d basically describe it as a dirty chai 😉 I like that you can discernibly taste the spices in the chai (I got cinnamon/ginger/cardamom), in a really mellow not in-your-face kinda way, and it’s just very lightly sweetened to enhance all the different flavours. Super easy to drink and great if you’re a fan of chai. Note that if you’re intending to use the Beyond 1-for-1, you’ve gotta top at an additional $1.50 for their coffee specials. That adds up to a total of $9 for your 1-for-1, which is still very worth it imho 😉
For Cereal Latte and More Nestled in a cosy space along Club Street is this coffee kiosk known for creative coffee mixes. The crowd favourite is their creamy and unique Cereal Milk Latte ($7.50). Those in the mood for something refreshing should opt for the Coconut Cold Brew ($7) which is the perfect combination of coconut water, lime and cold brew. They also pull a mean White 5oz ($5) that's great when paired with the buttery Banana Loaf Bread ($4.50). Photo by Burppler Jerrine Soh
Favorite Hole-in-the-wall Coffee Place I absolutely LOVE the coffee at Maxi. I’ve been here twice, the first time I tried the coffee shake (which was crazy good by the way, please try it) and the coffee tonic. This time I decided to try the cereal milk latte and the dirty latte (chai latte) and both were really good. I love the coffee at Maxi - it’s strong, robust and flavourful, exactly what I look for in any coffee place. Really nice vibes and service as well.
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