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Affordable Burpple 1-for-1 Went all the way to Bread Yard wanting to try their candied bacon pancake but was told that it’s only available on weekends (booooo) Attempted the steak grain bowl ($14) and avocado toast ($14) instead. The steak in the bowl was really good (not a fan of steak yet appreciated it’s flavour! It’s doneness was medium and the inner meat was still reddish (heads up for those who would prefer to request for a different doneness) the sauce was reallyyyyyyyyy good! As for the avocado toast, the bread was slightly too hard for my liking and I’d prefer it crispier. The taste was good tho, pretty generous amount of avocado! If I had to be picky, the poached egg wasn’t cooked that well - as you can see, it was a little over cooked. Overall, for $7 per dish I wouldn’t be picky about the nitty gritty and would patronise again!
Steak & Egg Bowl Came back a second time. Had the Mexican Pulled Pork bowl served with smashed avocado, brown rice and corn while my bf had the Steak & Egg bowl. Both were good and value for money only with Beyond. Quiet place to have a nice chat but they close early at 7.45pm.
Kouign-Amman ($3.50), Olive Loaf ($8 Not Pictured) On the occasional visits to the West, I am excited to try what Burpplebeyond has to offer #1. On a Saturday afternoon amid the COVID-19 situation, Bread Yard was brimming full of patrons, and we had to wait a good 5 min for a freed table. That was definitely a telltale on what Bread Yard had to offer. Indeed I had a mean cuppa iced flat white and we enjoyed standard good quality brunch fare. The dessert of Kouign Amman had enough melted sugar that crystallised, and the layers id expect from croissant like pastries. The olive loaf we bought for take home is also artisan bread done right with a more pronounced taste of fresh olives you’d spot. The sliced loaf can be refrigerated and keep for a week’s worth of good carb supply.
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Fill Free ($9) A falafel pita which brought me straight back to Israel. They really nailed it with the tahini and amba sauces, but it was the falafel that was outstanding - perhaps even better than the ones I have had in Israel! You may be skeptical, doubting if 3 falafel balls and 1 pita bread would be filling enough. Let me assure you that it is - there is nothing more I could've asked for...except maybe some hummus. What could've been better? For one, the Israeli hospitality would have made my experience more enjoyable. When I found out that Pita Bakery was opened by an Israeli, I was excited to check it out not just for the food, but also for the banter and chit-chat with the chefs/ storeowners that I had become used to in Israel. Maybe the owner was out at the time I visited, and while his staff were helpful, I didn't get /that/ level of hospitality. Second, I would have liked the option of getting a small portion of hummus to eat with my pita! Currently, if you dine-in, there is only a $4 portion of hummus available to order. Given that the pita itself is pretty filling, I would have liked the option to get a smaller serving of hummus just to complete the meal but not fill me up too much.
Best Falafels And Fluffiest Pita Breads In Singapore I find falafels at other places in Singapore really dry, but these were perfect and tasty! And the pita breads were like clouds.
Fill Free ($9) The dish was actually very filling. Be careful when ordering the spicy flavour though!!
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