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Honeycomb Cheesecake Checked out the new Kizuna at Blk 148 Potong Pasir Avenue 1; a cafe that is run by the third generation of the family behind Shangri-La Confectionary and Delicatessen which it had replaced. Serving up mostly cakes and pastries alongside specialty coffee, Kizuna also serves up a small variety of lunch bowls on some days as well. While there are still a small selection of bakes from “The Old Bakery” (i.e. Shangri-La Confectionary & Delicatessen) available such as the scones, brownies and Tau Sar Piah, the Honeycomb Cheesecake serves as a good option for those who prefer to try something new. Liked how the cheesecake here is smooth and creamy; while this is intended to be more of the classic New York Cheesecake than the Basque Burnt Cheesecake that is all the rage these days, it is the lightness of the cheesecake that caught our tastebuds here — it’s not doubt rich and decadent, but there wasn’t a moment it felt overwhelming nor heavy. It’s light cheesiness comes with a slight hint of floral aroma coming off the bite of honeycomb mixed into the cream cheese, while the chocolate wafer balls (almost akin to that of Maltesers) provide another dimension of sweetness with a bit of crunch for an added texture; crispy rice puffs are also found on the top of the cheesecake for an extra crispness that further enhances that of the chocolate wafer balls. A surprisingly easy-to-finish rendition of a cheesecake — looking forward to give the other bakes on the menu a try; a pretty promising spot in a neighbourhood that is often forgotten in the cafe scene, and a space that residents will love to have in the area.
Xing Wei
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Spiedino (Hokkaido Scallop, Salmon, Salsa Verde, Lemon) [$23++] I quite like this. I am not good at describing seafood, but I do like the well-balanced textures of the meal. The salmon skin was toasty and delicious. The scallops tasted rather fresh to me. The lemon made the leafy greens refreshing to eat, albeit a bit oily. Overall a pretty satisfying meal for me :)
When You Fancy A Mediterranean Meal At Home, The Takeaway Menu From Here Is Worth Trying. T R E A T Recently, the kind folks from The CICHETI Group, with the help of their PR @bydanieleng, arranged to have lunch sent to me from their latest-to-open establishment, Caffe Cicheti. As I had been there a few months ago for a hosted tasting, I was familiar with the menu and knew what I wanted to have again. Ranked at the top was the Brussels Sprouts coated in pomegranate molasses and tossed with candied pecans ($12). The moreish creation didn’t disappoint - remaining smoky, sweetish and crunchy after the journeying from the restaurant. What surprised was the Marinated Iberico Pork Rack ($31.50) which I found to be even tastier than the last time. The subtly smoky, juicy meat hit the bullseye between tenderness and enjoyable chew. Served on the side, a refreshing Kale and Granny Smith Salad that helped with cut-through. The Lasagne ($27) was a big and heavy block of pasta sheets layered with plenty of chunky beef cheek ragu, cheese, bechamel and tomato sauce. Naturally, it had cooled and hardened slightly by the time I took it out of the box. But that was nothing a couple of minutes in the oven couldn’t fix. Once heated up, the #Lasagne softened and became really tasty. Owner-Sommelier @ronaldkamiyama had included a lovely bottle of 2015 Rioja for us to pair with the food too, complete with tasting notes since he couldn’t present the Spanish wine in person. Very smooth move, I must say. The “Crack Pie” ($11) was the selected dessert and it pleased in terms of size and a none-too-sweet taste. Coming together were almond frangipane, a cookie base and cocoa crumble. Worth every calorie it was. Just so you know CICHETI and @bydanieleng have made total dining pleasure their priority, they even have a @caffecicheti playlist as well, curated by the one and only @trustmrhas. To place your food orders, please click on the link in @caffecicheti’s bio on Instagram.
Salt Overloaded Salt Overloaded!!!!!!!! Cacio E Pepe (S$24++) Available at @caffecicheti in @southbeachavenuesg The pasta was way too salty and I could not take in anymore after a couple of mouthful. The staff took it away after I told him the reason. He asked if I wanted another dish which I replied Grilled Cheese (S$19++). The latter dish was much better. But I was shocked when I was billed in full for both dishes. Why should I be billed for full especially for the first dish? The staff replied that the dish was served, that’s why. The staff replied that he would talk to the manager and returned with a slightly discount for the first dish which now billed for S$16++. I paid for the meal unhappily as too much time had wasted. By the way the bill was taking forever to come. Bad Experience!
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Chilling by the Pool Great for those with kids. We ordered aplenty of meat Platter. With beef, pork and 1 lamb ribs. But the lamb n beef is good thou, pork too hard for my liking... We ordered twice for the satays. Once chicken n once pork. They are apparently famous for their grills. Their pasta and pizzas is so-so only... They seem to run out of options for beer towers. Only left with peroni which costs ard $100 which is really ex. Anyway, my friend says she'll be back for the seafood grills which smells great. I'll choose OLA next door anytime if I'm ever there again.
BEST. FEKKING. CENDOL. W doesn’t even eat desserts aight, and he was licking the bowl clean (literally drinking the melted liquids from the bowl) — this was THAT good. For $11.80++ you get a massive bowl of shaved ice, topped with nata de coco, pandan jelly, jackfruit, and a big saucer of gula melaka syrup. Sounds rather standard, even if the toppings and all are really fresh and tasty; but the actual game-changer here’s really their shaved ‘ice’. Instead of plain old water that leaves you searching for more syrup as you dig down further, Rumours freezes coconut water and shaves it down for the cendol — which means every mouthful is bursting with the creamy, tropical sweetness of the fruit and you’d NEVER have a boring, diluted, tasteless bite. Now how ingenious is that?! It’s like the cendol I never knew I loved, but now that I’ve found it there’s just no going back to the original 🤤
Price aside, this is as authentic as it gets. Ahhhh, the joy of finding a piece of Bali here in Singapore is fantastic 🥰 yeah there are many beach clubs around Sentosa, but what really stands Rumours apart from the others is the huge variety of Balinese food they offer. This Balinese Mixed Rice ($18++) comes with hearty sides of beef rendang, shredded chicken, beef jerky, grilled sambal beef satay, long beans, marinated egg, tempeh, and a side of fiery sambal. Without going on a never-ending description of each component, I’ll just say that everything was executed perfectly, and tasted pretty much as authentic as it can get. The rendang was tender and had wonderful flavours, the beef jerky had very nicely caramelised and crisp edges, and man they definitely didn’t hold back on the heat with that sambal as well. It’s super tasty, and packs quite a massive punch after your first couple of bites — looooove it.
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