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Burpple 1:1 We took the chicken pot 1:1. We added ingredient. We choose mushroom chicken pot and a spicy chicken pot. The mushroom chicken pot, we added instant noodles and it was sooo good. The spicy pot on the other hand was just spicy. Do order the mushroom chicken pot and tell them to make it spicy if you love the heat like I do.
For 1-for-1 Chicken Pot (S) (save ~$20) Hanging out at Bugis with the crew? This Sichuan joint's got some mean mala dishes that will satiate cravings. Get the 'Numbing and Fiery' flavoured House Special Chicken Pot ($20) to share, where tender chicken sits in a thick and fragrant spicy sauce with a generous amount of peppercorn stalks (making it extra numbing!). Photo by Burppler Melissa Chee
For The Ma La Lovers - Numbing & Fiery Chicken Pot (Small, $20) The Chicken Pots come in three sizes - small, medium & large. The small one costs $20 and is valid for Burpple Beyond redemption - yay! Just a look at the Numbing & Fiery pot and you can tell it’s gonna be numbing with those generous stalks of peppercorns. We opted for the 小辣 as we weren’t sure how hot it would be, and didn’t want to unknowingly torture our stomachs at 10pm. Turns out we needn’t have worried about the spiciness, because the numbing taste was what we should’ve looked out for. The portion in the small pot was pretty good for one person and it was very cheap with the 1 for 1 redemption. There’s only chicken in the pot, but it’s tender and super flavourful. You can add on ingredients to cook (you can DIY or ask the staff to put it in directly when serving), which soaks up the amazing flavours. Would recommend putting in some beancurd skin especially if you love ma la cos it soaks up the taste pretty well! It’s worth noting that the service here is great - friendly, super attentive and helpful, they even switched to English when conversing when we had confused faces on. Would totally go back to Fat Bird not just for their hotpots, but for their Main Dishes too!
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Seared Tuna OK Food And OK View Went there because of burpple 1 for 1. Apparently it's either the one for one mains or tapas. So it's not one for one mains and tapas. The T and C weren't so clear about this. We only realised when we went there. Tried the pork belly. It was OK. However we tried a hot tapas which was the prawn dish and it was really good. But it was without the discount so it was $18 for about 5 prawns 😂😂 our bill amounted to around $60 and we only had 3 dishes. Overall : Taste: 6/10 Value for money 2/10
Good Sauce, OK Scallops The Vieires en Salsa de Cava ($22++) is a dish from their hot tapas menu; the moment I saw SEA SCALLOPS with sparkling white wine sauce, I was sold. It wasn't too bad, but I felt it could be executed better. Not sure why, but the sea scallops weren't as hot as I'd like them to be when I tucked into them. Texture-wise, they were slightly too rubbery compared to what I'm used to. However, the sauce was simply divine. I actually found myself repeatedly dipping my octopus leg into this sauce towards the end of my meal! 💳 Accepts credit cards ☀ Al fresco seats only 🍽 Burpple Beyond partner 🖥 Accepts reservations - I used Chope 📶 No free WiFi
Flavourful Pork Belly The El Cerdo ($25++) is also from the Josper Grill - herb-marinated pork belly with sautéed potatoes & arugula. Be careful when you dig in to the potatoes, they're piping hot! But oh so good, big on flavour & personally for me, I am happy there are some lean pieces for me to pick on... 💳 Accepts credit cards ☀ Al fresco seats only 🍽 Burpple Beyond partner 🖥 Accepts reservations - I used Chope 📶 No free WiFi
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Good Food But.... Made a reservation via Chope and visited the restaurant on a Sat evening. Had decided on this restaurant as they had a promo on Burpple Beyond. Upon informing that we are going to use Burpple Beyond at the counter, the manager quoted us the price for premium buffet straight (which is more expensive with wagyu beef) which was $170-180. If I had not done some research beforehand and know that there is also a deluxe buffet (which is cheaper with no wagyu beef), I may be ‘forced’ to choose the more expensive option since I wasn’t informed of the cheaper option? Only when clarifying further on their buffet options (deluxe/premium), (the manager seems reluntant to share on the deluxe buffet) did the manager then informed bluntly that the deluxe buffet doesn’t come with wagyu beef. (My Friend and I do not take beef so the premium buffet is not worth it for us too) I thought the food is not bad (my Friend did not like the food here though) and would appreciate if the staff can inform customers of all their available options and not just push the more expensive option in their restaurant. We ended up paying around $90 for 2.
Beyond Burpple Is Not Worth It For This Place Beyond Burpple has 1-1 promotion. But this place also has almost the same promotion. Therefore the Beyond voucher is basically useless. The food is not worth if you're paying 140 bucks for the quality.
Great Food, Not 1for1 Tho. Opted for premium set. Food was great, service was okay. Only downside was I thought it was a 1 for 1 thinking it'll be around $70 for total bill. Ended up, the bill was around the same as if there's no discount. 🤪 Maybe that 17% charges we offed and that's all. Suggestion, just eat the wagyu before you guys take all the side dishes. After eating the meats, we totally have no interest in those side dishes. Don't even take the sashimi. Beef was really juicy and awesome.
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Crab lovers with be delighted with a variety of crab dishes in different cooking styles at Azur dinner buffet. Went on last weekend and enjoyed Kam Hiong style crab the most! Chunky sweet meat in generously drenched with savoury Kam hiong sauce. There are also other crab dishes like chilli crab, snow crab on ice, flower crabs. There is also an array of Asian and Western specials like seafood paella, drunken prawn in herbal wine stock, whole seabass, whole salmon and more! DIY your poke bowl with sashimi, shredded crab meat, assorted greens and condiments. Don’t forget the dessert bar with signature warm chocolate pudding, popular gelato and many more! . . Crab-ulous Feast from 10 June to 31 August 2019. Available from 6.00pm to 10.00pm Monday to Sunday S$78++ per adult | S$39++ per child (6 to 12 years old) . Where to dine? Azur 75 Airport Blvd, Crowne Plaza Changi Airport Hotel, Terminal 3 Changi Airport Singapore, 819664
Don’t miss the Crab-ulous Feast at Azur @cpchangiairport, from now ‪till 31 August‬. Diners can enjoy Crabs feast from local favourites - Chilli Crab, Pepper Crab, Salted Egg Yolk Crab and Azur specialty Ginger Onion Crab and more. My favourite will be Azur Speciality, Ginger and Onion Crab. Crab-ulous Buffet Dinner (‪6.00pm to 10.00pm‬) ‪Monday to Sunday‬ 💰$78++ per adult. 💰$39++ per child (6 to 12 years old)  Child below 6 years old dines for free. National Day Weekend: Crab-ulous Brunch / Dinner Buffet Friday to Sunday (‪9 to 12 August 2019‬) - Further discount not applicable during this period. 💰$54nett per adult. 💰$27nett per child (6 to 12 years old) Selected credit card promotions: For the month of June HSBC - Dad dines free with every 2 paying adults ‪From 10 June to 31 August, excluding 9 to 12 August‬ Citibank - 25% off dinner buffet  CIMB Cardholders - 20% off dinner buffet Maybank and Diner's Club - 1 dines free with every 2 paying adults 📍Azur. Crowne Plaza Changi Airport Hotel (level 2). 75 Airport Boulevard. Terminal 3 Changi Airport.
[GIVEAWAY - Crab-ulous Dinner Buffet] . Azur @cpchangiairport has launched the Crab-ulous Feast taking place from 10 June to 31 August 2019. A fantastic spread of Crabs from local favourites - Chilli Crab, Pepper Crab, Salted Egg Yolk Crab, their special Ginger Onion Crab and more. Child below 6 years old dines for free. . In collaboration with @cpchangiairport we are giving away 2 x Crab-ulous Dinner Buffet for 2 adults (each voucher valued at $183.60 nett) to our followers! . To qualify: 1️⃣ Like this post 2️⃣ Follow @cpchangiairport and @mightyfoodie 3️⃣ Comment and tag your friends . Closing date: 21 Jun 2019, 2359hrs . 📸 @cpchangiairport . Location: Azur @cpchangiairport Crowne Plaza Changi Airport, 75 Airport Boulevard, Singapore 819664 . #cpchangiairport #burpple #burpplesg #sggiveaway #sgcontest
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