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Korean Tteokbokki Hotpot Buffet | $18.80++ It was worth the price as it’s buffet style. Not much variety but of good quality. Leave some space for your second meal - kimchi fried rice. You can ask the service crew to help you with the frying of rice. 5.5/10
Tteokbokki Army Stew Buffet ($12.80++ Weekday Student Lunch, $13.80++ Adult Weekday Lunch, $18.80++ Otherwise) My go to place whenever I’m free for on a weekday lunch + craving some good ol army stew! Love that the army stew is so customizable in every single aspect! 😍😍 (Other than Yoogane’s weekday lunch promo that comes with a free cheese ring but less variety of ingredients) The spiciness ranges from non-spicy to mild/normal/intense spiciness using different combinations of sauces 🌶🌶 There is definitely a good range of fresh ingredients (cabbage, beansprouts, mushrooms, bean curd skin, tofu, spicy chicken, normal chicken, luncheon meat, sausage, clams, sweet potato noodles, vermicelli), many many types of tteokbokki (sweet potato-filled, cheese-filled, normal in different shapes and sizes, potato gnocchi) and of course ramen! Basically everything that you might ever see in an army stew was available and the quantity of each highly customizable! 🎉🎉 Also, loved that there was cooked food on the side while waiting for the stew to boil, like fried gimbal, fried dumplings, fried fish cake, fried chicken (only the fried chicken and maybe dumplings were decent, most of the fried food was cold sadly) and eomuk/odeng (good thought but it was pretty plain, skip this or soak it in the army stew for more flavour). The time limit is strict at 60 min for students and 90 min for adults during weekday lunches, so plan you time strategically! Leave 10-15 min at the end to evaporate out the sauce and cook your own kimchi fried rice 🤤🤤 The rice really soaks up the sauce and was pretty delicious being fried up with luncheon meat, corn, kimchi and seaweed! A really worth it meal and definitely would recommend if you’re near Clementi/Suntec on a weekday lunch and craving some hot stew 😋😋
Tteokbokki Buffet X DIY Kimchi Fried Rice BUFFET PRICE: $13.80++ during weekdays 11.30AM to 5PM HIGHLIGHTS FOR US: ♡ Assorted flavours rice cake (esp the purple and yellow ones) ♡ Fish cake, Korean style (almost just like the ones we had at the pojangmacha in Seoul) ♡ Wide range of sauce (including jjajang sauce) TIP: 1) When you're 3/4 full with the tteokbokki, start to boil down the soup base until just the right amount for frying your kimchi fried rice. Remember to add loads of seaweed and sesame oil. TIME LIMIT: 60 min They are very strict on the timing. The staff only came to remind us 5 minutes before our time was up. Would be better if they remind in advance, say 15 minutes? So that we could pace ourselves. Cos who's really watching the time so closely when you're enjoying a meal and chatting right? Anyway we totally had to wolf down our big portion of fried rice. And thankfully did not get charged $10 for food wastage cos we wiped the pot clean. WILL WE RETURN? At this price, yes, likely.
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Xiao Jun Gan Chuan Chuan Xiang 小郡肝串串香 Steamboat Buffet [$25.80+/pax on Fri to Sun] Back again at the steamboat lane in Bugis 😂 We were here on an early weekend afternoon and Xiao Jun Gan Chuan Chuan Xiang is one of the few that opens earlier. The $ per pax doesn’t include drinks (there’s lots of watermelon to help quench your thirst), but is inclusive of the soup base which many of the other places down the lane charge separately for. We had the Yuan Yang option of ma la and herbal soup. Both were flavourful and not too salty that makes you thirsty. Was looking forward to the skewers, but unfortunately, the majority of them were beef which we don’t take. Those we could have, the chicken wings and chicken, were marinated pretty well with a good rub of spices. Thankfully, they had quite a big range of fresh ingredients including crabs and a variety of clams, so it wasn’t too big of a problem! Make sure to also give their appetisers of liang pi and century egg tofu a try too as they were done very nicely. Liked that the space was airy and cooling with a strong enough air conditioning!
Wei Zhi
Awesome And Affordable Ma La Lok Lok Hotpot Buffet!! Visited Xiao Jun Gan for a late dinner/supper at 10pm and it was pretty crowded on a Friday night! There are issues parking around the Beach Road eateries as it’s quite hard to find a parking lot so we ended up parking at Shaw Tower and walking across the street. Xiao Jun Gan offers hotpot buffets for $25.90++, and $27.90++ on Friday, and weekends. We went for the yuan yang double broth - and the server recommended their signature ma la broth with the clear soup. This was a great recommendation. I loved the fiery heat and tingling numbness of the ma la broth which was just right. Not as numbing as HDL’s but this one was actually possible to drink (somewhat)! I especially enjoyed dipping the you tiao lok lok and fried mini mantous into this broth as they soaked up the ma la goodness! The clear soup was a good complement to the ma la broth as it was light, but the flavours started to get more pronounced as it boiled longer and we had a super flavourful broth by the middle of our meal. The selection of ingredients is good too - from a variety of veggies, fishcakes and marinated meats on skewers, to the MLXG/YTF-esque style ingredients where you ‘kiap’ your own veg, meat, seafood, tofu and more. They have fish roe filled tofu and fishcake available- yay! What impressed me was the seafood selection of scallops, crabs, prawns, and they even had octopus too!!!! While you’re waiting for your ingredients to cook (which admittedly doesn’t take long), there’s appetisers that you can opt for. There’s sour and spicy chilled silken tofu and dou Gan which tasted great! There’s also fried mini mantous and watermelon and pineapples. This section doesn’t get refilled so often unlike the hotpot ingredients though. The seasoning section is not bad, not as comprehensive as HDL but I’m happy as long as there’s chilli, sesame paste and peanuts. There’s also apparently a can of special oil that they leave at your table which you can mix in with the condiments at an extra cost but we didn’t go for that this round. Note that the pot is quite shallow so sometimes the ingredients on skewers don’t get fully submerged, especially when the soup has evaporated. But the staff are quite attentive and come refill the soups often. An extra plus is that the boss is super friendly and attentive. He’s on the ground helping out the rest of the staff to clear plates, refill soup broths, checking if the diners need anything, etc. He also told us that the ma la broth is customisable so we can make it more or less spicy/numbing. They also have an ala carte MLXG available - which we might just come and try next time! This is definitely a place I would return to, and it’s a great supper place that opens till 7am! Whoop!
🎉$0.50 Lok Lok & 50% OFF Mala Butter Hotpot?! Take pleasure in choosing endless treasures of seafood, vegetables & meat to add to your hotpot here at the newly opened China’s Famous Skewer Hotpot Restaurant @xiao_jun_gan at 101 Beach Road (opp Bugis Junction). . Add fire to fire with their mala chicken wings to mala spare ribs, or gorge down the lovely pork belly w/ enoki mushrooms, recommended cuttlefish, prawns & scallops, along with many other usual suspects! Though don’t be surprised to find exotic ingredients for a hotpot truth or dare session with their pig brain, tripe, beef tongue and intestines 😆 . More premium ingredients at $3, $5, $6, $8 a plate (colour-coded) - selection includes sliced pork belly, smoked duck breast, beancurd rolls, homemade fish/prawn paste w/ goji berries & more! ✨50% OFF ALL DISHES valid till 14 Jan 2019! . Soup selection includes: • Sichuan Spicy Hot Pot With Butter ($15) • Tomato Soup Hot Pot ($12) • Rejuvenating Mushroom Soup Hot Pot ($12) • Nourishing Pork Bone Soup Hot Pot ($12) . Psst! They’re open 24 hours (Jan 2019)✌🏻
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Chinese BBQ and Steamboat Can't decide between having a BBQ, steamboat, or buffet? Or just wished that you can have them all? Then Hao Lai Wu Steamboat & BBQ is the place to be! With unconventional features such as crystal pots (which prevent accidental burns) and smokeless grills (basically a parchment paper-lined hotplate), together with air-conditioning and fans, you're bound to leave this place safe, clean, and happy HAHA For $22.80++ per pax on weekends, I would say that this is value-for-money considering the level of comfort in this small restaurant and the HUGE variety of ingredients available (there's almost everything trust me). Just a word of caution from me: 1. Some of the meats are not marinated so sauces are necessary, or just sprinkle your desired seasoning over the meats while they're grilling! 2. However, the seafood items were "very salty", probably because they were pre-marinated with salt to preserve its quality.
Wan Ling
Worthy To Try! You can choose from 6 different soups, need to top up $6 if choosing 2 soup bases. Prices were at $23.80++ per pax. Drinks and wet tissues not included, must top up. Crowd during dinner times on weekdays seems pretty alright to me. I arrived at ard 7pm and still manage to get seats indoors. If you want the crystal hotpot, do request to sit inside as I note the outside areas uses the normal pot instead. Moreover inside have aircon! We tried the mala (I asked for less spicy) and the chicken herbal soup. It was interesting to touch the pot and it doesn't burn! It felt hot but not enough to burn yet. Impressive! Selection of seafood was wide. Prawns were on the mushy side, not that fresh. Choice of meats were good, I personally like the chicken whereas my friends liked the pork belly. There were the typical veggies and mushrooms. They also have cooked food like french fries, dumplings etc. Cool thing abt this place is that they have both grill and hotpot, so you can eat both types of food. My favourite was the fried mantou, would be perfect if they had some chili crab sauce to go with it! Overall, pretty decent price too pay for a steamboat cum grill buffet. We were pretty stuffed by the end of it 😋
Buffet Under $20! [UPDATE] Weekdays lunch buffet is now $17.80++ for adults. Great range of variety and 6 different soup bases to choose from. For cooked food they have fried buns (really crispy) and steamed dumplings (pork & cabbage / pork & chives flavour). ** Drinks are not free. You will be charged additionally for it.
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lunch buffet ($19.80+) firstly, i love this place. i always book it on eatigo at 50% off which only amounts to $11/pax after adding gst and service charge and let me say there is not a single more worth it steamboat buffet out there!! not only is it extremely affordable, i personally find the quality and taste of their meat to be very good, especially the “tender meats” on their menu. those are marinated with egg before serving to you and once cooked, the egg thoroughly enhances the flavour of the meats, not to mention how silky smooth the meat is as well. their pork belly has a really good fat to meat ratio and the beef and mutton are yummy too 😭 for spice lovers you can try the “spicy meats” on the menu - they come marinated in chili flakes and i can assure you your lips will be (satisfyingly) on fire after eating it! for the soup base my favourite is the pork bone one, it is really flavourful and fragrant. the mala soup is also a good option as you can choose the spiciness level just like you do at a mala xiang guo shop! additionally, they also have ice creams, side dishes like nuggets and potato wedges, fruits and even cake on some occasions! once i had this really yummy matcha&chocolate cake 😋 all in all, this restaurant’s extensive variety of food and tasteful meat at such an affordable price really impresses me! rating: 4/5
👉Steamboat Buffet👈 Nestled in Northpoint City South Wing, this conveyor belt hotpot restaurant offers lunch & dinner buffet with a catch, which is free-flow xiao long baos during dinner. 。 If you are looking for a full conveyor belt steamboat experience, this is probably not the right place as most ingredients still have to be ordered through them. There was also a variety of finger food available but sadly, they were not readily replenished. For the health-conscious ones, I felt that MSG was used in their soups. 。 Here’s wishing everyone a Happig Chinese New Year 🎇! Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️
Mr Digester
Worst Steamboat Buffet in My Life! Poor Hygiene Honestly this is one of the worst steamboat I’ve eaten. Even those at bugis liang seah street are way better. I’m not sure why there are so many positive review for them. Firstly, the utensils and cutlery were basically dirty. You can still see the stain on the bowls. After we wiped, we could see the red water stain marks on the tissue. Freaking disgusting. The whole shop was manned by China Chinese (no offense but you can gauge the hygiene standard). But we already sat inside and ordered, so bo bian lor. Food selection was very limited. XLB was not available unlike what they advertised. The quality of food was also bad, pig intestine tested weird (definitely didn’t clean properly), pork liver tasted weird (like not fresh). Tomato soup is simply thick ketchup soup, not worth the additional $3 paid. The staff was not attentive either. Ice cream out of the 6 tubs placed, 3 tubs were empty. Will never return even if there is promotion.
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