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Lai Huat Sambal Fish 來發 5 Dec’18, Wed☁️ 📍 Lai Huat Sambal Fish 來發 Executive Set Menu ($388++) - Signature Platter 招牌四拼 - Lai Huat Sambal Fish 叁岜魚 - Fish Maw with Crabmeat Stock 蟹肉魚鰾羹 - Cereal Prawns 麥片蝦 - Braised Abalone with Sea Cucumber 鮑魚燜海參 - Heaven & Earth Pork Ribs 秘笈排骨 - Nai Bai with Crispy Enoki Mushrooms 金針奶白 - Yam with Ginko Nuts 白果芋泥 Add-on - Chilli Crab 辣椒螃蟹 (billed separately) Dept lunch but felt disappointed... Out of the above, the signature platter, sambal fish, cereal prawns, and nai bai were nice... As for the rest, below average, probably some tze char places out there can do a better job... The platter was pretty good, especially the fried baby squid, couldn’t stop eating that! The sambal fish was something different from what I’ve tried out there. It was dried sambal (and not that oily) on fried fishes, for those who can’t take spicy food, can try to remove the sambal but this was actually quite yum~ Their cereal prawns were good, the prawns were fresh enough and filled with cereal smell, nice... The nai bai was crunchy and sweet, and quite impressed by the fried enoki mushroom combi, this dish can order... Here comes those not-so-recommended dishes... The fish maw with crabmeat was not say very impressive, but decent... The sea cucumber and abalone were a little too hard and got that fishy smell somehow, I think they need more time to prep their sea cucumber and braise the abalone... Suggest to skip the heaven & earth pork rib, tasted like over-cooked (chao-tah?) coffee pork rib which left a bitter aftertaste in my mouth. Moreover, the pork ribs were kinda fatty to my likings... Can also skip the yam with ginko nuts, couldn’t taste / see the ginko, it’s like just yam purée with coconut milk, taste wise...like a waste of my calories...=X Lastly, the chilli crab, smells good, looks good but...a little too sweet and the buns were rather cold, lower than my expectation, suggest to skip too... Overall, some hits and some misses, suggest to go for ala carte instead of the set menu since some of the dishes were below average in my opinion...
Sambal fish This deep fried sambal fish dish is one of Lai Huat’s signature dishes. The sambal is spicy and provides a great yummy kick to the fish. A must order whenever you visit
Not Like Before I used to go to the Lai Huat near my grandma's house when it was a coffeeshop years ago. Now, in an air-conditioned restaurant, the food was just pricey and rather mediocre (esp the sambal pomfret). The fried rice was good though.
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My Virgin Mala Experience Chef Rick Du 杜非 from Shangri-la Shenyang is in town from 11 - 23 March 2019 & he brings with him delectable Sichuan delights to Shangri-la's already-amazing dinner buffet spread at The Line. Expect tasty treats such as Fried Peppercorn Pork 尖椒豉香小炒肉, Spicy Crispy Chicken 香酥辣子鸡, Spicy Claypot Crab 香辣干锅炒螃蟹, & my personal favourite: Sichuan Chicken in Chilli Oil 口水鸡. Chef Du enthusiastically talked to us about his dishes, & you can tell he really takes pride in what he brings to the table. It was an honour to meet him in person! There is a first time for everything - so I am pleased to announce that I have FINALLY tried Mala 麻辣. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a hardcore spicy lover... Will probably never be. But now I get the appeal of mala-- 麻 which means numb, 辣 which means spicy. The tender Sichuan Chicken in Chilli Oil 口水鸡 was what changed my mind & now I actually understand how a slightly numb feeling on the tongue is quite shiok. Coupled with that little bit of spiciness... Ok ok, I'm not a convert of hardcore crazy mala, let's just call this a very welcomed cultural immersion 😎 I'm the kind of person that can probably only order small spicy 小辣 stuff, but I'm glad my eyes have been opened to the world of mala. Maybe now my colleagues can finally be proud of me 😂 Prices start from $80++ per pax for not only these scrumptious Sichuan delights, but also The Line's usual awesome buffet spread. Thanks Casey for the invite & for hosting us! 💕
Pizza for breakfast anyone? The Line makes ambrosial dreams a reality with their stupidly good breakfast pizza. Think sausages, bacon, cheese, eggs. It’s literally a fry up on pizza hehe. • Does anyone else love hotel breakfast buffets too? 💃🕺🙋
Eating our way through The Line’s array of international cuisines is no easy feat. From their well-stocked crustacean bar to much-loved local delights like laksa, iconic Thai favourites such as Tom Yum and fancy choice bites that include Beef Striploin at the Western station; The Shangri-La Hotel's signature all-day dining buffet restaurant is the real deal. And if those doesn’t make you salivate, turning up the heat with the 2-weeks special Sizzling Sichuan. Prepared by Sichuan specialty guest chef Rick Du, the menu which is available till next week (23 March) sees a line-up of lip numbing dishes. A unanimous hit at the table was the 口水鸡 (Sichuan chicken in chili oil sauce). Extremely tender and smooth, the flavour was surprisingly light (chef did say he toned down the spices for our Singaporean palate). Not too spicy despite the intimidating pool of chili oil. The crunch and sweetness from the nuts sprinkled atop was also a very nice touch. Of course, expect Sichuan Mala Chicken, Mapo Tofu, Fried Peppercorn Pork and more at The Line. Thank you @shangrilasg for feeding us!
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International Seafood Buffet Dinner The seafood on ice was the star of the show! Free-flow Boston lobsters that were practically wiped out within minutes! I’m usually not crazy over seafood on ice and sashimi but I have to admit that the seafood on ice here were beyond amazing. The prawns and salmon sashimi were so fresh! Cooked food wise..the selections were quite limited and tasted quite average to be honest. As a salmon lover, my favourite would have to be the whole baked salmon. An entire salmon fish was literally placed on the serving table...soft, tender, flaky...simply delicious. I’m a dessert person too but they were a bit disappointing though. Very average. The small Portuguese egg tarts were not bad though but definitely put your focus on the seafood!
For The Love
Lobster Buffet ($129++ for 2 pax via @eatbooksg ) at Hotel Jen Tanglin. Prepare your stomach for many many Boston Lobster halves to recoup your investment. The other lobster dishes were delicious too - Lobster Thermidor, black pepper mini lobster, chilli crab style lobster, grilled lobster ... skip the watery bisque and fried rice and feast on the cooked food. Pro-tip: add Boston lobster meat to your DIY rojak and laksa and pretend you’re Bruce Wayne. Note to self: do not plate prawns and salmon sashimi on orange plates.
Seafoody Madness Available theme on Friday/Saturday Upon entry, just feast your eyes throughout the dining area and heaps of eye-catching Boston Lobsters facing you in the array. But first up, the sake sashimi. Portion can make do with slightly thicker but nevertheless its good. Grab that first instead of lobsters and you will know why later. Next, head for those succulent Boston Lobsters that you were eyeing right from the start. Most peeps are targeting the tail portion probably cause its already pry open and that's where most meats are. If you ate it blindly though, you are probably having the black stuff (intestinal tract albeit nothing wrong). I personally dig it out though and its not too difficult. They taste great and slightly chewier. But man I just prefer those pincers instead. Not hard shell, easy to twist and out pull those meats, smaller in size but its so much juicier and most people don't take it. There are plenty of other options besides these 2 above briefly mentioning those that caught my tastebuds: oysters (probably Fin de Claire), roasted beef, fish w/ indian curries (its just too good to give this a miss), fried mantou w/ chilli crab gravy (those crab meats are tough inside though, not a fan), seafood thermidor, baked salmon, and the matcha ice cream and I make a twist with the chocolate fondue by having marshmallow dip in it and drizzle the chocolate over those matcha. After awhile, it hardens exactly like MacDonald chocolate cone. Didn't try the diy kueh pie tie (lazy), and rojak (lazy again). At the value of 68++ /pax, its value for money. Book with chope or eatigo gets you 20% off!
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[One Ninety] - The Lobster and Prawn Toast with Spicy Tobiko ($8) surprisingly won our hearts with its rich flavour from the lobster and prawn filling, sandwiched in a crispy pillowy toast. . Find out more at https://www.sgfoodonfoot.com/2019/04/one-ninety-four-seasons-hotel-singapore.html . One-Ninety Restaurant Four Seasons Hotel Singapore Ground Floor 190 Orchard Boulevard Singapore 248646 Tel: +65 68317250 Nearest MRT: Orchard MRT (NS Line) Opening Hours: Daily: 630am - 10pm
We are looking at Iberico Pork Presa with marbling of fats mingling in the red meat of that pork. And yes, they’re pork, not beef. The Iberican Pork is known as the “Wagyu of Pork” with a high concentration of healthy oleic acids. I have to admit that the texture of Iberico Pork tasted similar to having wagyu beef. Extremely tender and juicy with the oily feel in every bite. It is accompanied with sweet and sour pineapple chutney spiced with star anise and celeriac purée. 😋 . Iberico Pork Presa at S$42. . One-Ninety is sharing the celebration of the opening by offering a trilogy of specials for April to June: 25% off Dinner, daily, Mondays to Sundays . Read on foodgem.sg/food/hotels/one-ninety-restaurant . Where to dine? One-Ninety Restaurant 190 Orchard Blvd, Singapore 248646
Snapper Bouillabaisse from the revamped menu at One Ninety restaurant in @FSSingapore. This Provencal fish is packed with red snapper, mussels, tiger prawns and clams. The orange broth is slightly spicy, packed with herbs and spices along with spicy daikon and lemongrass. We like the fresh flavour of the fish here, along with the hearty seafood broth, which reminds us of what we had in Marseille few years ago. It is overall not too heavy, highly recommended if you are looking for something lighter for your mains as opposed to red meat.
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