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Hot 100 2019
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Look at the beautiful lamination on this double chocolate roll. Nothing fancy, nothing over the top, just a good old croissant with dose of semi-sweet chocolate. Contrary to what its name suggests, it’s not actually diabetic. Topped with a healthy dusting of cocoa powder, what you can expect instead is the dark, nutty profile from chocolate weaved into the dough, with little pops of 40% chocolate buttons folded through. It’s like the epitome of a good bar of chocolate yknow: from the bittersweet elements, a touchy of astringency, nuttiness, to just a little bit of sweetness to bring out all these beautiful flavours.
Brotherbird Coffeehouse’s latest dessert creation completely blew my mind. Their Honey Toast ($12) sees a liberally buttered slice of toast drizzled with honey, then served with a side of spice poached pears, ice cream of your choice, and a little crumble over the top. Such a humble desert, but get this my friends: every element is perfectly executed and painstakingly made from scratch. From the tender pears lovingly poached for an hour; the handmade Madagascan vanilla ice cream ridden with beautiful specks of vanilla bean; to the house-baked white bread, slowly toasted over the fire till all that glorious melted butter’s absorbed, then given a quick blast on the salamander for that lovely caramelisation on top. Honestly I couldn’t get enough of that buttered toast: so so moist, and that touch of salt really helps balance out all the sugar in this dessert. For those who think butter’s bad for you? Newsflash: we are all dying. Every day. Eat some butter before it is too late.
Vanilla Flan Danish Vanilla Flan Danish ($5) Iced Mocha ($7) . Reopened @brotherbird_coffeehouse now serves coffee and desserts in a chill laidback space. Perfect for unwinding the weekend away. Mocha is refreshing and danish is not too sweet. Loving the vibes here
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Peach Tie Guan Yin If you really like fruity teas, go for the Peach Tie Guan Yin, the peach fragrance was lovely and blended well with the Tie Guan Yin. The tea was pretty light, but I enjoyed this combination thoroughly. Personally would have enjoyed it more if it was slightly less sweet, but I still finished the drink in no time!
Fruit Infused Teas Was very impressed by this new brewed tea place on burpple beyond. The unique thing is that they actually brew the tea by using a coffee machine. They have a lot of interesting fruit-infused flavours and I will be back to try more of them! The lovely staff let us smell the fruit-infused tea leaves before deciding on what to order and they were so fragrant and sweet smelling. We got the red peach tie guan yin and the pear high mountain oolong. I enjoyed the peach tie guan yin a bit more because I was in a “sweet” kinda mood and the sweetness of the peach really came through. It’s quite unlike typical bubble tea places which use fruit syrup. The peach flavour is a lot more subtle, so it really enhances the flavour of the tea and marries the two aspects together. Really liked it. The pear high mountain oolong was less sweet, but I enjoyed it too. The pear flavour was more subtle, but as a result, the tea flavour is more pronounced. There were the small dots that you can taste when eating asian pear inside, which was a nice touch. Definitely will come back for more. The tea leaves of the grape oolong smelt so amazing and the staff there was really nice and helpful. A refreshing addition to the over-saturation of bubble tea stores in Singapore.
For a different tea-perience, head over to Steeped Tea Bar for an espresso-brewed tea with unique concoctions such as Grape Oolong and Strawberry Basil Oolong. The latter is a Valentine’s Day seasonal mocktail that is ending today while the former uses brewed oolong tea shaken with grape juice. The sweetness from the juice and the tartness from pressed grape skins complements perfectly with the floral tea base. What’s more, if you are a Burpple Beyond member, they are now having a 1-for-1 promotion for their tea mocktail selection. •••••••••••••••••••• 📍Steeped Tea Bar 2 Tan Quee Lan Street, Unit 01-01, Singapore 188091
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Thai Boat Noodles, Thai-licious Decided to come here after reading so many good reviews, even good reviews by Seth lui. Came with a group of 4. But honestly, food was ok.. the noodles were overcooked, which made it lack texture. The soup was good though, and fragrant. The best part about the meal was really the sides. If I can advice you on anything, just get the Thai fish cakes. They are the highlight!! Even the chicken wings pale in comparison to the fish cakes. Will not come back again though. Place was small, owner wasn’t too friendly. Food: 2/5 Price: 3/5 Place: 2/5.
$8 (Pork/Beef) Boat Noodle I have always been a fan of boat noodle ever since I heard abt it. The soup is so light & it defo brings warmth to your heart & soul. Ordered the pork one while he ordered the beef (Cus I rarely eat beef.... he did mention the beef soup is a lot btr tho) & I thought it was okayyyyyy, soup was light & sweet, portion was good. Nth spectacular but still a really good bowl of noodle. Shrimp fritters ($8.80) - we enjoyed this a lot!! The prawns are succulent, sweet, bouncy oOoOooO Thai Green Milk Tea ($3.50) - typical drink u can get at pasar malam for $1.50 but a Thai meal is never completed w/o some milk tea hehe Bandung ($3.50) - I tried it & my first instinct was “omg... this is so great, so milky” until he said it tasted exactly like HL strawberry milk...... which I agree after awhile..... so idk la try it for urself HAHAHA I was pretty mind blown
Mini Boat Noodles With Pork And Beef $9.90 Burpple 1 for 1 set Wow! This place has really good Thai food! Although kitchen is quite small and they seem to have slower service during peak periods when it's full house, I think the quality of the food makes up for it Really good value for money set for one side dish, one main and one drink per person. Our main was around $9-$10 and side was $12? Bill for 2 was only $30! ___ Hubs loves this dish so much as it reminds us of one of our fave beef noodles from jb (triple k). Surprisingly we haven't really had boat noodles in bkk/ Thailand before but if it tastes like this we will like it very much! Soup is delicious and flavourful with small fried garlic and there's generous serving of beef and pork! The brisket is so tender and melts in your mouth.
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Salmon Grain Bowl Vs Tom Yum Seafood Pasta If you are looking for a place to relax & chill while enjoying some asian fusion dishes, you may want to drop by @dualcafe.sg which is conveniently located along Arab Street, within 10 mins walk from Bugis MRT Station. Between the two dishes, Tom Yum Seafood Pasta & Mirin Salmon Grain Bowl, I had a difficult time deciding which is my favourite main! The Tom Yum Seafood Pasta was tasty & flavourful! Loving the pretty presentation of the dish as well! While the salmon grain bowl has the best option of having a combination of both salad & brown rice, allowing individuals to enjoy a healthy diet.
Unagi, Egg & Toast Rise & Shine! Thinking about where to visit for brunch this weekend? Check out @dualcafe.sg ,located along Arab Street, a cafe which serves a wide variety of asian fusion dishes! One of my favourite dish is the unagi, egg & toast. Although it may sound like a simple dish, but sometimes it is the simplest dish that makes us happy 😊. Apart from the unagi, egg & toast, I will be sharing about the other mains from @dualcafe.sg in my upcoming post! Thank you @ariane.le for extending the invite & @dualcafe.sg for the warm hosting!
Lunch Set Bad service. They did not inform us before ordering which ingredients were not available. They waited until we chose the ingredient before telling us they ran out. What's worse was after the order was sent to the kitchen, a staff came to tell us that another ingredient was not available. After which, yet another staff came ti clarify the order again. Don't recommend their service, the food was ok. Value for money. nice music n gentle staff tho.
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