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Sunday can only mean one thing - BRUNCH! Really strong cravings for their simple Butter Croissants ($4.50) with Scrambled eggs (+$3) after the first time I had it. Though their popular Mushrooms on Sourdough ($14) never disappoints, and it was a good choice to add on their crispy bacon (+$3).
Breakfast with the gurl. Been a while since I went Atlas Coffeehouse so am definitely glad that they had opened an outlet near my neighbourhood. No need to travel down now! • Some difference in the dishes available but Mushrooms on Sourdough ($14) is so tempting that I can’t resist and had to get that. Can’t finish on own? You can opt for their buttery croissant adding on scrambled eggs like Raine did. And while I would love to have their pancakes, we were just too full to eat it. • It was also great that we managed to speak with co-owner Daphne about their startup since The Assembly days. Wonder who still remembers that quaint cafe space in Evens Road? That popular OOTD spot? Their popular Shibuya Brick Toast? And while at Columbus, see if you can spot that Long table near the entrance. It was from The Assembly too~ • Columbus Coffee Co Address: 220 Upper Thomson Road, Thomson Garden Estate, Singapore 574352 #columbuscoffeeco
Creamy mushrooms on toasted sourdough [$14] with scrambled eggs [$3] Opted for a change of sourdough toast to butter crossaint which left me with no regrets! ✨With a crisp and slightly flaky exterior lies a soft, pillowy interior that carried off a lingering buttery fragrance💕. The shimeiji mushrooms comes drenched in a pool of white wine-infused creamy herb sauce, along with sautéed sundried tomato and topped with grated Parmesan flakes. Creamy, tangy with a spike of white wine contributing to a lingering fruity, mild citrusy aftertaste, certainly a great pairing to the butter crossaint! The highlight for me in this all day meal was no doubt the scrambled eggs that were done to an ideal smooth and silk-like texture, with a slight creamy consistency. Best to eat it hot though, as due to my usual photos before food routine, I had eaten the scrambled eggs cold which depleted the level of enjoyment 😢 // . From the same crews behind @atlascoffeehouse and @lunarcoffeebrewers, @columbuscoffeeco had just opened its doors recently for around a month, with a much spacious and minimalistic interior. ✨ A new addition to the stretch of cafes in the Upper thomson district! . . . #burpple #smitteneats #smittenchoice
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Chicken rendang [$18] 2 chicken drumsticks coated with rendang sauce, served on a bed bed of broccoli ‘rice’, along with homemade chips and fresh, raw tomato chunks. The chicken drumsticks are cooked in a sous-vide style that results in a more ‘bloody’ appearance of meat that wasn’t really to my liking as it felt a tad undercooked IMO. Would personally prefer if the meat was fully cooked without the reddish blood-like appearance 😅. Nevertheless, the rendang sauce and house-made chips compensated for this disappointment, especially the chips that were well seasoned, crisp and so additive that I would gladly love to steal some of it and smuggle it into the cinema for a movie snack 😛😆. What’s more, it’s home made from scratch by the folks from @prodigalcafe ! ✨ The rendang sauce was flavourful, aromatic and tangy with a pleasant tinge of spice that went as a great complement to the tender and juicy chicken drumsticks. On the other hand, broccoli ‘rice’ was made by mashing and grinding broccoli to fine sand-like grains, which was a remarkable effort indeed! 👏 Perhaps a healthier element to alleviate the overall sinful-ness of this dish, it had a texture resembling that of quinoa as well! On a side note, the service here is really one that made my dining pleasant much more enjoyable 🤗. Heard that the coffee here is good too, but unfortunately since I can’t drink coffee, I m not able to provide my verdict on it 😢. [PS: This dish is available only for a limited time in their current mains menu that undergoes a revamp every week. Do try it while it lasts or otherwise, look forward to the new surprises] . . . . #burpple #smitteneats #smittenchoice
Chicken Rendang Chicken Rendang ($18) . So, a scoop of the grub @prodigalcafe , this is their take on rendang chicken. 2 pieces of chicken drumsticks sous vide to perfection and coated with rendang paste thats also lightly torched, served on a bed of broccoli rice and a side of house fried chips. Loved the chips and chicken, just felt that the broccoli rice didn’t pair so well in this dish.
Grilled Cheese Toast ($10) Braved the sun today for brunch!☀️ Coffee’s good and the air conditioning provides such a respite from the heat. Got the grilled cheese that everyone seems to get here and at first sight, it is impressive! A tower of thick toast with melty cheese, a generous bed of rocket and parm and some grilled peppers for some juiciness. The saltiness of the cheeses does great with the toast, but it does get gelat after a few mouths, and there’s only so much the grilled peppers can do. A side of tomatoes or a sauce would have been great with this, but I’d definitely only get this if I’m sharing.
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