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Giant Scones In Assorted Flavours 😍 Was drawn to Da Paolo’s display of baked goods and ended up getting one of these giant scones. There are a few flavours, but as a choco-holic it wasn’t a hard decision to go for the chocolate chip scone. Da Paolo Gastronomia sells huge scones and we were all marvelling at them in the display cabinet. The scones go for $4.90 each. We bought one to takeaway for tea later. Heated it up in our office pantry for about 3 minutes to get a crisp scone shell and warm up the interior a little. After being warmed up, the smell permeated our pantry, which was real heavenly and drool-inducing. The scone was delightfully crispy on the outside, and soft with a muffin-like texture in the center. The scone was studded with a generous amount of chocolate chips, some of which had melted after being heated up. Pretty good scone overall and I wouldn’t mind paying $4.90 for a scone of that size and quality :)
| 🍝 Simple No Frills Pasta 。... ~ · Amatriciana - $15.80 · Simple Italian tomato based pasta with large bacon slices, onions & parmesan on the top. The comfort food I’m looking for after a long day at work · Da Paolo Gastronomia @dapaolosg
have you ever heard of gingerbread ice cream??? neither have i til i came across this restaurant @ vivo city 🤩 its name was kinda misleading bc it was called Cinnamon ice cream but there was a gingerbread stuck on it (you know how all gelato have food items stuck on them on display) so i asked to try it and was like yes i need this bc it tasted exactly like gingerbread cookies & also had cookie crumbs in them. i love gingerbread cookies so i enjoyed this unique gelato flavour! also loved that this place sold many kinds of desserts & food, from pasta to rice bowls it was like a supermarket + cafe in one place 👌🏻
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Cheese Baked Lobster And Scallop Rice Was torn between ordering this load of cheesy goodness versus a ‘healthier’ option of aglio olio. It seems pretty interesting to me that TCC has designated sections of the menu which are listed as healthier alternatives and provide caloric counts for those foods - would be great if they could expand that to the whole menu but that’s a pipe dream since they’re not a health food restaurant. This dish comes with brown rice, which I absolutely love. There’s more bite in brown rice and it holds its firmness more than white rice, but it’s usually harder to achieve a nice consistency as it takes longer to cook. Thankfully the brown rice was not undercooked, and each mouthful provided a slight nutty texture that paired well with the cheese. The curry sauce was quite watery, and a little dismal because the flavours didn’t come through much. I think they were going more for a Japanese curry taste but I couldn’t taste it at all in the midst of the cheese and the sauce just served to ‘wet’ my rice 😂 TCC didn’t stinge on the cheese, and it formed a thick layer on my baked rice. Interspersed in this cheesy layer were pieces of lobster and scallops. Not too sure if they’re really lobsters as the pieces were so tiny they looked and tasted more like hei bi but maybe they’re bits of slipper lobsters or something. The scallops were decent sized. Overall there was quite a lot of seafood within the cheese layer and I think it’s quite worth the amount paid, however, the sauce needs a bit of working on.
Excellent Service And Great Food I always drop by tcc for the 50% birthday month promotion to treat myself to some delicious grub... the matcha cappucino was a delectable not-too-sweet mix of matcha, chocolate and cappuccino. I had my usual seafood aglio olio but I have been converted to get the wagyu beef burger next time (not pictured but also happily shared and consumed)! The seafood was good but the pasta was a bit too plain for my liking this time. Attentive service and nice ambience. Looking forward to the next birthday!
Breakfast For Dinner Ditched my usual order and went for something 'light'. Surprisingly good as pancakes were fluffy. The eggs could have been better but it was not too bad. Salmon was... Well, being salmon. Portion was bigger than expected.
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