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Bak Chor Mee $3 (L) Where else can you find lunch for $3 in the CBD? This venerable institution has been around for years and only just raised their prices by 50 cents(you could previously get a large portion for $2.50). The lone uncle in the kitchen dishes out an amazing variety of local staples all for the same price, including mee reebus, mee siam, lor mee and prawn noodles, but none can beat the bak chor mee, which is usually sold out shortly after 12pm. This version differs from the norm and only comes with braised minced pork over noodles. It鈥檚 highly savoury, saucy, a little sweet, spicy and oily, and utterly satisfying. Taste: 3/5
$2 Meal In CBD Have been reading and watching review from Eatbook, Night Owl Cinematics, Sethlui talking about a cheap and affordable meal in CBD and finally got to try it. As want most of them mentioned, the Wanton Noodle was already sold out when I reached at 12pm. I decided to try their Minced Meat Noodle. Their Minced Meat Noodle is different from other Minced Meat Noodle I have tried before. The sauce is sweet and the Noodle is springy. The noodle itself is also unique probably they cooked till Al Dente. I would say if there isn't Wanton Noodle, you should then go for this. As I was not full yet, I thought of ordering Mee Rebus as it is another favourite ordered by consumer. However, they mentioned it is not available on Friday. I then decided to get Prawn Noodle. The Prawn Noodle really has nothing to shout about and the prawn given is actually 2 x half cut prawn = 1 prawn. However, being $2, there isn't much to talk about. Do note that Prawn Noodle dry is not the dark Soya Sauce type but literally dry with a bit of prawn broth in it. Overall, it is an affordable meal if you are working in CBD area or just trying to save on meals.
Fishball With Kwayteow ($3) Fishballs were actually quite nice, which was unexpected because recently the fishballs I鈥檝e had at other stalls weren鈥檛 good. Kwayteow was nice and slurpy, liked the sauce which was a not bad mix of salty and sour (vinegar) and a hint of sweet. This seems trivial but I like the presence of beansprouts, which were crunchy and provided a good textural variation!
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Singapore-Style Char Kway Teow That Answered My Craving Loud And Clear ($3.50). Given a choice, I will always pick Penang Char Kway Teow over local Char Kway Teow because my tastebuds gravitate towards the savoury rather than sweet. But this version of the latter at Brunner鈥檚 Coffeeshop in Katong was really decent. Perhaps it is because I requested for it to be extra spicy, so some of the sweetness was masked by the increased amount of chilli used. The cockles were miniscule to be frank but it鈥檚 no big deal to me as I didn鈥檛 order this for the seafood. What I really wanted was a plate of noodles, freshly fried with pork lard oil, lots of beansprouts and a whack of 鈥渨ok hei鈥. This $3.50 serving delivered all that in spades.
Teochew Mee Pok $4 This is a decent bowl of noodles but not worth the long wait during weekend breakfast hours. Lard, chilli and vinegar tossed noodles are accompanied by a smattering of minced pork, fish cake slices, fish ball, fish dumpling and a rather plump prawn. It did the job but little else. Taste: 3/5
Yummy Kway Teow Soup Ordered mine with pork and prawns, and the soft rice noodles was swimming in delicious broth, pieces of lard, and fresh huge prawns. Small little details stood out in this stall. Like the fact that they used proper prawns & not the farmed crystal prawns of cheaper variety. The bean sprouts were fat and crunchy. Throw in a few pieces of chilli padi and this makes for a satisfying light lunch!
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Kaya Butter Toast 1.4nett Bread was quite crispy and the generous cold butter worked well against the warm bread. Ask for more Kaya as they usually give a Thin layer. P. S. Make sure u queue at the Kaya queue inside, outside for nasi lemak?
Kaya Toast & Kopi Gu You First time to the super old school @heapsengleong and the toasts + drinks are still kept at an affordable price at less than $4 for 2 drinks and a toast! The golden brown kaya toast which was crisp and fluffy, with a slab of butter and a layer of not-too-sweet hainanese kaya was fantastic and I liked the extra effort scraping to remove any burnt bits after toasting. Also tried Kopi Gu You for the first time and guilt aside, I liked it - the aromatic kopi was pretty smooth!
Toast Set And Coffee With Butter We enjoyed the old school ambience of slow moving ceiling fans, marbled tables and plastic chairs, over the clanking sounds of cups with coffee brewing. The addition of butter made the coffee smoother and silkier. However, please try to enjoy this either in the morning or if you are looking for a fix to stay awake. Studies have actually shown that butter creates a slow release of caffeine, hence allowing extended period of heightened brain power! Not sure why but the eggs felt bigger than usual too. Loved the fluffy toast. Though it was not crispy like yakun, it was soft and really fluffy. The slab of butter was pretty big too. Everyone should really make some space for old school fare once in a while because it's not only nostalgic, but also more wallet friendly:)
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