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Durian Chendol Maybe a little too early for dessert at 10am, but how to resist especially with the chendol photos around the cafe? We opted for the durian chendol, which came with a generous dollop of durian pur茅e on top. The durian pur茅e was thick and creamy, and provided a lovely bittersweet contrast with the shaved ice, gula melaka syrup and chendol bits. The ice isn鈥檛 as fine as bingsu, but it鈥檚 finer and more even than what you鈥檇 usually get at a kopitiam or coffee shop. Hidden under the mound of ice were two attap chee and some kidney beans in coconut milk. Very very enjoyable dessert overall, and I would recommend going for the durian chendol over the regular as the durian really elevated my enjoyment of this dessert!
Nasi Lemak Chicken Cutlet When ordering Cafe Pandan鈥檚 nasi Lemak, you get a choice of eggs: omelette or sunny side up, and vegetables available at their heated display. We had both the chicken cutlet and fried chicken wing nasi Lemak sets at our table with the long beans, one sunny side up and one omelette. I preferred the chicken cutlet over the fried chicken, and the omelette over the sunny side up, but both were good options! I love how tender both chicken options were, the batter was crisp and not too thick. Choose the cutlet if you鈥檙e lazy like me 馃槀 the rice was fragrant enough, but not particularly outstanding. As for the sambal, it was well-balanced, slightly sweet and not very spicy - so everyone can enjoy it. I鈥檇 rate this as above average nasi lemak. It鈥檚 not the best in Singapore, but they don鈥檛 claim to specialise in any dish in particular, and the main draw of Cafe Pandan is their variety of delicious local dishes and comfortable interior. Definitely a nice place to consider if you鈥檙e looking for local food in a cafe setting instead of a hawker center or coffee shop.
Yuan Yang Got this together with the ugly bun as a set for about $6. Pricier than a regular coffee shop or kopitiam, but still much cheaper than going out for breakfast at a cafe. The yuan yang here isn鈥檛 too sweet, plus the ratio of coffee to tea and milk is just right such that none of the components overshadow the others. Not sure if the cafe has ties to Tiong Bahru Pau which is just a few shop units down, but I鈥檓 sure I鈥檒l be coming back again :)
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$2 Meal In CBD Have been reading and watching review from Eatbook, Night Owl Cinematics, Sethlui talking about a cheap and affordable meal in CBD and finally got to try it. As want most of them mentioned, the Wanton Noodle was already sold out when I reached at 12pm. I decided to try their Minced Meat Noodle. Their Minced Meat Noodle is different from other Minced Meat Noodle I have tried before. The sauce is sweet and the Noodle is springy. The noodle itself is also unique probably they cooked till Al Dente. I would say if there isn't Wanton Noodle, you should then go for this. As I was full yet, I thought of ordering Mee Rebus as it is another favourite ordered by consumer. However, they mentioned it is not available on Friday. I then decided to get Prawn Noodle. The Prawn Noodle really has nothing to shout about and the prawn given is actually 2 x half cut prawn = 1 prawn. However, being $2, there isn't much to talk about. Do note that Prawn Noodle dry is not the dark Soya Sauce type but literally dry with a bit of prawn broth in it. Overall, it is an affordable meal if you are working in CBD area or just trying to save on meals.
Fishball With Kwayteow ($3) Fishballs were actually quite nice, which was unexpected because recently the fishballs I鈥檝e had at other stalls weren鈥檛 good. Kwayteow was nice and slurpy, liked the sauce which was a not bad mix of salty and sour (vinegar) and a hint of sweet. This seems trivial but I like the presence of beansprouts, which were crunchy and provided a good textural variation!
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$2 only $2 bar chor mee. Frenzlink had maintained their cost prices for their noodles menu only for $2. Since they had started up their business since 1993. Currently noodle menu they offered, Wanton noodle, Minced meat noodle, Mee siam, laksa, Fishball noodle etc. Overall portion given was generous. Definitely will visit to try their remaining noodle dishes.
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Damn Good. Yesterday was International Coffee Day - I found this out only when the day was almost over! But perhaps it's this special day that gave me the good luck I needed to uncover a great coffee stall in a hawker centre. My dad regularly orders coffee from Hylam Street Old Coffee 娴峰崡琛楄佸挅鍟, after a friend introduced it to him & he got hooked. He then did the same to me, & now I'm hooked too. We're always here during off-peak hour (past 2pm on a weekday), so the queue is minimal if even there at all. During crowded times, the queues can get pretty snaking long, I've heard! This is clearly for good reason. The amazing fragrance of roasted beans, superb taste, & affordability. When I walked forward to place my order, I could smell the beans immediately. That made me change my order of tea to a coffee before I blurted it out to the uncle. In terms of taste, I really can't ask for more. It has the socksy kopitiam taste that you want in a cup of hawker centre coffee. It'll definitely give you that kick awake that you need in the morning/mid-day. & the price? $2 total for this kopi & kopi C kosong. Who needs volume when you've got quality; want more, just buy 2 cups lor. Still cheaper than Starbucks. Happy belated International Coffee Day!
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[Bukit Merah] Very good kopi here at Hylam Street Old Coffee, which explains the perpetual lunch time queues. The beans are ground on the spot, making for a thick and aromatic brew. And at $1 a cup. No Go Can Go Must Go馃憤馃徏
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