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For Handcrafted Pastries and Artisanal Cakes Turn to this luxe cafe in Marina Bay Sands for tea with the girls. Enjoy the array of decadent fresh bakes by Chef Antonio Benites of Joel Robuchon fame, such as the signature Mango Cake ($10) made with passionfruit-lychee jelly atop a layer of mousse. Otherwise, the Piedmont Hazelnut Praline Cara茂be Chocolate Bar ($15) and Salted Chocolate Orange Cake ($14) are great alternatives. Wash it down with the Origin + Bloom Mazagran ($6) 鈥 cold drip coffee with lemon juice, served on ice. Photo by Burppler Cassie Ong
Works Of Art That's what their pastries are 鈥 gorgeous art pieces. Almost couldn't bear to eat them, but I'm glad I did, because they are scrumptious; comparable with my favourite patisseries like Nesuto and Lee's Confectionery. - The Mango in particular, I could not rave more about. Besides that surreal presentation, once you break through the chocolate shell, you are greeted by some of the lightest and most fragrant mango mousse. That's not all, the centre oozes molten lychee-passionfruit jelly, adding a vibrant zest to the Mango's sweetness and fragrance.
Mango Cake ($10) NEW concept dining by @MarinaBaySands opens today~ Dig into gourmet sandwiches and handcrafted pastries or indulge in artisanal cakes and Italian gelato at Origin + Bloom! The interior design resembles a lush garden oasis, makes it a wonderful spot for a quick bite too. What more the array of artisanal cakes is bound to blow you away! Created by Executive Pastry Chef Antonio Benites (previously worked with Jo毛l Robuchon), be sure to check out his signature Mango Cake ($10) and other decadent desserts like Piedmont Hazelnut Praline Cara茂be Chocolate Bar ($15)and Salted Chocolate Orange Cake ($14)
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Carnitas Pulled Pork Bowl This comes with pulled-pork, corn, avocado, garlic stick and brown rice. The avocado tastes really bad, bitter and too watery (did they mix it with water?). However the pulled-pork is the bomb! I鈥檝e never tasted any pulled-pork so sweet and tender. I鈥檇 recommend anyone to try their pulled pork!馃挴
Jamaican Grilled Chicken grain bowl The grain bowl also comes with grilled eggplant, baby spinach, salsa, quinoa and the bread of the day which was a breadstick on the day I went. The breadstick was super flavorful and herby yet crispy and buttery and probably my favorite part of the grain bowl. The other elements were decent but the quinoa could鈥檝e been seasoned better as it was bland. The bread and coffee here is really good though and I鈥檇 recommend.
Shakshuka with Mushrooms ($14) 04/09/19 'Red Peppers, Tomatoes, Two eggs, Mushrooms (Instead of Salsicca pork sausage), Feta cheese, Chives, Hokkaido Brioche' Sauce is of thin consistency with strong tomato flavour, huge chunks of mushrooms and a hint of saltishness from the feta cheese. It was also savoury and slightly peppery, complementing the sweet and tangy tomato sauce. Hokkaido brioche was crisp and crunchy on the outside but moving nearer towards the middle, it could have been more fluffy and airy (Was dense and chewy). Overall, lots of flavour just not something that I will eat. Taste: 6.5/10 Full review at:
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Worth The Price Tag? We went to Fong Sheng Hao with moderated expectations after reading other burpplers鈥 reviews. Ordered the pork, egg, cheese toast set with their signature milk tea ($9.60) and the Taiwan special pork patty set with a local kopi ($7.30). The toasts while tasty, were not that special. Drinks were average too. Our verdict: it鈥檚 pricey for the quality and quantity you get. There are other comparable options for kopi and snacks at more competitive prices.
Floss & Egg Set ($7.5) Taiwan's cafe which is famours for its charcoal grilled breakfast toast opened 1st outlet in Singapore! The best idea to avoid to queue is to have "breakfast" at 3pm. Not a big fan for pork so I came to the choice of floss. It's an amazing creation to mix savoury floss with sweet condensed milk, which gives me the balance on the palate and surprising fulfillment in my mind! They sell the toast itself as well (only the top slice) at the price of 3.9sgd per pack. U can also give it a try while queueing. Will come back for more!
Taiwan Special Pork Patty Sandwich + Local Hot Tea Set ($7.80) Tried the signature Taiwan Special Pork Patty Sandwich. We got the hot local tea so our set cost less than what it would be if you order the Taiwanese tea which is only available cold. The pork patty which is supposedly made fresh in-house, tastes like a cross between a Taiwanese sausage and luncheon meat - a little sweet, a little springy. It is stacked with a soft egg omelette, cheese between toasted slices of white bread. Not cheap for what it is but quite tasty.
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