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Hot 100 2019
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Le Chocolat ($9) Walk in and you will find yourself completely immersed in a pastel paradise akin to that of a pristine dollhouse. With marble countertops and spheres of soft white light, one may escape from the hustle and bustle of the Tanjong Pagar CBD district, and seek solace in the charming little dessert boutique that is Nesuto (Japanese for “nest”). The humble patisserie, which is the brainchild of Plentyfull’s ex-head pastry chef Alicia is home to a sublime collection of expertly-crafted cakes and pastries, in which no effort was spared in their creation. Fresh, premium imported ingredients are utilised to their fullest potential with classical and contemporary French cooking techniques. - Nesuto’s cakes are a reflection of innovation and sophistication that excite, where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Le Chocolat ($9) is an example of such, a rich and decadent Valrhona dark chocolate mousse, resting atop a crumbly brownie base before finally being finished with a few shards of pure chocolate. Miss Ispahan ($9.80) was beautifully presented, a lone lychee rose rested atop a blissfully creamy dome of a layered raspberry jam core and a smooth rose and lychee cream exterior. - A second visit was obligatory. On the day of our visit, we were presented with a new cake that appeared to be in its R&D phase. The Orelys Cassis ($8.60) featured a mirrored presentation to its darker cousin, Le Chocolat, with a completely different set of ingredients. The dessert crafted at Nesuto made full use of the Orelys’ discerning qualities and paired it alongside a blueberry cassis confit core atop a brownie base. - As for my personal favourite in the house of the Nest, the clear winner stands to be their C3 Cheesecake ($9). Smooth, nutty and well-rounded, the cheesecake boasts recognizable flavours of Valrhona caramelized white chocolate and dark chocolate infused within the simply rich cheesecake. Sea salt adds a new dimension to the cake, bringing about a savouriness that truly complimented the sweetness and the richness, creating a perfectly balanced cake in its entirety. Wonderful place that does not fail to please.
Yuzu Cake With Pearl of Orient Lychee Good pairing. How can tea go wrong when there’s lychee?
C3 Cheesecake [$9++] Triple chocolate cheesecake made from salted dark chocolate cookie as the base, Oplays white chocolate cheesecake centre, and topped with Dulcey whipped ganache. Really enjoy this cake for the buttery chocolate crust and the decadent, thick cheesecake layer! Tried it on two separate occasions and both times were just as good!
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Featured In 3 Guides
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