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Egg Benedict Egg Bene usually seals the deal if I would go back to a brunch cafe, for this I would. Homemade cakes that comes at big slices are yummy too. Good service tops the experience!
Chef’s Special Assam Seabass with Rice Another of my find suitable for working purposes. There’s a wide variety of food choices to choose from and they serve pretty decent food. Chef’s Special Assam Seabass with Rice totally bring out the local flavors. Sweet and sour flavored gravy with that layer of crisp seabass skin atop the firm seabass, was really good. Good contrast of color and texture all in that one bowl. Ps/ they have drinks as interesting as teriyaki avocado latte! Game to try?
Pork Cheek Quesadilla ($20++) In light of the source of my eternal torment, namely the final paper on the devious mechanisms of Business Law, denial has bestowed unto me safe passage in writing to distract myself from the now. The only true shred of knowledge that I can confidently proclaim would be that it is illegal to commit a crime. - May it please the court, my name is @thintbites and I am counsel for all things culinary in nature. The defendant, W39 Bistro & Bakery has, in retrospect, engaged in criminal behaviour that is unlawful in the eyes of the common law: serving disappointing food. It was an implied term that the dishes that the plaintiffs had ordered was going to be parts of a delectable whole. In accordance with Section 14.2A in the Sales of Goods Act which states that the “goods are of satisfactory quality if they meet the standard that a reasonable person would regard as satisfactory, taking account of any description of the goods, the price (if relevant) and all the other relevant circumstances”, the defendant had failed to deliver as promised, serving up dishes that were imbalanced in flavours, minimal in portion and lacking in any redeeming factors whatsoever. - The Chef’s Special Assam Seabass and Fragrant Rice ($22) was unfortunately, anything but special. The assam gravy was simply too heavy and imbalanced, and for its price, was not of satisfactory quality. The Chicken Roulade ($22) had a glimmer of hope; in that it was a good attempt at a correct concept, but lacked the refinement and balance of a good dish. It was a roller coaster of flavours, but rather the kind of roller coaster that makes you dizzy and nauseous, leaving you lying on the cold hard ground. The only promising dish of the night was the Pork Cheek Quesadilla ($20), with meltingly tender pulled pork cheek in tortilla wraps. The Starter Platter ($32) will allow one to select from any four of their unimaginative starters, and ironically had to be the least value-for-money in terms of the anticipated quality of it all with bland fries, run-of-the-mill mozzarella sticks and sautéed mushrooms that were simply a tired attempt at a country classic. - With that, I rest my case. Thank you your honour.
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Tea Party Cafe Went to TPC to have lunch after school! Ordered the spicy sausage creamy spagetti, fries, chicken karaage, chicken nuggets and lastly, vanilla and chocolate icecream. Total was about $18 and honestly, the food here is pretty affordable☺️ This shop however, is self-service which is why there is no gst and svc charge(which is great)!! Would rate it a 7.5/10 in terms of food, coziness of the ground level and pricing!☺️
Al Funghi & Duck Pizza My favourite thing about this place is that all mains come with a soup and a glass of ice lemon tea! Most of the pastas are priced at $8.50 (for the whole set) so I found it really affordable. I heard that the carbonara was their specialty but I’ve always been one to prefer Al Funghi over Carbonara so I chose that instead. Overall it was pretty good even though I wasn’t expecting them to use what I thought was canned mushrooms in a dish where the mushroom should be the star BUT for the price paid, I think it’s not too bad. The cream wasn’t too thick which I enjoyed even though I know some people prefer it creamier. The duck pizza was also really really flavourful!
The Tea Party Tucked away at sixth avenue centre. $8.80 for a munch set consisting of soup, drink and main. Had sausage aglio olio. It was a tad oily and the sausages were quite thinly sliced. If I were to order a la carte, I wouldn't have ordered plain aglio for $5++ instead of this which costs $8++ 10% off if you dine there in wet weather!
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Urban Baba Babi Pongteh ($24). Unlike their Creatures Crayfish Hokkien Mee which was really impressive, the Urban Baba Babi Pongteh was rather mediocre. When asked for recommendations, we were told that this was one of the recommended dishes but the staff couldn’t explain why. A very traditional peranakan dish; thick slabs of slow-cooked pork belly sitting nicely in the middle of a pool of tao jio, or fermented bean paste. You could guess the long hours of cooking as the tender meat could be easily torn away from the fatty portion. One thing, however, to note was that the fermented bean paste was probably too thick. Yes rich in flavour, slightly yeasty but because of it’s assertive flavour, the entire meat dish became way too salty. Barely touched the fermented bean paste after a few dips. Served along with the nyonya chap chye of cabbage, black fungus, red dates (that’s a first that I have ever come across in a chap chye!) and dried shrimps that added a kick of umami.
Miss Ha
Creatures Crayfish Hokkien Mee ($30). @fortheloveofcreatures has taken its rendition of this local fare to a whole new level, with a touch of royalty. In a bowl much bigger than my face, there lies wok fried noodles in rich fragrant prawn broth, served with 2 fresh crayfishes, tiger prawns and squid, topped with generous serving of crispy pork lard, tobiko and a side of home-made sambal belacan. Explosion of umami was beyond imagination, especially evident in the rich prawn broth, which I repeatedly drenched over the noodles. As if the savoriness wasn’t enough, tobiko was delightfully added which brings along a mildy salted taste and a popping experience. My only complaint was the crayfish were a little dry and the prawns could have been more juicy. Stir in their home-made sambal belacan for a spicy kick, and a hint of shrimp flavour. Having tasted such an atas Hokkien Mee, I have no regrets in life. 😍 Reservations are highly recommended for 2 seatings; 6pm and 8.30pm. As we were present for the first seating, a miscommunication of the time we had to clear the table resulted in some unhappiness. I would think that diners should never be told to change tables in the midst of their meals. Afterall, you would like to enjoy a lovely meal in peace, wouldn’t you?
Miss Ha
Hainanese Chicken Rice Roll This is a great appetizer to share. $20 for Hainanese chicken, fragrant rice rolled with cucumber ribbons and rice paper. Served with garlic chili, sesame soy sauce and spring onion-ginger dip. A must have at CreatureS!
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🎶I played my part, kept you in the dark~ Now let me show you the shape of my TART~🎶 . Bakerzin’s Mixed Berry Tart ($4.80++) features fresh blueberries & strawberries, lying elegantly atop a layer of custard cream encased by a buttery tart shell. 😍😍😍 I really liked the crispy tart but you’ve been warned that it can get quite messy as it is almost mission impossible to cut through with a fork without demolishing the rest of the crispy tart! 😂 . The savoury tart shell was lined with a thin layer of chocolate, whose sweetness was in contrast to the buttery crumbly base. 😋😋😋 While the slight tangy strawberries & juicy blueberries complemented the sweet creamy custard, we found the dessert to still be too sweet on a whole. However, this is coming from us who drinks teh-o kosong or soybean with 0% sugar, so the sweetness level could actually be just nice for the masses. 🤣 . Still a yummy dessert that I enjoyed the indulgence. 💕 Thank you @jc0513 @thuiminn @fadedskyyy for the birthday treat! 😘😘😘
Breaded Chicken With Cheese Personally found the tomato to be overwhelming as I am not a fan of tomato. The chicken was well fried with cereal a D tender on the inside.
Royal Collection ($66 before early bird discounts). The Royal Collection is a new take on the Egg Yolk Blend Mooncakes in new flavours. 🔸 Paying homage to Bakerzin’s decade-old Signature Egg Yolk Blend mooncake, and focusing on local flavours unique to Singapore and South-East Asia, the Royal Collection updates the Signature Egg Yolk Blend Mooncakes in 4 floral and local flavours: 🔸 * Beetroot Gula Melaka Mooncake: A sweet-savoury interplay of fragrant gula melaka and Bakerzin’s signature egg yolk blend, and a beautiful deep-red beetroot skin. * Osmanthus Mooncake: light, floral scent of the natural osmanthus with the indulgent lotus paste. * Charcoal Tangerine Red Bean Mooncake: A homely and heart-warming dessert, the flavours of the red bean soup are re-imagined as mooncake paste, with tangerine bits for some zest. * Pandan Mooncake: A local favourite with the natural fragrance of the pandan mooncake. 🔸 This is a limited-edition series with only 1000 boxes in the collection. They are available at all Bakerzins outlet and online at www.bakerzin.com until 24 September 2018. Early bird discounts are also available now. 🔸 [Media Drop]
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