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Hot 100 2019
For a newly launched @burpplebeyond set for 2, there were 10 dishes with free-flow rice and a decanter of drink. The sheer length of this set looked impressive. It included their delicious braised pork belly and Mei Cai, sous vide Wagyu steak, burnt chilli chicken and fried chicken, Kao Rou, steamed prawns, mermaid fish with plum powder. And there was the braised cabbage with bamboo shoots that were really yummy. The meal would end with red tea jelly if there was still space in the stomach for it. It was a very comprehensive set with lots of meat, seafood and vegetables. Perfect set to sample most of the popular dishes at @thesaltedplumsg except that they weren’t of sampling sizes. In fact, we felt that this set was even good to feed 4. In summary, it was of amazing value on top of the great flavours.
I makan
Not rly worth it Food here is kinda overpriced n really oily maybe it’s the night we visited but pretty disappointed cos reviews seemed rather promising. All the food comes in $5/$10/$15 but tbh the stuff that looks good predominantly falls under the $15 section. Total bill was $73 for 2 ppl n it was Zichar so rly not worth imo
Burnt Chilli Chicken Rice Bowl ($10++) The Salted Plum is one of the more popular lunch places in the area for their value for money lunch deals on their rice bowls. The Burnt Chilli Chicken Rice Bowl is filled with generous chunks of charred chicken which packed serious heat while staying tender on the inside. Mix all of that together with the onsen egg and the rice to get a winning combination. Note: Rice bowls only available for weekday lunch
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Hot 100 2019
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Inside Scoop
Japanese Food Grilled unagi chirashi Don was great and super big portion, definitely worthy and value for money.
Chirashi Don Tamago Mentai Chirashi Don ($18.80). A two variant bowl of complementing torched mentaiko on sweet egg omelette slices finished with an assortment of marinated diced seafood on sushi rice. Mentaiko was good and creamy. Egg was sweet and chilled. Marinated seafood was firm, crunchy, well seasoned and at an optimum temperature. Really good. I also added the lunch premium set (+$8) which consisted of miso soup, salad, sashimi and chawamushi. Miso soup was the usual which you get from everywhere. Salad was good. It was paired with a citrus dressing. Sashimi was ok, it would have been better if it was more chilled. Chawamushi was average. There was a crabstick and a slice of mushroom inside. My friend had the Mount Omote Chirashi Don ($28.80). A massive mountain of a n assortment of marinated diced seafood on a tower of sushi rice. The marinated seafood on this don wasn't as chilled as mine. Most probably because of the fact that it takes a longer time to construct this don. This made it felt like the sashimi wasn't as good as the other don. Overall both don were really filling and we didn't finish the rice. Maybe because we added the set(?) Anyway it was good and worth the money. Also I love their new menu. There are lots of fun elements and lots of items to choose.
Must Try! Tasty, fresh and very generous servings too! Although there are various options to top up to a set, I think the don itself is already very filling! Sure, it is not the cheapest jap place out there, but for this standard, definitely good bang for your buck! 😋 Menu is very extensive, has very wide variety of dons and more, I can't wait to return to try more dishes!
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Yummy Prata $4 for 3 plain and 1 egg prata :) $4.50 for one fried chicken drumstick!!! :( Prata was good. Layers were very obvious. Almost like a croissant prata. Plain was much better than egg. Yummy!
Murtabak ($8) Now comes to the highlight of this stall other than coin prata. We asked Mr.Mohammed which murtabak we should go for (Chicken VS. mutton). Chicken murtabak is what he suggested. The murtabak skin is crispy in a polite way (no crackling sound) with plenty of onions and chicken strips. So fulfilling and delicious!! (not greasy at all as you won’t notice oil trace on the murtabak skin like some other places).🧐😄 . The murtabak is as usual come with sauce but you can level up with mutton curry if fancy. Wish we can try sweet prata but this will be a good dangling carrot for our next outing!! 😜
Coin Prata ($4 for 6 Pcs) “When there is a will, there is a way”. Been here twice after trekking at Windsor Park but never quite make it as the stall is close by then. This time we arrive to the stall at 6 pm.😃 . Read so many reviews as the stall is famous for its pratas (some claims that the standard drops) but we so much appreciate hard work of the ‘main man’ 👨 Mr. Mohammed who is kind enough to let us observe how coin prata is made while we really feel the searing heat as we stood nearby the big griddle. . From the start to the finish, stretching and folding the dough the “coin prata” $4 (mini fried flatbread) is well worth our spending. They were served with artistic touch (big coins in the middle)👌😁 making it look like 🌸 . The texture of coin prata we think is also spot on. It is crispy outside with soft dough inside. Dipping coin prata with curry dipping sauce and our Friday is completed!!! 👼
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