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Wagyu Roast Beef Donburi - Large ($13) The one problem with this meal is that it’ll eventually end. The large portion size is very reasonable for the price they give and even if it turns out small, it is still very filling. The beef slices and are well cooked and lightly peppered and doused with their own white sauce (I think it tastes a bit like mayo-ish?). The rice buried under all this is also enriched with a sweet savoury sauce to complement the beef. Come here if you are looking for a good don that is worth your money! Beyond offers a deal for 2 dons at $20!
Wagyu Beef Bowl (L) Delicious and tender beef bowl for only $10 (before GST) with Beyond! Would definitely come back again because it’s really worth it. Our server, who I suspect was the owner of the place, was also really friendly and personable. But I wish that the rice had more seasoning (with teriyaki sauce or something)! It was a bit dry with just the egg yolk and the creamy white sauce.
Delicious wagyu beef bowl (~$10/pax) This is an inconspicuous place at Orchard Gateway, I wouldn’t notice it if I was just passing by. We both ordered the Wagyu Beef Bowl, which is the main highlight. They have other dishes, though not much variety. The egg yolk and sauce created a delicious combination, and together with the flavourful beef slices, we really enjoyed this bowl of goodness! The portion is on the small side, so if you’re not looking for something too heavy, this would be good to try :)
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