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D24 Durian 3.5nett (nonya Chendol 02-147) Coconut milk wasnt sweetened. Gula melaka and Cendol are made in house, is it any Surprise they're the two best elements? Gula melaka was so thick and it's almost turning solid lol, Meanwhile the Cendol had such a strong pandan aroma, rlly delicious. D24 puree was high quality as well, the creaminess complementing the chendol well. A really good bowl, highly recommended
Sin Chee Satay Bee Hoon (#02-162) Satay bee hoon is usually not the most common local dish in one’s mind when it comes to hawker food. It’s in fact one of the dishes that is slowly fading away and not many stalls serve it as the preparation involved is laborious. I seldom have this dish and it’s not something that I would usually order. For Westies, Sin Chew is the to-go place to enjoy this dish where queues are commonplace. So what’s satay bee hoon? Bee hoon cooked al dente, squid, prawn, cockles, cuttlefish, pork slices and kangkung, satay sauce. Its origins are pretty unknown but Teochews are commonly associated with this dish. I like how the dish is drowned in heaps of satay sauce. The satay sauce is rather sweet, not oily and spicy. So for those who can’t handle chilli well, this shouldn’t be an issue. The servings are rather generous for the price points ($4. $5, $6). They also serve cuttlefish kangkung which I haven’t tried. The four-day work week they enjoy is a testament to their popularity. A privilege that many individuals would wish to have.
Signature Peach Gum [$3.50] New stall are bukit timah food centre! Selling various types of bowls with peach gum including longan red dates, goji, almond milk.
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I’m a regular here and I can’t stop coming!! This is the dry U-Mian ($4) that my girlfriend and I always order without fail! There’s something about the texture of the noodles here that you won’t be able find elsewhere. The minced meat ball is seasoned perfectly. They have great homemade chilli too! The soup that comes with the dry noodles is also very flavourful. Some extra notes: - On most days especially on weekends during lunch/dinner hours, expect to wait around 15-20 minutes for your noodles. You’ll be given a q-number so you won’t have to stand around for too long. - Try to avoid going around 230-3pm, as they usually have their lunch break around that time. - Although their stated opening hours is until 830pm, they usually sell out by 730-8pm (from experience HAHA)
Jun Wei
Dry Cintan Mee Today we MUNCH-ed on...🤤 Noodles from Top 1 Homemade Noodles!! ... 📍Top 1 Homemade Noodles, Beauty World Food Centre📍 💸Dry Cintan Mee: $4 (additional egg for $0.50) ... Unarguably one of the more popular stalls at Beauty World Food Centre, you can always see a steady stream of customers crowded around the stall🚶‍♂️🏃‍♂️My go-to is always the dry cintan noodles with meat balls!!😍 Strongly recommended to go for the dry version simply because you get the best of both worlds- the chili + black sauce and soup. Go easy on the chili if your spice tolerance is not that great as it is really bright red and spicy!!🔥🔥🔥 You can customize your own bowl of noodles by picking 1)type of noodles (ban mian, u-mian, cintan mee, mee hoon kuey etc), 2)dry or soup (normal, tom yum etc) and 3)type of ingredients (meatballs, prawn, fish maw, fish slices etc).
Top 1 Hand Made Noodle #04-44 05/09/19 Opening Hours Thurs-Tues: 1030H-2030H Note: Closed every Wednesday Sliced fish hand made noodle dry ($5) The sauce is just 10/10, sweet and savoury with the chili not being overpowering. The addition of ikan bilis (Fried anchovies) provided a nice crunch to the dish. The noodles were thick and chunky served with a generous serving of pork and fish slices mixed with crunchy green vegetables. A very satisfying meal complemented with an extremely flavourful fish broth. Taste: 9/10 > 9.5/10 (When considering the fish soup served alongside it)
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Fish Laksa I could smell it as I approached the stall. A fishy tangy Assam smell. The first slurp was very positive. Spicy and sour. Very good Assam soup. I enjoyed the Q noodles. But I'm not a fish person. Mainly cos I'm sensitive abt bones. If they would change the fish to meat I would absolutely love this.
For Penang Assam Laksa This might just be as close as you can get to having the real deal. Penang Signature only has one item on the menu — Assam Laksa ($3.50). White, slightly translucent noodles are pre-packed into takeaway containers, even if you're eating it there. Upon order, the staff gives the huge pot of broth a good stir before ladling out the lusciously rich gravy that Tastemaker Fabian Poon describes as "belacan, heh ko (prawn paste), lemongrass, assam and my favourite, mint leaves all mixed harmoniously together in a fish broth". Tastemaker Kenneth Lee loves how the "sweetish prawn paste mixes perfectly with the sour tamarind" without overpowering the other flavours. Pro tip: Request for the gravy to be stored separately from the noodles if you're going to have this taken away — it keeps the noodles from getting soft and soggy! Avg Price: $5 per person Photo by Burpple Tastemaker Kenneth Lee
Assam Laksa ($3.50) @ Penang Signature Assam Laksa penang just got closer at $3.50; coconut-milk and cockles free. salivate immediately at the whiff of the assam fragrance when you receive your order. this is as close as you get; sourish piquant tang of everything penang assam laksa. think belacan, heh ko/prawn paste, lemon grass, assam and my favourite, mint leaves all mixed harmiously together in a fish broth. wish they go overdrive in taste and spiciness but sure enough to excite your buds already. a satisfactory bowl definitely! #burpplebtfc. Penang Signature Assam Laksa #02-28
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