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Tasty Korean Fast food Jinjja Chicken is different as the place & decor is simple. No frills cafe setting. Location is excellent, just few shops away from Bugis Street entrance & opposite Bugis Junction Mall. Is really a must try! Alot of variety of korean food. Ranging from jjajangmyeon to kimbap and to chicken wings. Fusion food such as kimchi fries, burgers and such. Their pricing is very affordable and the taste is really good! Simply love their finger licking good wings! I try their Soy Garlic and Yangnyeom wings and they are fabulous. The taste is not just the outside or skin of the chicken, it sips through inside the meat. I recommend yangneom flavour for the chicken wing. It is a little spicy only and if you can't take spicy, the soy flavour is not spicy at all. To differentiate them, the Yangnyeom (spicy) has black sesame seeds while the Soy Garlic has white sesame seeds! Tried their jjajangmyeon and jjampong set too and it was really good. Jjajjangmyeon is good for those who prefers non-spicy noodles. Jjampong is spicy so you actually get the best of both world in a set of half jjampong and half jjajang.  For people who prefer rice can try their bibimbap. A bed of rice lies at the bottom of your bowl and a plethora of minced chicken, carrots, cucumber, kimchi, seaweed, egg and some sauce on top. So you mix it all up and dig in! Tasty! I simply in love with their Seafood Mandu too. The Mandu has a great crispy exterior that you’re gonna love chomping down on to get that great crisp. Inside this little parcel of yumminess is prawns and chives. It comes with soy-sesame sauce drizzled over it and it is an absolutely perfect pairing and addictive. The tteobokki and fries is recommended too. Tteobokki has a little bit of a hard n chewy texture, served with sauce that is quite spicy. Really good!
Zoey Belle
Beef Bulgogi Burger We also got a chance to try the Beef Bulgogi Burger and I’m amazed by how tender the patty was! And the pairing of pickles and kimchi helps you clean your palate and gets it ready for another beefy mouthful. Pretty awesome stuff.
Good Deal Enjoyed a hearty meal to share amongst us 4 girlfriends. We used the $5.40 deal for 1-1 chicken. Fries sides like the fries and mandoo were tasty and not too oily. The rice cake was quite spicy but a great kick.
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Tomyum Noodles Wow, their noodles are indeed good. Springy and bouncy. However, Tom yum taste wasn’t as strong and it tasted more like normal chilli. I will suggest the wanton mee instead which my partner had.
Baa Mee Haeng Tom Yum ($8.90) This dish is one of the better noodles that I have tried. The balance was good with the springy noodles not being too dry yet not too oily, a tangy flavour with a tinge of spice. I enjoyed this meal. However, the lack of meat and the priciness of this place may not attract me to return again.
When you talk about one of the best Thai-style Wanton Noodles in Singapore, KinMoo The Thai Noodle House should certainly spring into mind. So much so that the famous Wongnai duo has given the eatery a thumbs up and a slap on the table – an indication that it serves damn-good food. The noodles are tossed in special sauce and lard oil, then topped with wanton, pork charsiew (made from grilled pork collar), and further topped with (gasp!) more chunks of lard. Special mention goes to the crispy lard which are all freshly prepared from scratch back in the kitchen. Adding that distinct Thai flavour to the mee are fresh coriander leaves and Thai garlic. So apparently, the usual garlic doesn’t have that much of a ‘fragrance’, and so Thai garlic is specially imported for that distinctive aroma. Its franchise outlet recently opened at North Canal Road (Boat Quay) so remember to check it out. #DFDSP #DFDNoodles.
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Chicken Cutlet With Bun Chicken Cutlet With Bun ($4.50): Chicken cutlet goes well with the “chicken rice” chilli! Fried Mantou is good! Cheap and good meal !
Loong Wye
Chicken Chop Fried Rice Chicken Chop Fried Rice ($5.00) was quite affordable meal for lunch especially at bugis area when you are no idea what to do eat at bugis area. Need to walk around 15 to 30 mins from Bugis Junction or MRT. My friend recommended me Bulkhaul House for lunch cheap deals during last year. Chicken Chop Fried Rice consisted of Colesaw, Sunny Sideup, Plain Rice and a chunks of Chicken Chop. They served with vegetable soup (cabbage and carrots) and its quite refreshing and clean. It's quite tasty and yummy for marinated and deep-fried fluffy chicken chop but too much of putting pepper with having different side dishes to complement.
Pork Chop Fried Rice Pork Chop Fried Rice ($4.50) was quite affordable meal for lunch especially at bugis area when you are no idea what to do eat at bugis area. Need to walk around 15 to 30 mins from Bugis Junction or MRT. My friend recommended me Bulkhaul House for lunch cheap deals during last year. Pork Chop Fried Rice consisted of Spicy Preserved Sour Vegetables, Mixed Beans such as Peas, Carrots, Green Beans and Corn, Plain Rice and a slab of Pork Chop. They served with vegetable soup (cabbage and carrots) and its quite refreshing and clean. It's quite tasty and yummy for the marinated and deep-fried crispy pork chop but not so oily with having different side dishes to complement.
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Wanton Noodle Been this area for so many times but this is my first time trying this roasted meat stall. The char siew was good and chewy noodle.
Meet My Marvelous Meat I’m gonna be honest, I’m kinda addicted to soya sauce chicken. So it really was kinda inevitable that as I was walking down Bugis with an empty stomach, I would end up eating Choo Chiang’s magnificent meats. According to the assorted newspaper clippings, they used to be located in Yishun, so I suspect that they could very well be the long lost roast meats stall I used to frequent a lifetime ago. The soya sauce chicken was tender, juicy and terrifically tasty. The thick sauce was healthily herbal and full of savory flavors, and there’s a generous amount of marvelous meat to go around. The roast pork was another winner, with its well cooked fat and thoroughly seasoned meat. Of course, the crackling was the main event, and it was unarguably stellar. Crunchy and utterly smashing, when you bite into a slice of siew yoke, everyone within a five meter radius is gonna know about it. The char siew could give all the other roast meats stalls out there a hell of a run for their money, save for the fact that the guy swinging the cleaver has the aim of a bad guy in an 80’s action movie. The superb slices of char siew are very unevenly sliced, one slice would be paper thin while the next would be supremely chunky. Of course, everyone knows that when you slice char siew too thin, the texture is ruined. Fortunately, there were a few joyously thick slices of char siew, and I can confirm that they are truly tender and incredibly moist. The mildly sweet and stunningly savory seasoning lathered onto the meat pre roasting has thoroughly infused every last molecule of meat, and every bite was a truly sapid sensation. Only problem is that this three meat combo will set you back by a whopping $9.50, so expect your wallet to get absolutely pounded. While there’s far better value out there, Choo Chiang’s meats have me firmly aboard the taste train to Flavortown.
Roasted Duck Drumstick Noodle (S$6.00) Nicely roasted duck drumstick with the well cooked noodle are the best combination for a simple “grab & go” lunch. Priced at S$6.00 is fair enough for this nicely served lunch.
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