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Roast Pork Belly Rice $3 😋❤ Roast pork belly rice for dinner in Chinatown. The sio bak skin was sooo crispy! The rice drizzled with sweet sauce plus cucumber at the side and comes with soup. Overall not bad, would eat again 👍. This stall also sell side dish like vegetables. Must eat veges 😛. 📍Location: 335 Hong Kong Roasted Meat (Stall 02-181) Chinatown Complex Food Centre 335 Smith St, Singapore 050335
Ice Kachang $1.50 ❄🍧Ice Kachang topped with some sweet corn. Great in this hot weather 😤. Ice kachang is shaved ice with colorful syrup flavouring. 📍Location: Chinatown Complex Food Centre (Stall 02-183) 335 Smith St, Singapore 050335
Da Jia Shi Yummy Porridge Since 1960 Fish porridge Indeed like what the signboard says - this is a yummy bowl of homemade goodness. I like how the porridge is just lightly flavoured and the grains still maintain a nice bite . It’s really like something that would come from my mum’s kitchen just that we save the hassle of cooking and washing up . The fish slices are fresh and plentiful . And what better than a bowl of fish porridge with thinly sliced ginger for this sweltering and unbearable weather . You don’t see Long queues forming but you do see quite evidently that people who come are the regulars who are mostly grey haired uncles and aunties - whom probably have been eating here since the 1960s 😊. This bowl of porridge just brings this comforting warmth to my tummy - very soulful .
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Peanut Pandan MCK My go-to breakfast item in Maxwell. The peanut pancake ($0.70) is reminiscent of a mee chiang kueh, just with a pandan twist! Fragrant, moist and chewy with the crushed peanut bits makes the pancake a great snack. For those who are not a fan of peanuts, there are other options; mung bean, red bean and coconut. Besides the signature pancake, 翁 Pancake sells fried fritters such as ham ji peng, youtiao, sesame ball and butterfly dough fritter. All at the same price of $0.70 too. The sesame balls are soft and flavourful with generous fillings.
Char Siew and Roasted Pork Rice Popped by a relatively new stall, 亚忠烧腊 (#01-93), at Maxwell Food Centre for dinner, and the Char Siew and Roasted Pork Rice ($5) is surprisingly good and generous. Though the char siew is too lean for my liking, the roasted pork is crispy, juicy and flavourful. The sauce is on the sweeter side but it is balanced out by the tangy chilli that packs a punch. Exceeded my expectations:)
Xing Xing Tapioca Kueh Stall 31 Gula Melaka Kueh - brown sugar kueh This is the best kueh I ever ate! It has very strong aroma of gula melaka in each bite, but it doesn't overpower the kueh fragrance, which I enjoyed alot! Its the softest kueh I've ever ate, it almost melt in my mouth! This is a kueh that gives me happiness! Tapioca Kueh - yellow rectangle The tapioca is steamed instead of baked. The tapioca has a very pleasant fragrance. It's very soft but firm texture, not very sticky and served with grated coconut. It's so addictive that you can't stop taking one after another. They are often sold out before their closing time 1.30pm! So go early if you want to grab some yummy kuehs!
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Great Food For Under $10. I had squid and chicken with rice for $7. Definitely worth the price, I highly recommend
Old School Hawker Food Ordered curry vegetable, fried egg and pork chop with loads of curry n black sauce. The stall helper even caution that the curry vege was spicy. Indeed spicy. Damage was $4.10. Not many dishes as I was early to avoid lunch crowd.😅. My take is just so so.
A Timelessly Delicious Sloppiness. I don’t think I am wrong to say Hainanese Curry Rice is the messiest hawker food around. But at the same time, that is what makes it instantly recognisable to most Chinese Singaporeans. Whatever you pick from the few dishes on display, unless it has a distinct shape (like my piece of fried fish), inevitably becomes indistinguishable once the signature curry gravy and dark braising sauce are poured over. I am honestly, not one for gravy-drenched rice but will make an exception for this hawker food because well, what’s the point of eating it otherwise. So when my dad and I visited “Loo’s Hainanese Curry Rice” in Tiong Bahru recently for lunch, I gave a nod to aunty’s raised brow and poised ladle. She swiftly drenched our plates in their signature coconut milk-rich, slightly sweetish curry, followed by a chaser of braising sauce. We were satisfied with our lunch and I was pleased to see the deepfried pork chop is as resolutely crunchy as ever, standing up to the flood of curry like a champion. The steamed egg was lovely but it would have been better if I could have had a fried egg. There’s nothing quite like a runny yolk, don’t you agree? 😊
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Classic Beef Cheeseburger ($6/single patty, $8/double patty), Fried Chicken Burger ($5.50). Team 🐄 or Team 🐓 ? A place to check out for cheap and good burgers, just as I did to sate my burger desire. Sandwiched between the fluffy toasted buns for the cheeseburger that the boyf had were some slow caramelised onions, American cheese, chopped pickled jalapeños, house-made sauce and of course the beef patties. Burst of beef flavour with a hint of char the moment we took a bite off the burger from their handmade beef patties, but we would have preferred it not to be well-done as it resulted in a slightly dry texture. Nevertheless, the sweet caramelised onions and melted cheese rounded the meaty taste off wonderfully with some moisture. There’s an option of original or spicy version for the fried chicken burger. I had the spicy version, which kinda reminded me of Mcspicy, but subtler. Complementing the crispy, succulent chicken thigh were a beautifully-colored house-made slaw and Hammee’s burger sauce, having a similar taste to the Thousand Island sauce. Though a spicy burger, the 🔥 which came trailing toward the end, was quite manageable. What really captivated me were still the toasted buns with a buttery aroma which hits the sweet spot. All burgers are served with a side of paprika-seasoned fries. Waiting time was approximately 30 minutes on a Sunday afternoon.
Miss Ha
Hawker Burgers Queued almost 1.5 hours for this. The grilled angus beef patties were juicy goodness and the buns are so soft. Hawker priced which makes them value for money for the quality you are getting. But really not worth waiting so long!
Premium Beef Cheeseburger ($8) It is one of those no-frill places that serves only 1 or 2 things on the menu and they do it right with a very affordable menu. The buns are nicely toasted and the beef patty is generous for the price. Take note that the wait could be up to 45mins during peak hours!
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