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Featured In 1 Guide
👉Value Meal Shio Noodles👈 Founded by the former chefs of @saveursg, @little_bowlsg is a hidden gem at Clifford Centre’s @ntuc_foodfare, with a stall sign that depicts “Noodle & Rice Bowl”. 。 Featured is their signature plate of al dente pasta, cloaked with a creamy sauce made from kombu, marinated crab meat and shiitake mushroom, served with a side of chicken cutlet and onsen egg. At just $6.90, it’s not only affordable (for CBD’s standards), but also yummy too 😋. I must say their robust sauce which contains the earthiness of the mushroom and the natural sweetness from the crab was clearly the overall MVP. Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Mr Digester
Shio Noodles ($6.90) A steal at the heart of the CBD. Comes with fried chicken and the Shio noodle sauce (which tastes like thickened mushroom cream). The noodles are excellent and immediately reminiscent of Saveur. Can be a tad salty which can be resolved by adding some of their Sriracha chilli sauce
Smoked Duck and Crispy Chicken Bowl ($7.90) This was a new item on their menu! Just superb for two reasons: 1) the chicken and smoked duck were so damn fresh and well marinated. The chicken cutlet was tender and succulent and not covered in too much batter like what we would normally get elsewhere. The smoked duck was so juicy and fresh damn. 2) It may not look like a lot, but I was really full after finishing it. Very value for money! Only wished that the sauce on the rice would be less spicy/peppery (tasted like some spicy bbq sauce) as it almost overpowered the taste of the meats, there was just too many flavours in this bowl, plain rice would be better! Nevertheless this was still GOLD. Simple and good.
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| UNO Beef House . The Mushroom Soup ($2.50) tasted very much like a saltier version of a campbell mushroom soup. Although it lacked the fragrance of mushrooms, it was served hot and went pretty well with the garlic bread. . The Black Pepper Sirloin Steak ($13.00) was quite ordinary. However, considering the price point and location, the cooking standard for this dish was good. The glorious slab of meat came sizzling in a black pepper based sauce on top of a hot plate which proved to be a great starter for the senses. The meat retained its juiciness and we thoroughly enjoyed chewing on every bite. . We would recommend to go for the Mixed Platter ($12.00) which includes chicken chop, pork chop, bacon, ham, egg, fries, baked beans and a garlic bread. The pork chop was the only disappointment as the meat was dry, tough and was not well seasoned. On the other hand, the bacon was very flavourful and was crispy with a slightly charred side. The sunny side up egg had a really runny yolk which we gladly mopped up with the crispy garlic bread. . The Grill Fish ($8.00) was fantastic. The skin had a gentle crunch on each bite. In contrast, the flesh was super soft, juicy and came off easily when cut with a fork. Paired with zesty lemon juice and the cool tartar sauce, this grilled fish would make us drool even in our sleep. For sides, a fried potato ball was served. Although it was not served hot, the crust maintained its crunchy texture. The interior was made of a smooth and fine potato mix that had a slight buttery taste. . We ordered Chicken Spaghetti ($6.00) that was full of unpleasant surprises. The spaghetti tasted too soggy while the tomato sauce did not stand out. The real surprise was the chicken chunks as they felt like the sweet and sour pork. The chicken was not unpleasant tasting but was just really weird with western noodles. . Another dish that failed to make the mark was the Fried Rice with Fish Cutlet ($6.00). The fried rice arrived with no trace of any warmth and tasted mushy. The rice felt like it was barely seasoned. The batter failed to give the fish cutlet a crispy texture though the flesh within was still pretty soft. . Full post:
Black Pepper Sirloin Steak ($13) If you’re looking for yummy & affordable steaks, you can consider this stall located in a Coffeeshop. The sirloin steak was served in a sizzling hot plate with black pepper sauce drizzled on it. The steak was tasty and comparable to those steakhouse standard. It also came with heavily buttered fried potato ball and baked beans.
🎶Nobody gonna love me better~ I’m gon’ STEAK wit you forever~🎶 . Nested in the heartlands of Toa Payoh is Uno Beef House, known for serving some quality STEAKs at pocket-friendly prices.✔ . Somehow I feel like the size of their Sirloin Steak ($13) had shrunk over the years but the cut of beef used is still not bad! 👌🏻 Juicy with a nice chew but not overly tough to warrant a major jaw exercise. Not the most succulent but for the price point, this is pretty decent! 😋 . Like the sweet-savoury black pepper sauce that lends so much flavours to the well-marinated meat! 😍😍😍 The sizzling hotplate did not affect the doneness of the meat while keeping the food warm, which is definitely a plus point! 👍🏻 . Also featuring a side of baked beans, garlic bread (which would be way better if they toasted it), a halved tomato, the homemade fried mash potato is clearly a winner! 💕 Just lightly battered & fried to the perfect crisp on the exterior while remaining moist & soft inside, the potato mash was well-seasoned & buttery! A tasty treat on its own! ❤ . Overall, their food standard is undoubtedly better than other western stalls u can find at coffeeshops/hawker centres! 👍🏻 Ribeye at $15 & tenderloin at $18, this is some value-for-money steak that I would return for. 😊
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