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Did you know that there’s a hand-pulled noodles that opened recently in the revamped Funan Mall? With three soup bases to choose from, signature tomato soup base, beef bone soup base and mushroom sauce, I opted for something light and tangy this time round and their tomato soup contains 7 tomatoes cooked in a single bowl of soup. With a variety of different ingredients to go with your soup noodle, I got the Ebiko Prawn Paste ($13.90) and it was a fantastic choice. The thick and flavourful tomato soup was reminiscent of a certain of hotpot chain’s broth while the hand-pulled noodles with a certain bite to it, is the perfect complement for noodle slurping. The addition of the ebiko prawn paste and half an onsen egg rounds of the dining experience. What’s more, if you are a Burpple Beyond member, you get to enjoy a 1-for-1 for certain noodle dishes such as this. • For all the positives the food brings, the customer service leaves much to be desired on this day. Everything was fine until I was about to make the payment, while my dining partner was still sitting at the table finishing her drink, that the wait staff immediately ushered in a group of customers to our table when my backpack was still on my chair. Maybe practice a bit of patience might help? •••••••••••••••••••• 📍EVENTASTY 一碗田 Noodle Bar 109 North Bridge Rd, Unit 01-13 Funan Mall, Singapore 179097
Ebiko Prawn Ball With Tomato Base Noodles Heard so much about this eatery with handmade noodles at an adorable price and I was pleased to find out that there is even a burpple deal. I love how they used actual tomatoes for the soup base and you can feel those small tomato bits that complemented the springy noodles. The ebiko balls too were well made and I would love to come back to try the rest of their soup base.
Noodles with fish in hot and sour soup Tried the noodles with fish in hot and sour soup. The colour looked really odd but it turned out to be really good! This is on the seasonal menu. We got the sets were you get to add a side and a drink. This place is on Burpple Beyond if you would like to try their noodles at one for one too! I was so hungry and got the sets before asking what was included for the deals 😅
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Sumptuous Hotpot Buffet ($34.80++/person) Amazing buffet and dining experience! The staff were very attentive and provided excellent service, especially Mr Jie. We celebrated a birthday so they gave us a private room that was decorated with birthday balloons. We ordered the laksa soup base (very rich and too thick after awhile) which was recommended by the restaurant, as well as the tomato soup broth. You can even order other side dishes like fried mantou and prawn paste chicken wings which were really delicious! The buffet also comes with sauces that you can mix and match; while some extra drinks or soup bases require an additional top up. Finally, we were served pumpkin dessert to end our meal. It was overall a very pleasant dining experience - good food, clean place (it’s very new too since it was opened not too long ago), friendly staff so it’s definitely worth a visit!
Buffet Came for their steamboat buffet and was ecstatic when I saw the tray of meat come for me 😍 layered on a specially designed tray, it is then placed over the steamboat pot, forming that beautiful sight in my photo. ⁣⁣what started off as a really convenient way of eating soon turned out to be a mess because as you start ordering more ingredients, they came on plates and the table simply didn’t allow for more space (or because we were gluttons and ordered too much) soup wise, I felt that the tomato broth wasn’t as thick and fragrant as compared to other steamboat ppaces. Worth a second visit since it was pretty value for money! Senior citizens get discounted price too, so bring your folks along! ⁣⁣⁣⁣
Hotpot gathers people together on a single pot and cook their own meats and vegetables. What’s your favourite soup broth? My bias goes to Hai Xian Lao’s Prawn Soup 😋
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Featured In 1 Guide
Affordable Dinner Set At Funan ($11.90) Decent and affordable dinner set for 2 person. The meat portion were pretty generous, egg soup and seaweed soup came in a small bowl. The salted egg chicken was slightly too sweet for my liking. Overall, a simple and filling meal if you are looking for cheaper meal option at funan other than the food court.
disappointing return visit Popped by for dinner when I was in the area! Am a little bit bummed that the refreshed burpple beyond deals have time restrictions. Got the dinner set ($10.90), which comprises a main, side and soup. The selection of sides have changed, so we tried the potato salad and the fungus salad. Both were lightly marinated but somewhat unsatisfying - I’d say to give the fungus a miss as it was rubbery. Was also disappointed to see that the presentation of the meal has changed.. the portion of meat given seems much smaller in these disposable bowls. I’ve raved lots about the butter chicken (review on 29 Oct 2019) but this was a major let down! The taste is starkly different from what I had previously - sickly sweet, flat and lacking dimension. Majority of the pieces were of batter and fat, with few chunks of meat. The marinated beef slices fared much better. Although a little salty, the meat was tender and well seasoned. Also enjoyed the roasted capsicums!
good affordable fare This was from a visit in end 2019! Was so impressed by my first meal here (review posted on 29 Oct 2019) that I brought more friends. All the components were as good as before! Swapped out the stewed beef brisket for marinated beef slices, which I enjoyed more. The beef was tender and tasty! Scored the whole meal ($11.90) using burpple beyond.
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