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Burpple Deal Used the Burpple buffet deal. We didn’t expect most of the side dishes to be in the pot already when it was served (meat was served separately). The pot came with so much low value ingredients hidden underneath the fish. Obviously more than what we ordered. But It was difficult to see how much until we started eating. Halfway through our meal, we were told to finish as much as possible to avoid the extra charges for leftovers. In the first place they put in way too much items like bean curd skin and sausages (we obviously did not order so much as we only placed order for 1 portion for most items - one portion shared among two pots). We didn’t even get to order more meat - too full trying to clear the items already in the pot. When we settled the bill, the receipt showed 2 portions for some items which we only ordered 1 portion! We were lucky we didn’t get charged extra. Food tasted alright but make sure to check your orders and receipt to avoid being charged extra for food wastage. And do compare the prices between using the deal and ordering ala carte. Overall a fishy experience.
Chong Qing Grilled Fish Dual Fish Hotpot Used beyond coupon and tried dual fish hotpot buffet style ~ 1 fish cook with 2 soup bases. Love the spicy mala soup with the grilled fish! Do come here earlier as it gets crowded during peak hours 🤤🤤🤤
Miss WOW
Mala Goodness My fav place for 烤鱼! Probably because it’s the first place that introduced me to kaoyu, so it’ll always have a special place in my heart 😛 Have been to this place at least 3-4 times, and have always left very satisfied. Service is not the most friendly but it’s always prompt; it’s slightly better when you visit in the afternoon (i.e. not peak period). The fish is always fresh, juicy and meaty. The mala level is customisable and so are the other ingredients (料) like potato slices, beancurd skin etc. Beancurd skin goes so well with the mala sauce/soup! The mala sauce/soup is salty and spicy, exactly the way mala should be. But it’s not exceedingly salty/spicy/numbing so I find that it has just the right amount of flavour. 🤩 Prices are not the most affordable though, so it’s definitely not an everyday meal. But good to share it with friends for a get-together :) The location is pretty convenient as well.
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Seafood Chicken Pot (50% off w Beyond) Seafood chicken pot w spicy fragrant gravy $28.80 ($14.40 after burpple beyond 50% off) Added golden mushrooms $3.20 Super yummy and worth it with burpple 50% deal. Got the Spicy Fragrant gravy in 中辣 and it had the right level of kick. Chicken was tender (has bones but that’s normal for dishes like this), prawns and squid were fresh. M size is good for 2-3 people (3 if you’re small eaters). Worth a try and I’ll definitely be coming back!
Fat bird #BurppleBeyond 1-1 House Special Chicken Pot $17.90 Numbing & Fiery Chicken Pot $17.90 Spicy Chicken Cubes $13.80 Hot Plate Prawns $14.80 Total: $71+ Utilised 2 vouchers for 5 pax. Ordered 2 Chicken Pots (Small) and 2 mains and about 5 add-ons into the 2 pots. We preferred the spicy chicken pot over the house special as its more fragrant and the spicies really gave our taste buds a strong kick! Portion of chicken in both pots were alright and we find the side dishes are on the pricier side, like one portion of instant noodles cost $3.90. For the mains, the Spicy Chicken Cubes, the ratio of the dried chillis flakes to the small chicken cubes was like 15:1, but chicken was well fried and flavourful. I like the sauce of the Hot Plate Prawns, and it looked really appetitizing with the colourful condiments. Overall, Beyond made it a fairly good deal especially when dining with friends since the price is on the higher side.
Delicious Alternative To Kaoyu Somewhat similar to kaoyu, where you can choose the gravy and other add ons. Highly recommend the Spicy and Fragrant chicken pot (it's not very spicy 😊)! Burrple 1 for 1, with additional add ons, is sufficient for a group of 4 pax.
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Cha Siu Rice Guess one think good about being relatively near Fortune Centre is the fact about having a myriad of vegetarian establishments to visit for lunch, given the abundance of such options in the area. Infinite Happiness is one of the slightly newer options in the area, having opened their doors not too long ago at Level 1 of Fortune Centre right across from Killiney Kopitiam. The hole-in-the-wall is probably best known for their vegetarian fried chicken that looks almost like it is being served from a fast food establishment but the said dish was a special run which had since been out of the menu. Found myself going for the Cha Siu Rice — takes a while given it’s a one-man operation but one could totally tell how he is simply passionate about the craft; so much there is actually two options of “doneness” for it, being “original” and “crispy”, which he recommends the latter. Going for the “crispy”, I could see why this is easily preferred; while usual vegetarian char siew lacks a variance of texture, I quite enjoy how the variant here comes with a slight char around the crisp edges — provides a bit more bite than the usual vegetarian char siew we are used to. Liked how he is also so generous with the cucumbers and the sauce; pretty sure there are actual roast meat specialty stalls that are more stingy with the sauce around — the sauce here comes with just a very mellow sweetness that strangely only runs at the back of the tongue; nothing too overwhelming though still clearly more of vegetarian dish and is different from the usual punchy savoury notes of the sauce in the variant that features actual meat served everywhere else. There again, he also mentions that he does not use white sugar and MSG in the preparation of this dish — definitely sounds like something healthier. The chili on the side is pretty much the same that is served with Hainanese chicken rice — that same zippy concoction that provides a spicy kick that tingles the tastebuds; those with lower tolerance to spiciness are warned! A dish that surprises for those who are open to trying a vegetarian variant of a dish with zero expectations from the usual meat-based item.
Xing Wei
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Chili Crab! Look at that craaaab. 😍 I’ve always hated eating crabs as I find it more tedious than enjoyable, not until I’ve tried chili crab (first time was still in KL). Holy Crab’s ($9+/100g) is no different as they cook it very well. We chose level 2 of heat, and it’s just the right amount of spice you would want if you’re chili-averse like me lol. We paired it with their mantou ($4+ for 5) which could be improved as it’s a bit oily. Enjoyed every bit of this 1.3kg crab. Probably one of the mid-range crab places I’ve tried that totally didn’t disappoint!
Aileen Marie
Hooked on Mee ($15). Good laaard, this dish is one reason why holycrab is on the #burpplesghot100. • Anything with that much lard is bound to be good. Loads of fresh ingredients, with a strong wok hei that adds a ton of flavor. This is really the bomb diggity. It's slightly wetter than most, but the trade off is worth it.
Why do I tend to daydream about eating the “unhealthy” type of food when I get sick? 😷 Aside from durians, I’ve been thinking back on this green chilli crab that I ate at HolyCrab some months ago. Yup you read that right, GREEN chilli! I usually avoid eating it because I dislike the sharp sourness - I make an exception for jalapeño, don’t ask me why. : The green chilli sauce here, however, had none of that unpleasant acid, and plenty of yummy from the aromatic spice blend or rempah, scallions, candlenut, lemongrass and two types of green chilli. Kinda like chilli crab dressed in a kebaya. Wipe up the unique sauce with the mantous - here, they fry the kong ba bao buns so you get more surface area 🤤 : This was from a hosted tasting thanks to @burpple and @holycrab.sg.
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