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Cart Noodle My virgin experience at Legendary was average, so don't ask why I'm trying another lol. I chose thick egg noodles with beef brisket soup, topped with fried fishcakes, onsen egg and fish fillet. Noodles were like meepok except much softer. Soup was ordinary. Fishcakes were certainly unusual in Singapore, tougher but fuller. Fillet was the cheap, thin type in primary school zzz.
Thiam Peng
Hong Kong Cart Noodles I really liked the concept of the colourful sign boards and decorations which were bursting with life. This was one of the reason which diverted my attention from other restaurants. My friends and I customized 2 bowls and ordered 1 'Tai Koo Boy' to try. Since I am a HUGEEEE fan of spicy food, I customised my order of signature spicy curry soup along with eggs, white radish and bean curd puff. Wanted to try the pork knuckle but it was out of stock :( Though the soup was light, I would say that I was disappointed as it was only lightly spiced. Not quite the taste I was expecting. Tried some of Tai Koo Boy and it was not too bad while the chicken soup was too light (again). My verdict: Although reasonably priced around 8.80++, I will not be here returning any sooner, and will probably try out other selections if I do
Hong Kong Cart Noodles You can now get your Hong Kong cart noodles fix at Nerdy Noodles (鍥涚溂浠) in Bugis+. Dine in a 80s Hong Kong restaurant and sample slurp-worthy cart noodles. Choose from 6 soup bases, 7 types of noodles and 40 toppings. http://hungryghost.sg/nerdy-noodles/
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Buffet dinner before attending a youth forum to promote interaction between students from Southwestern University of Finance and Economics (Chengdu, China) and Singaporean youths. This forum provides a platform for mutual understanding and helps to broaden one's perspective regarding the BRI. Always great to see youths who are passionate about global, regional and local affairs that are beyond themselves. 鍓涘ソ浠婃櫄鏈夌┖灏卞幓鏀寔涓涓嬫湅鍙嬶綖 鍘熶互鐐哄彧鏄櫘閫氶/灞娌掓兂鍒版剰澶栧湴韫簡闋撻/搴楄嚜鍔╅銆 涔嬪緦鍏╁嬪灏忔檪閫忛亷鍏朵粬闈掑勾娣卞叆娣哄嚭鐨勫垎浜互鍙婄鐞嗗ぇ瀛告暀鎺堝拰瀛哥敓鐨勬渚嬩粙绱癸紝鍚告敹榛炲惈閲戦噺楂樼殑璩囪▕銆備綍妯傝屼笉鐐猴紵馃き /鍚冧簡杈f铻冭煿寰屾湁鍜屼竵灏戝瀵︾浉鍛婃笡杓曠姜鎯℃劅馃ぃ/
Hui Min
Sunday Dim Sum Lunch My next favourite dim sum restaurant after Wah Lok at Carlton Hotel. Everything were so yummious, and it鈥檚 definitely a spot I would return again. 鈥 Steamed Prawn Dumpling (Ha Kau) 鈥 Steamed Pork Dumpling (涓婃捣灏忕鍖) 鈥 Steamed Chicken Claw with Black Bean Sauce 鈥 Steamed Chives Dumpling 鈥 Mini Egg Tart 鈥 Roasted BBQ Pork Belly 鈥 Steamed BBQ Honey Pork Bun 鈥 Steamed Vermicelli Roll with Fresh Prawn 鈥 Steamed Mousse on Silver Thread (Crispy fritter) Vermicelli Roll with Prawn 鈥 Steamed Scallop Dumpling 鈥 Steamed Glutinous Rice with Szechuan Chicken in Lotus Leaf 鈥 Stir Fried Baby Kai Lan with Fried Onions 鈥 Stir Fried Carrot Cake with Signature Chilli Sauce 鈥 Oven Baked Snow Skin Bun
Song Garden Supreme Fortune Pot, 棰傝嫅鎬鏃х泦鑿 ($688++ for large portion pictured). I tried getting reservations for Song Garden last CNY, but they were fully booked even before I knew reservations were opened. Hope they're still available this year for you since I'm posting this early. 馃敻 Their CNY set menu starts from $88++ per person, or $898++ per table of 10, and goes up to $2688++ per table. Some specialty CNY dishes include: Braised Lobster with Pumpkin Puree served in Hot Stone Pot and Bacon Scallion Pencil (so good, will post this one day), Crispy Fried Live Bi Feng Tang Prawns, Thirteen Wonder London Duck, Pan-seared Scallops stuffed with Prawn Paste and topped with Crab Roe, and Double-boiled Peach Resin with Fungus and Red Dates. 馃敻 This is their pen cai, classically filled to the brim with premium ingredients such as Japanese 8-head Abalone, Roast Duck, Crispy Pork Belly, Dried Oysters, Sea cucumber, and Scallops, all of which laboured over the stove for two and a half hours. 馃敻 This is available for both dine-in and takeaway, and a $388++ option for regular potion is also available. 馃敻 [Tasting]
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For a Weekend Dim Sum Buffet Note this restaurant along Rochor Road down for an elevated dim sum experience with your folks. They will appreciate the wide range of quintessential Cantonese treats 鈥 from egg tarts to barbeque pork buns to har gao and siew mai. On mains, go for their wok-fried five grain rice or flat rice noodles with beef in black bean sauce. Other must-haves include their succulent minced pork dumpling with scallops, and the steamed pork xiao long bao with crab meat and Benedictine DOM that's guaranteed to make mum smile. Buffet Prices: Available on weekends and public holidays only (from $58) Photo by Burppler Shawn Loh
15 Best Mooncakes in Singapore to Indulge In this Mid-Autumn Festival 2019! For their snowskin mooncakes this year, InterContinental Singapore has rolled out Premium Ronnefeldt tea-infused Mooncakes. Each box contains four of these treats. Flavours include Irish Whiskey Cream Assam Tea with Milk Chocolate Truffle, Morgentau Tea with Hazelnut Chocolate Pearls, Peppermint Tea with Chia Seeds and Lemon Hibiscus Jelly Truffle and Soft Peach Tea with Pumpkin Seeds and Ginger Passionfruit Jelly Truffle. Read more: https://www.misstamchiak.com/mooncakes-singapore-2019/
New Post- check out this sizzling pork ribs from @interconsin @manfuyuansg, one of the 13 new signature dishes by Executive Sous Chef Aaron Tan. Braised for 2h in a Chinese herbs and spices and red glutinous rice sauce, the meat is fork-tender and goes perfectly with the sweet fluffy mantou. More on www.ms-skinnyfat.com link in bio.
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Weekend Ala Carte Dim Sum Buffet It鈥檚 going for quality and not quantity over here at Andaz! Love the overall consistency of all the food that they offered. There are both buffet spread and ala carte ordering. Special mention to their red bean soup which i love it so much that i had 2 servings of it! Not starchy but just the right consistency of the gooeyness! The sweetness was so light with dried citrus being added in. Another mention-worthy dish is their fried carrot cake, soft carrot cake with the right proportion of egg makes it so flavourful!
I Recommend The NEW 鈥淢ala Claypot Set Meal鈥 ($60++ for 2 pax) H O S T E D This is NOT your typical 鈥渕ala hotpot鈥 experience. It鈥檚 upscale (think comfortable and elegant dining space complete with a bird鈥檚 eye view of the surrounding area) and food-wise, delivers in terms of being audaciously fragrant and fiercely spicy. At $60++ for 2 pax, the Mala Set Meal at 鈥淎untie鈥檚 Wok & Steam鈥 on the 25th floor of Andaz Singapore Hotel is without a doubt, very good value. Not only do you get to choose from three kinds of premium proteins (Barramundi, Kurobuta pork and Wagyu beef) to be stirfried very well with black fungi and mushrooms in a housemade blend of uber aromatic 鈥渕ala鈥 spices, but the set also includes a plate of fiery Firecracker Fried Chicken (we love that they cut the meat into big boneless pieces), steamed organic rice that has a really pleasant taste, and four icy-cold bottles of Andaz Pale Ale. Adding on a plate of stirfried vegetables is a good idea in my opinion as it helps make the meal more balanced.
Ma la xiang guo (楹昏荆棣欓攨) is definitely a 鈥渘ewer鈥 chinese dish. I鈥檝e never even heard of it until the past 10 years of so, but it has since exploded in popularity in Singapore and in China as well, so much so that there are tons of restaurants thriving on just this one dish. 鈥 Intelligently jumping on the trend and demand, @andazsingapore has come up with a mala xiang guo set worth talking about. Unlike some places where you get to pick your items, there are only three items to choose from, Australian Wagyu, Pork collar and @kuhlbarra Barramundi. I decided to go with pork on the advice of the chefs and wasn鈥檛 disappointed. It was typical Kurobuta, tender and juicy. The pot comes filled with other delicious ingredients such as lotus roots and mushrooms as well. 鈥 The $60 set comes with a large mala claypot, crispy firecracker chicken, two bowls of fluffy white rice and 4 bottles of Andaz Pale Ale. 鈥 While pricier than what you would usually pay for at hawker joints, the fact that you鈥檙e dining 25 stories high with a panoramic view of the city, coupled with the signature Andaz good service makes it insane value. 鈥 (Media Tasting)
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